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The NPS History Electronic Library is a portal to thousands of electronic publications and videos, covering the history of the National Park Service and the cultural and natural history of the national parks, monuments, and historic sites of the U.S. National Park System.

The information contained in this Website is historical in scope and is not meant as an aid for travel planning; please refer to the official National Park Service Website for current information. While not affiliated with the National Park Service, we gratefully acknowledge the contributions by park employees, along with park advocates, which has enabled us to create this digital repository.

New eLibrary Additions

Agency History

Honored Places: The National Park Service Teacher's Guide to the American Revolution (2007)

Guide to Canadian Sources Related to Southern Revolutionary War National Parks (Donald E. Graves, c2003)

Southern Campaigns of the Revolutionary War, Phase II: Research in Great Britain (Evans-Hatch & Associates, August 2003)

Southern Campaigns of the Revolutionary War, Phase III: Research in the United States (Evans-Hatch & Associates, June 2005)

National Parks at the Crossroads: Drawing the Line Where Protection Ends and Overuse Begins (CF Letter, ©The Conservation Foundation, September 1972)

Employee Handbook In-Service Training Series (rev. 1958)

"Musical Tours of Our National Parks": Standard School Broadcast, Series 1959-1960 (MP3 of recording) (©California Research Corporation, 1959)

The Early Master Plans for National Parks Are Almost as Beautiful as the Parks Themselves (Anika Burgess, Atlas Obscura, September 7, 2017)

Proposed Park: Mountain Land National Park, Pennsylvania (1931)

Proposed Park: Old Spanish Fort National Historic Site, Alabama (1941)

Healthy Parks, Healthy People US: Strategic Action Plan (November 2011)

Glimpses of our National Parks (Isabelle F. Story, 1936)


Agreement between the National Park Service and the American Museum of Natural History on Management of NPS Tissue Collection (July 7, 2009)

Complete Guidance for Collection and Deposit of NPS Threatened and Endangered Animal Tissue Samples in the Ambrose Monell Cryo Collection, American Museum of Natural History (January 2010)

Collectors' Frequently Asked Questions about Collection and Deposit of NPS Threatened and Endangered Animal Tissue Samples in the Ambrose Monell Cryo Collection, American Museum of Natural History (January 2010)

Summary of Laws and Regulations for the Management of Natural History Collections in the National Park Service (undated)

Scope of Collection Statement, North Cascades National Park Service Complex (undated)

Scope of Collection Statement, Olympic National Park (undated)

PRIDE Project: Strategic Information Planning for Natural Resources (Gary Williams, April 27, 2005)

Listing of NRSS Information Sources and Systems Identified by Participants Attending the September 2004 PRIDE Workshop (September 2004)

PRIDE Status Report (March 2005)

The PRIDE Project — An Assessment of Natural Resource Business Requirements, Information Needs, and Information Technology Application (undated)

Scientific Collections: Mission-Critical Infrastructure for Federal Science Agencies (2009)

Public Health/Employee Safety

Mosquito Action Plan (MAP), Fire Island National Seashore (2007)

Hantavirus Risk Reduction — Worker Protection (August 2005)

Potential risk for Naegleria infection: Briefing Statement (May 21, 2009)

NPS Health & Recreation (Vol. 1 No. 1, June 2007)

National Park Service Rodent-Exclusion Manual (Gerard Hoddenbach, Jerry Johnson and Carol DiSalvo, March 2005)

Why Are Visitors So _____? An Introduction to Visitor Injury Prevention Strategies Participant Guide (undated)

NPS Public Health Program, Annual Report 2004 (c2005)

NPS Public Health Program, Annual Report 2005 (c2006)

NPS Public Health Program, Annual Report 2006 (c2007)

NPS Public Health Program, Annual Report 2008 (c2009)

NPS Public Health Program, Annual Report 2009 (c2010)

NPS Public Health Program, Annual Report 2011 (c2012)

NPS Public Health Program, Annual Report 2012 (c2013)

