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The NPS History Electronic Library is a portal to thousands of electronic publications and videos, covering the history of the National Park Service and the cultural and natural history of the national parks, monuments, and historic sites of the U.S. National Park System.

The information contained in this Website is historic in scope and is not meant as an aid for travel planning; please refer to the official National Park Service Website for current information. While not affiliated with the National Park Service, we gratefully acknowledge the contributions by park employees, along with park advocates, which has enabled us to create this digital repository.

On August 25th, the National Park Service will turn 101 years old. Throughout 2016, we presented a series of monthly features which explored various aspects of the history and evolution of the National Park Service's first 100 years. In case you missed some of our monthly NPS Centennial features, all of them can be found on our Centennial Web page.

New eLibrary Additions

Agency History

Proposed Parks: Report on the Pictographs of Dry Fork Utah to Arno B. Cammerer (Roger W. Toll, December 23, 1933)

Proposed Parks: Fort Garland National Monument, Colorado (Roger W. Toll, 1931-1945)

Proposed Parks: Maple Canyon National Monument, Utah (1929-1932)

Proposed Parks: Snake River Canyon National Monument, Idaho-Oregon (undated)

Proposed Parks: Deadman Creek National Monument, CA (1953)

NEPA and Related NPS Mandates (2010)

Statistical Abstract, National Park Service, 1995 (1995)

Junior Ranger Gazette: Vol. 1, 2007Vol. 2, Summer 2007Vol. 3, Summer 2008 (URL cited in these publications is no longer valid)

Park Histories

Three Centuries Under Three Flags: The Story of Governors Island from 1637 (Headquarters First Army, 1951)

Governors Island Land Use Study: Executive Summary (Beyer Blinder Belle Consortium for U.S. General Service Administration, December 1997)

Preservation & Design Standards, Preservation and Design Manual: Part One, Governors Island Historic District (U.S. General Services Administration, January 28, 2003)

Design & Development Guidelines, Preservation and Design Manual: Part II, Governors Island Historic District (U.S. General Services Administration, January 28, 2003)

Building & Property Summary Sheets, Preservation and Design Manual: Part III, Governors Island Historic District (U.S. General Services Administration, January 28, 2003)

Junior Ranger Official Program and Activity Booklet, Joshua Tree National Park (2010)

The Alaska Railroad: "Mt. McKinley Park Route" (1934)

Kiva, Cross, and Crown: The Pecos Indians and New Mexico, 1540-1840 (John L. Kessell, 1979)

From Folsom to Fogelson: The Cultural Resources Inventory Survey of Pecos National Historical Park, Volumes 1 and 2 Intermountain Cultural Resource Management Professional Paper No. 66 (Genevieve N. Head and Janet D. Orcutt, eds., 2002)

Treasure in Earthen Vessels: God's Love Overflows in Peace and War (©Herbert V. Nicholson, December 1974, with permission of his son, Samuel O. Nicholson, all rights reserved)

The Painted Desert Inn: Evaluation of Structures and Cultural Resources (Tom Muihern, Robert Cox, Gordon Chappell and Roger Kelly, 1974)

The Pictured Rocks: An Administrative History of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (Theodore J. Karamanski, 1995)

Cultures at a Crossroads: An Administrative History of Pipe Spring National Monument (PDF) (HTML) Intermountain Region Cultural Resources Selections No. 15 (Kathleen L. McKoy, 2000)

A History of Pipestone National Monument, Minnesota (Robert A. Murray, 1965)

Managing the Sacred and the Secular: An Administrative History of Pipestone National Monument (HTML) (Hal K. Rothman and Daniel J. Holder, September 10, 1992)

Cultural Resources

The Secretary of the Interior's 20th Anniversary Report on the National Historic Preservation Act (1986)

The Era of Reconstruction 1861-1900 (Gregory P. Downs and Kate Masur, 2017)

Natural Resources — Fire and Aviation Management

Background, NPS Fire and Aviation Management (October 2015)

Brochure: Wildland Fire in National Parks (2013)

Fire Growth Maps for the 1988 Greater Yellowstone Area Fires USDA Forest Service General Technical Report INT-304 (Richard C. Rothermel, Roberta A. Hartford and Carolyn H. Chase, January 1994)

Wilderness Fire Management Planning Guide USDA Forest Service General Technical Report INT-171 (William C. Fischer, August 1984)