Public Health Information Sheets
Backcountry Operations (Janaury 2005)
Cryptosporidium (Janaury 2005)
E. Coli — Foodborne Illnesses (Janaury 2005)
Giardia (Janaury 2005)
Norovirus — General (July 2005)
Pfiesteria (Janaury 2005)

Public Health Updates
Febraury 7, 2004March 13, 2004April 19, 2004July 21, 2004August 24, 2004October 26, 2004December 7, 2004February 5, 2005March 5, 2005July 6, 2005April 27, 2006June 16, 2006July 26, 2006September 20, 2006January 26, 2007April 16, 2007May 30, 2008August 5, 2008February 5, 2009November 5, 2009

One Health Network News
Issue 1 (Spring 2013)Issue 2 (Fall/Winter 2013)Issue 3 (Spring/Summer 2014)Issue 4 (Sprng/Summer 2015)Issue 5 (Winter 2015/2016)

Park Histories

A Many-Storied Place: Historic Resource Study, Arkansas Post National Memorial, Arkansas (Theodore Catton, 2017)

The Evolving Legacy of Jamaica Bay (undated)

Comerciantes, Arrieros, Y Peones: The Hispanos and the Santa Fe Trail (Merchants, Muleteers, and Peons), Special History Study, Santa Fe National Historic Trail (PDF) (HTML edition) Southwest Cultural Resources Center Professional Papers No. 54 (Susan Calafate Boyle, 1994)

Subsurface Management Plan - Environmental Assessment, Oregon Caves National Monument (John Roth, September 2005)

Subsurface Management Plan, Oregon Caves National Monument (Errata) (c2005)

Tower House Historic District, Interim Orchard Management Plan, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area (July 2016)

Port-Orford-Cedar Management in Redwood National and State Parks, Del Norte County, California: Environmental Assessment (October 2004)

Redwood Creek Integrated Watershed Strategy (June 22, 2006)

Bandelier National Monument Administrative History (PDF) (HTML edition) Southwest Cultural Resources Center Professional Papers No. 14 (Hal Rothman, 1988)

Master Plan, Guadalupe Mountains National Park (May 1973)

Dunes and Dreams: A History of White Sands National Monument, Administative History (HTML edition) Intermountain Cultural Resources Center Professional Paper No. 55 (Michael Welsh, 1995)

An Administrative History: Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site (PDF) (HTML edition) Southwest Cultural Resources Center Professional Papers No. 46 (Albert Manchester and Ann Manchester, 1993)

Special History Study: Women's Rights National Historical Park (Sandra S. Weber, September 1985)

The McGraw Ranch Research Center in Rocky Mountain National Park (©National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1999, all rights reserved)

Montgomery's Tavern and Johnston & Armstrong's Store: Historic Structures Report/Historical Data (Edwin C. Bearss, May 31, 1971)

Place of Passages: Historic Resource Study, Jewel Cave National Monument (Gail Evans-Hatch and Michael Evans-Hatch, 2006)

Historic Furnishings Report: The Old Courthouse, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, St. Louis, Missouri (Sarah H. Heald, 2006)

Cultural Landscapes Inventory, White Sands NM Historic District/White Sands National Monument (1998, revised 2005)

A Bridge Between Two Cultures: An Administrative History of Rainbow Bridge National Monument (PDF) (HTML edition) Cultural Resources Selection No. 18, Intermountain Region (David Kent Sproul, 2001)

Claimed Identities, Personal Projects, and Relationship to Place: A Hermeneutic Interpretation of the Backcountry/Wilderness Experience at Rocky Mountain National Park Dissertation (Jeffrey J. Brooks, Fall 2003)

Natural Resources

Abandoned and Inactive Mine Safety Training 3 Underground Mine Hazards (John Burghardt, June 2010)

Continental Divide Research Learning Center Strategic Plan 2003-20205 (Ken Czarnowski, Larry Frederick, Terry Terrell, Judy Visty, Cheri Yost, Fred Bunch, Carol Sperling, Tom Ulrich and Jeff Wolin, 2003)

Making the Most of Science in the American West: An Experiment Center of the American West Report #5 (Patricia Nelson Limerick and Claudia Puska, ©Center of the American West, 2003)

Inventory & Monitoring

3-Year Start-up Review of the Mid-Atlantic I&M Network (April 5-7, 2011)

A Framework for Long-term Ecological Monitoring in Olympic National Park: Prototype for the Coniferous Forest Biome USGS Information and Technology Report USGS/BRD//ITR-2003-0006 (Kurt Jenkins, Andrea Woodward and Ed Schreiner, 2003)

A Monitoring Strategy for the National Wilderness Preservation System (Peter Landres, David Cole and Alan Watson, in International Wilderness Allocation, Management, and Research, 1994)

A Pilot Parks Inventory Program (T. Stohlgren, October 22-23, 1991)

A Planning Approach for Developing Inventory and Monitoring Programs in National Parks Natural Resources Report NPS/NRUW/NRR-95/16 (David L. Peterson, David G. Silsbee and Daniel L. Schmoldt, March 1995)

A Standardized Protocol for Surveying Aquatic Amphibians NPS Technical Report NPS/WRUC/NRTR-95-01 (Gary M. Fellers and Kathleen L. Freel, May 1995)

A Survey of Ecological Inventory, Monitoring and Research in U.S. National Park Service Biosphere Reserves Research/Resource Management Report No. 49 (Alison Mack, William P. Gregg, Jr., Susan P. Bratton and Peter S. white, August 1981)

Ambient Air Quality and Effects Monitoring (Tonnie Maniero, August 13, 2002)

An Area RBI/Ecosystem Map: What Is It? How Is It Used? How Is It Developed? Natural Resources Seminar No. 7 (January 25, 1977)

An Evaluation of the Inventory and Monitoring Program, Isle Royale National Park, Michigan Isle Royale National Park Resource Management Report 90-5 (December 1990)

Annual Administrative Reports for Prototype Parks, Channel Islands National Park (November 20, 1992)

Annual Work Plan (FY2010) for Inventories and Vita Signs Monitoring, Shenandoah National Park (February 1, 2010)

Appalachian National Scenic Trail Vital Signs Monitoring Plan Natural Resource Report NPS/NETN/NRR-2011/2011/389 (Fred Dieffenbach, May 2011)

Appalachian Trail Vital Signs NPS Technical Report NPS/NER/NRTR-2005/026 (Greg Shriver, Tonnie Maniero, Kent Schwarzkopf, Dan Lambert, Fred Dieffenbach, Dan Owen, Y.Q. Wang, Joy Nugranad-Marzilli, Geri Tierney, Casey Reese and Theresa T. Moore, November 2005)

Assessing Nonpoint Sources of Toxicity, Part II: Using Biomonitoring Techniques (Del Wayne Nimmo, John Karish, Heidi Bestgen, Trudy Steidl-Pulley, Mary Willox, Terri Craig and Carla Castle, Park Science, Vol. 12 No. 4, Fall 1992)

Aquatic Biomonitoring Session (Roy J. Irwin, undated)

Backcountry Monitoring Program, Canyonlands National Park (K. Kitchell and J. Connor, August 10, 1984)

Biomonitoring Techniques for Assessing Toxicity in National Park Waters (Del Wayne R. Nimmo, John Karish, Terence Boyle, Nancy Hoefs, Mary Willox and William Lamar, Park Science, Vol. 12, No. 3, Summer 1992)

Characteristics of a Good Monitoring Protocol (Steven G. Fancy, undated)

Conceptual Design of the Long-term Ecological Monitoring Program for Denali National Park and Preserve (Karen L. Oakley and Susan L. Boudreau, May 8, 2000)

Conceptual Framework for the Development of Long-term Monitoring Protocols at Cape Cod National Seashore (Charles T. Roman and Nels E. Barrett, April 1999)