Fire Behavior Associated with the South Canyon Fire on Storm King Mountain, Colorado USDA Forest Service Research Paper RMRS-RP-9 (Bret W. Butler, Roberta A. Bartlette, Larry S. Bradshaw, Jack D. Cohen, Patricia L. Andrews, Ted Putman and Richard J. Mangan, September 1998)

Report of the South Canyon Fire Accident Investigation Team (August 17, 1994)

The Effect of the Southern Pine Beetle on Fuel Loading in Yellow Pine Forests of Great Smoky Mountains National Park NPS Research/Resources Management Report SER-73 (N.S. Nicholas and P.S. White, December 1974)

The Effect of Balsam Woolly Aphid Infestation on Fuel Levels in spruce-Fir Forests of Great Smoky Mountains National Park NPS Research/Resources Management Report SER-74 (N.S. Nicholas and P.S. White, January 1975)

Fire in North American Wetland Ecosystems and Fire-Wildlife Relations: An Annotated Biblliography U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Report 88(1) (Ronald E. Kirby, Stephen J. Lewis and Terry N. Sexson, April 1988)

Effects of Fire on Fuels: A State-of-Knowledge Review National Fire Effects Workshop, Denver, Colorado, April 10-14, 1978 USDA Forest Service General Technical Report WO-13 (Robert E. Martin, Hal E. Anderson, William D. Boyer, John H. Dieterich, Stanley N. Hirsch, Von J. Johnson and W. Henry McNab, September 1979)

The Fire Environment Concept National Wildfire Coordinating Group PMS 433/NFES 2166 (Clive M. Countryman, 1972)

Resource Advisor's Guide for Wildland Fire National Wildfire Coordinating Group PMS 313/NFES 1831 (January 2004)

Fire Effects in Plant Communities on the Public Lands National Wildfire Coordinating Group PMS 811/NFES 2133 (1984)

Glossary of Wildland Fire Terminology National Wildfire Coordinating Group PMS 205/NFES 1832 (2nd edition, November 2008)

A Road Map to Fire Safety: How to Create Defensible Space in the Santa Monica Mountains (©County of Los Angeles, June 2010)

Final Report of the Interagency Management Review Team: South Canyon Fire (June 26, 1995)

Restoring Fire-Adapted Ecosystems on Federal Lands: A Cohesive Fuel Treatment Strategy for Protecting People and Sustaining Natural Resources (August 2, 2002)

Federal Fire Management: Limited Progress in Restarting the Prescribed Fire Program RCED-91-42 (Dec 5, 1990)

Federal Fire Management: Evaluation of Changes Made After Yellowstone T-RCED-90-84 (May 24, 1990)

Smoke Management — A Workbook for Balancing Air Quality and Land Management Goals (January 10, 1982)

Introduction to the Fundamentals of Fire Behavior U.S. Forest Service (1964)

U.S. Fire Learning Network Field Guide: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Addendum, March 2012, November 2014, January 2015, January 2016, March 2017 (The Nature Conservancy)

Wilderness Fire Policy: An Investigation of Visitor Knowledge and Beliefs U.S. Forest Service Research Paper INT-180 (George H. Stankey, 1976)

A Selected & Annotated Bibliography for Wilderness Fire Managers (Junius O. Baker, Jr., October 1975)

Review and Update of the 1995 Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy (January 2001)

Federal Wildand Fire Management Policy & Program Review Final Report (December 18, 1995)

Federal Wildand Fire Management Policy & Program Review Draft Report (June 9, 1995)

Wildland Fire Management Strategic Plan, 2008-2012 (January 2008)

Wildland Fire Management Strategic Plan, 2015-2019 (c2015)

Managing Fire on Your National Forests U.S. Forest Service FS-361 (March 1981)

Recommendations of the Fire Management Policy Review Team (National Register, Vol. 53 No. 244, Tuesday, December 20, 1988)

LANDFIRE Fact sheet (undated)

The Maintenance of Natural Ecosystems: Smoke as a Factor (Robert W. Mutch and George S. Briggs, extract from Air Quality and Smoke from Urban and Forest Fires, Proc. Int. Symp. 1973, National Academy of Sciences, 1976)

Phoenix Rising: The National Fire Plan Mobilizes Historic Drive to Tame Wildland Fire (People, Land & Water, Vol. 8 No 10, May/June 2002)