Designing and Implementing Comprehensive Long-Term Inventory and Monitoring Programs for National Park System Lands Natural Resources Report NPS/NRUW/NRR-91/04 (David G. Silsbee and David L. Peterson, August 1991)

Developing a Natural Resource Inventory and Monitoring Program for Visitor Impacts on Recreation Sites: A Procedural Manual NPS Natural Resources Report NPS/NRVT/NRR-91/06 (Jeffrey L. Marion, October 1991)

Fire Management Program Center, Monitoring Applications (undated)

Fire Management Program Center, Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (c2005)

General Ecological Monitoring Program Design, Implementation, and Applications: A Case Study from Channel Islands National Park, California (Gary E. Davis, 1997)

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: White-tailed Deer Population Monitoring Protocols (Kim DeLozier, 1993)

Guidance for the Design of Sampling Schemes for Inventory and Monitoring of Biological Resources in National Parks (March 23, 2000)

Guide to Inventory and Monitoring of Amphibians on Fort A.P. Hill, Fort Belvoir, Marine Corps Base Quantico, and Prince William Forest Park, Viginia Supplement Number 1 to Amphibian Decline in the Mid-Atlantic Region: Monitoring and Management of a Sensitive Resource (Joseph C. Mitchell, September 15, 1998)

Guidelines for Biological Inventories (September 8, 1999)

Guidelines, Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring for the National Park System Draft (Albert Greene, Jr., Gary Davis and David Haskell, March 28, 1989)

Integrating the Denali Long-Term Ecological Monitoring Program (prototype) into the Central Alaska Network Vital Signs Monitoring Program (Maggie MacCluskie, Guy Adema, Karen Oakley and Sara Wesser, June 10, 2002)

Introducing GEOINDICATORS (undated)

Invasive Plant Inventory and Monitoring Guidelines Draft (June 2002)

Inventory and Monitoring of Natural Resources, Channel Islands National Park (Gary E. Davis and William L. Halvorson, October 1988)

Inventory and Monitoring Plan for Terrestrial Ecosystems, Alaska Region (January 22, 1990)

Inventory and Monitoring Program Annual Administrative Report, Great Smoky Mountains National Park (1992)

Inventory and Monitoring Program Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1996 (undated)

Inventory and Monitoring Program Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1997 (undated)

Inventory and Monitoring Program Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1998 (undated)

Inventory and Monitoring Program Annual Report, FY 2002 (January 2003)

Inventory and Monitoring Program: Introduction (undated)

Inventory and Prototype Monitoring of Natural Resources in Selected National Park System Units, 1998-1999 NPS Natural Resource Technical Report NPS/NRI&M/NRTR-2000/1 (2000)

Inventory and Prototype Monitoring of Natural Resources in Selected National Park System Units, 1999-2000 NPS Natural Resource Technical Report NPS/NRI&M/NRTR-2001/1 (2001)

Inventory Monitoring in the National Park System NPS Technical Report NPS/NARURI/NRTR-93/02 (Howard S. Ginsberg, ed., 1993)

Inventorying and Monitoring Protocols of Birds in National Parks of the Eastern United States NPS Technical Report NPS/PHSO/NRTR-98/074 (Richard H. Yahner, Gerald L. Storm, Gregory S. Keller, Bradley D. Ross and Ronald W. Rohrbaugh, Jr, October 1998)

Inventorying and Monitoring Protocols of Terrestrial Vertebrates in National Parks of the Eastern United States: Gettysburg National Military Park and Eisenhower National Historic Site NPS Technical Report NPS/PHSO/NRTR-00/080 (Richard H. Yahner, Gerald L. Storm, Gregory S. Keller, Bradley D. Ross, and Ronald W. Rohrbaugh, Jr., December 1999)

Inventorying and Monitoring Protocols of Vertebrates in National Park Areas of the Eastern United States: The Bibliographic Report NPS Technical Report NPS/MAR/NRTR-94/057 (Richard H. Yahner, Gerald L. Storm, Gregory S. Keller and Ronald W. Rohrbaugh, Jr., March 1994)