Wildland Fire Reports: 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

Prescribed Fire in Pacific West Parks (undated)

Yellowstone Fires 1988 A Special Supplement to Yellowstone Today (Nov. 1988)

The Cerro Grande Prescribed Fire (extract from People, Land & Water, June 2000)

Living With Fire (U.S. Forest Service, July 1996)

Wildland Fire in the Northern Rockies (1989)

On the Line of Fire (National Wildfire Coordinating Group, undated)

Using Departmental Fire Management Teams on Major Fires (May 1, 1980)

Wildland Fire in the United States (National Wildfire Coordinating Group, undated)

The National Fire Plan U.S. Forest Service Miscellaneous Publication MP-1584 (March 2002)

Why the Smoke? Prescribed Fires 2006 Gunnison, CO Zone Fire Management (Bureau of Land Management, 2006)

Water vs. Fire (U.S. Forest Service, 1973)

Living With Fire: A Guide for the Homeowner (undated)

Yellowstone Fires 1988 (undated)

NPS Wildland Fire Fact Sheet (9/23/2003)

Increasing Programmatic Accomplishments and Reducing Agency Differences in Prescribed Fire Management Report to Federal Fire and Aviation Leadership Council (January 10, 1996)

Holy Smokes: A Return to Basics for Federal Fire Policy (undated)

Fire Management & Research History of the National Park Service Outside of Alaska (James K. Agee, undated)

Forest Fire Protection in the National Park System, 1930-39 Occasional Forestry Note No. 5 (L.F. Cook, March 25, 1940)

Fire Management Policy Review Team Report Final (May 5, 1989)

Fire Control Handbook, Assateague Island National Seashore (July 25, 1968)

Normal Fire Year Programming, Executive Briefing (undated)

Fire Management and Cultural Resources (Leonard Brown, May 1976)

FMLB Update (Vol. 1 No. 3, September 2001)

Forest Fire Control (July 21, 1964)

Fire Air Coordination Team (FACT) (October 2007)

Branch of Fire Management Overview (undated)

Healthy Forests Initiative Fact Sheet U.S. Forest Service FS-0177.03 (May 30, 2003)

Prescribed Fire Management in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park (November 1983)

Preliminary Survey of Burned Areas: Yellowstone National Park and Adjoining National Forests (October 1988)

Fire Monitoring Handbook, Western Region (1992)

Fire Control Handbook (Revisions 1964-1968)

U.S. Department of the Interior and USDA Forest Service Join Fire Science Plan (January 1, 1998)

Wildland Fire Resource Advisor Guide, Crater Lake National Park (2007)

Review of National Fire, Aviation and Incident Response Organization and Program Management (November 2001)

Fire Season Review: 1981, 1987

Annual Fire Report (1966)

Prescribed Fire Support Modules (1997)

Report of the Interagency Management Review Team: South Canyon Fire (October 17, 1994)

Review Report: Lassen Volcanic National Park-Caribou Wilderness Fire Management Plan (August 1984)

Cerro Grande Prescribed Fire Investigation Report, Bandelier National Monument (May 18, 2000)

Fire Management Plan for Assateague Island National Seashore (September 18, 1985)

NPS Wildland Fire Management in Alaska (Brad Cella, August 3, 1999)

Line Officer Guidelines to Incoming Overhead Team Incident Commander, Mesa Verde National Park Colorado (October 31, 1989)

Review of Fire Management Program for Sequoia-Mixed Conifer Forests of Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Final Report (February 22, 1987)

Coordination and Management Review: 1988 Greater Yellowstone Area Fire Situation (January 1989)

The Yellowstone Fires: An Assessment of Economic Impacts (R.H. Briceland, January 3, 1990)

Fire Recovery Program, Yellowstone National Park (undated)

Yellowstone's Fire Regime (Paul Schullery, undated)

Ecological Consequences of the 1988 Fires in the Greater Yellowstone Area Final Report (undated)

Interim Report of the Greater Yellowstone Postfire Ecological Assessment Workshop (December 1, 1988)

The Greater Yellowstone Fires of 1988: Questions and Answers (undated)

Greater Yellowstone Postfire Research Briefing Paper (October 1989)

Board of Review Report for Ouzel Fire (November 8-9, 1978)

Wild Land, Healthy Land: Interior's Cohesive Strategy to Improve Land Health and Reduce Catastrophic Wildland Fire Draft (January 19, 2001)

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