Inventorying and Monitoring Protocols of Vertebrates in National Park Areas of the Eastern United States: The Faunal Report NPS Technical Report NPS/MAR/NRTR-94/058 (Richard H. Yahner, Gerald L. Storm, Gregory S. Keller and Ronald W. Rohrbaugh, Jr., September 1994)

Inventorying Forest Resources, Standard Operation Procedures, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve (Kathryn Anna Beck, September 1987)

Long-Term Ecological Monitoring, Denali National Park & Preserve, FY2002 Revised Work Plan (undated)

Long Term Ecological Monitoring in Prairie Parks USGS (January 1999)

Long-Term Ecological Monitoring Plan, Great Smoky Mountains National Park (February 1993)

Long Term Ecological Monitoring Program, Monitoring Plan, Denali National Park and Preserve, 1997 (Draft, April 1997)

Long Term Ecological Monitoring Program Strategy, Denali National Park and Preserve (undated)

Long-term Ecological Monitoring Proposal, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska (Rick Potts, October 1993)

Long-term Ecological Monitoring Research and Development, Olympic National Park: 1997 Annual Report (1997)

Long-Term Ecological Monitoring Workshop, North Cascades National Park Service Complex (March 10-12, 1998)

Long Term Monitoring Protocols for White-tailed Deer (undated)

Methods for Conducting an Annual Dall Sheep Survey (McKinley National Park) (undated)

Monitoring Amphibian Populations in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks Final Report (Charles R. Peterson, Edward D. Koch and Paul Stephen Corn, October 9, 1992)

Monitoring Natural Resources in our National Parks (February 21, 2003)

Monitoring the Appalachian Trail Environment: A Scoping Workshop (May 3-4, 2000)

Natural Resource Inventory & Monitoring in National Parks, 1995 (undated)

Natural Resources Inventorying and Monitoring Guideline (NPS-75) (July 7, 1992)

Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring Initiative, National Park Service (May 1987, rev. July 1987)

Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring Program Analysis, Assateague Island National Seashore (Andrea Jauck Chynoweth and Gordon Cooper Olson, October 1990)

NPClime — Climate Data for Parks (April 15, 2007)

NPS Inventory and Monitoring Program, Annual Administrative Report, Fiscal Year 1993 (undated)

NPS Long-Term Ecological Monitoring Program: Developing a Standard Description for Monitoring Protocols (Lisa Thomas, April 1998)

Park Analysis of Landscapes and Monitoring Support (PALMS) (June 2008)

Photographic Resource Monitoring Program (undated)

Prescribed Fire Monitoring and Evaluation Guide National Wildfire Coordinating Group (October 1982)

Proceedings of the Chena Hot Springs Workshop, January 24-27, 1989, Fairbanks, Alaska: Strategies for Sustained Monitoring in Arctic and Subarctic National Park Service Units and Reserved Areas NPS Natural Resources Report NPS/AR/NRR-93/20 (Marty Peale, Ross Kavanagh, Dale Taylor and Charles Slaughter, May 1993)

Program Brief: Inventory and Monitoring Program (September 2008)

Recommended Features of Protocols for Long-term Ecological Monitoring (Karen L. Oakley, Susan L. Boudreau and Sioux-z Humphrey, undated)

Reference Marker-Photopoint Resources Management System Research/Resources Management Report SER-62 (Jerry L. Case, Patrick L. Toops and Stephen V. Shabica, December 1982)

Results of Inventorying and Monitoring Questionnaire (1989)

Review of Long-Term Monitoring Program at Great Smoky Mountains National Park (1995)

Review of the Denali National Park and Preserve (DENA) Long-Term Ecological Monitoring Program (LTEM) WEST Technical Report 98-7 (Lyman McDonald, Trent McDonald and Donna Robertson, September 30, 1998)

Review of the Prairie Cluster Prototype Long-term Ecological Monitoring (undated)

Servicewide Inventory and Monitoring Information Bulletin (Volume 1 Issue 1, December 1992)

Servicewide Natural Resource Inventory Update and Projected Activities for FY 1994 (September 1993)

Shenandoah National Park Long-Term Ecological Monitoring System User Manuals NPS/NRSHEN/NRTR-90/02 (F. William Ravlin, J. Reese Voshell, Jr., David Wm. Smith, Susan L. Rutherford, Stephen W. Hiner, David A. Haskell, 1st ed. September 1990)

Site Classification and Field Measurements: Methods Manual (Paul C. Durr, Lonna Richmond and Christopher Eagar, undated)

Sonoran Desert Netwrok Inventory and Monitoring Program (2004)

Standards and Guidelines for Natural Resources, Inventory and Monitoring Draft (December 1987)

Standards and Guidelines for Natural Resources, Inventory and Monitoring, NPS-75 (Release No. 1) (April 1988)

Standard Procedures for Establishing and Evaluating Air Pollution Biomonitoring Gardens in National Park Units (August 1985)

The Craters of the Moon National Monument Wildlife Database: Operating Manual Cooperative Park Studies Unit (Roger A. Hoffman, 1988)

The Inventory & Monitoring Program and You: Working Together to Achieve Resource Stewardship, Northeast Region (undated)

The National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program: Phase I Overview and Strategy Draft (Gary L. Williams, undated)

The Strategy and Design of the Effectiveness Monitoring Program for the Northwest Forest Plan USDA Forest Service General Technical Report PNW-GTR-437 (Barry S. Mulder, Barry R. Noon, Thomas A. Spies, Martin G. Raphael, Craig J. Palmer, Anthony R. Olsen, Gordon H. Reeves and Hartwell H. Welsh, January 1999)

The Use of Conceptual Models in Designing and Implementing Long-Term Ecological Monitoring (Lisa Potter Thomas, undated)

Threatened and Endangered Species and Vital Signs Monitoring (August 20, 2011)

Vegetation Inventory and Monitoring Workshop for Shenandoah National Park (Carolyn Mahan, September 11, 2000)

Vegetation Monitoring with Permanent Plots: A Procedural Manual for the Mid-Atlantic Region NPS Technical Report NPS/MAR/NRTR-90/046 (Emily W.B. Russell, December 1990)

Water Quality Monitoring Plan, Buffalo National River (February 1985)

Wildlife Monitoring Plan, Katmai National Park and Preserve (1984)

Resource Management Planning

A Conceptual Model to Guide Scientific, Management, and Policy Review of Contentious Natural Resource Issues: An NPS Natural Resource Stewardship Review Framework NPS Natural Resource Report NPS/NRSS/BRMD/NRR-2011/44 (Daniel J. Decker and Jenny G. Powers, September 2011)

A Natural Resource Assessment for New River Gorge National River NPS Technical Report NPS/NER/NRTR-2004/002 (Carolyn G. Mahan, December 2004)

A New Park Program Plan: The RSS (Resource Stewardship Strategy) (undated)

An Approach to Quantifying Desired Forest Conditions at Valley Forge National Historical Park NPS Technical Report NPS/NER/NRTR-2007/082 (Ery Largay and Lesley A. Sneddon, March 2007)

Coastal Watershed Condition Assessment through the Watershed Condition Assessment Program (July 2005)

Denali's Resource Stewardship Strategy: Planning for the future of park resources (c2006)

Draft Guidelines for GIS Park Plans (September 1, 1992)

General Management Planning and Special Resource Study Programs: Successes & Accomplishments (October 2003)

Geologic Resources Division Strategic Plan (March 2008)

GMP Planning Sourcebook (December 1998)

Guidance for Evaluating Air Quality in Natural Resource Condition Assessments (January 2010)

Guidance for Non-Impairment Determinations and the NPS NEPA Process (September 2011)

Guidelines for Preparation of Fishery Management Plans (1994)

Impairment Determination Decision Process (undated)

Implementing Denali's Resource Stewardship Strategy: Achieving desired conditions for park resources (undated)

Instructions for Preparing a Draft or Final Impairment Determination (August 26, 2010)

Instructions for Preparation of Water Resource Management Plans (September 1979)

Integrating Science and Park Management: A Framework for Partnership NPS Natural Resource Report NPS/NRSS/NRS-2016/1230 (Robert E. Bennetts, Nina Chambers, James A. Comiskey, Kevin James, James Lawler, Kristin Legg, Elizabeth Matthews, Linda Mazzu, Rene Ohms, Cheryl Schreier and Jason J. Tayloer, May 2016)

Interim Technical Guidance on Assessing Impacts and Impairment to Natural Resources (July 2003)

Memorandum: Interim Guidance for Impairment Determination in NPS NEPA Documents (July 2010)

National Park Service Natural Resource Stewardship and Science Framework (September 2016)

National Park Service NEPA Handbook (2015)

National Park Service Planning (David G. Wright, April 24, 1986)

Natural Resources Management Plan and Environmental Assessment, Yosemite National Park, California (May 1977)

NPS NEPA Handbook Supplemental Guidance: Identifying a Preferred Alternative (September 2015)

Park Protection: Primer on the "Impairment" Issue (October 2003)

Park Resource Stewardship Plan Policy (Draft Director's Order 2.1) (March 10, 2005)

Program Brief: Environmental Information Management Program (March 2017)

Program Brief: Environmental Planning and Compliance Program (March 2017)

Program Brief: Natural Resource Condition Assessment (May 2013)

Program Plan to Assess Watershed Conditions (July 11, 2005)

Program Standards: Park Planning (August 9, 2004)

Proposed Process & Criteria for Determining Impairment to Historic Properties in Parks (Draft, Nov. 21, 2001)

Resource Information Tracking System (RITS) (undated)

Resource Information Tracking System (RITS): Preliminary Functional and Data Requirements Document (August 13, 1982)

Resource Management Plan (RMP) Software Manual (1991)

Resource Stewardship Strategy 2008-2027, Denali National Park and Preserve (September 30, 2009)

Resource Stewardship Strategy 2008-2027: Summary, Denali National Park and Preserve (2009)

Resource Stewardship Strategy Pilot Review: Natural Resource Stewardship and Science Directorate NPS Natural Resource Report NPS/NRSS/NRR-2011/412 (Guy Adema, David Vana-Miller and Don Weeks, June 2011)

Resources Management Plan Guideline (March 13, 1989)

Resources Management Plan Guideline (undated)

Resources Management Plans and Resource Management Budges (December 1980)

Responses to Subcommittee Chairman Radanovich's Questions About NPS Management Policies (Fran Mainella, September 24, 2003)

Revised Instructions for the Preparation of Water Resources Management Plans (Final Draft, May 1991)

Service-wide Strategy for Implementing the No-Impairment Policy (May 2001)

Statement of Ms. Fran Mainella, Director, National Park Service, Department of the Interior, Before the Subcommittee on National Parks, Recreation, and Public Lands, House Committee on Resources, Concerning National Park Service Management Policies Verbal Testimony (Fran Mainella, April 25, 2002)

Strengthening the Backbone of Park Natural Resources Management (Bruce Bingham, Kerri Cahill, Jeff Albright, Clifford Hawkes and Patrick Malone, undated)

Tandem Tracking for Research & Resource Management (undated)

The Background to Resources Management Plans in the National Park Service (undated)

The Ecological Integrity Assessment Framework: A Framework for Assessing the Ecological Integrity of Biological and Ecological Resources of the National Park Service (Robert S. Unnasch, David P. Braun, Patrick J. Comer and Gregory E. Eckert, Version 1.0, January 2009)

Watershed Condition Assessment Program (undated)

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