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The NPS History Electronic Library is a portal to thousands of electronic publications and videos, covering the history of the National Park Service and the cultural and natural history of the national parks, monuments, and historic sites of the U.S. National Park System.

The information contained in this Website is historic in scope and is not meant as an aid for travel planning; please refer to the official National Park Service Website for current information. While not affiliated with the National Park Service, we gratefully acknowledge the contributions by park employees, along with park advocates, which has enabled us to create this digital repository.

Throughout 2016, we presented a series of monthly features which explored various aspects of the history and evolution of the National Park Service's first 100 years. In case you missed some of our monthly NPS Centennial features, all of them can be found on our Centennial Web page.

New eLibrary Additions

Agency History

Construction of Trails Civilian Conservation Corps Project Training Series No. 7 (February 1937)

Report on "Overcrowding" in the National Parks National Park System Advisory Board (George Barley and S.J. DiMeglio, 1986)

An Interpretive Guide to the NPS Centennial (c2016)

Horace M. Albright Training Center National Register of Historic Places Registration Form (August 2013)

Horace M. Albright Training Center Program (undated)

Threats To Our National Parks (Conrad L. Wirth, excerpt from Audubon Magazine, ©National Audubon Society, July-August 1954)

The Future of America's National Parks
The Future of America's National Parks A Report to the President of the United States by the Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne (May 2007)
News Release: Kempthorne Presents to the Presidente A Vision for the Future of Our National Parks (May 31, 2007)
Interviews with Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne and NPS Director Mary Bomar (MP4 format, May 2007)
IntroductionCase for ChangeEducationEnvironmental LeadershipListening to AmericaPhilanthropyProfessional ExcellenceRecreational ExperienceStewardshipVision
Videos on Additional Topics (MP4 format, May 2007)
Centennial ChallengeEducationEnvironmental LeadershipListening SessionProfessional ExcellenceRecreational ExperienceStewardship

Mimbres Culture Reconnaissance Report (April 1988)

Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal Reconnaissance Report (Frank Barnes and Andrew G. Feil, August 1962)

The Cliff Walk: A Special Resource Study (July 1989)

Park Ranger Magazine: Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3 (digital editions with permissions from Technical Rescue Media Ltd., Web address contained in issues is invalid, production will resume in late 2017)

Parks Magazine: The International Journal (©IUCN, 1976-2017)

Preservations and Use: Concessions in the National Parks (Michael Mantell, Ecology Law Quarterly, Vol. 8 Issue 1, June 1979)

Courier: The National Park Service Newsletter Vol. 31 No. 1, January 1986Vol. 31 No. 9, September 1986Vol. 31 No. 10, October 1986Vol. 32 No. 1, January 1987Vol. 32 No. 3, March 1987Vol. 32 No. 7, July 1987additional back issues available

Park Histories

State of the Park, Gateway National Recreation Area: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

General Management Plan Summary, Effigy Mounds National Monument, Iowa (March 2014)

International Dark Sky Park Designation Nomination Package, Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument (August 2016)

Discover Yellowstone: Ranger-led Activities, July 14-29, 1989 (July 1989)

Superior Wildlands, Guide to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore-Seney National Wildlife Refuge-Hiawatha National Forest 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016

Geology of the Organ Mountains, Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument (BLM, undated)

Georgetown Boundaries & Agreements, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park (September 1984)

Great Falls Rescue Map, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park (August 9, 1974)

Forgotten First Ladies (2015)

The Buffalo Chip Resource Management Newsletter, Yellowstone National Park (2000-2005)

Yellowstone Science (1992-2017)

Coming Full Circle: The Development of Mount Rainier's Wonderland Trail, 1907-1939 (Paul Sadin, excerpt from COLUMBIA The Magazine of Northwest History, Vol. 13 No. 4 Winter 1999, ©Washington State Historical Society)

A Mountain Calling: The Tacoma Eastern—Linking Puget Sound and Mount Rainer National Park (Michael Sullivan, excerpt from COLUMBIA The Magazine of Northwest History, Vol. 13 No. 4 Winter 1999, ©Washington State Historical Society)

Inventory of Amphibians and Reptiles at Manzanar National Historic Site, California Southwest Biological Science Center Open-File Report 2006-1232 (Trevor B. Persons, Erika M. Nowak and Scott Hillard, September 2006)

Inventory of Amphibians and Reptiles at Death Valley National Park Southwest Biological Science Center Open-File Report 2006-1233 (Trevor B. Persons and Erika M. Nowak, August 2006)

Inventory of Amphibians and Reptiles at Mojave National Preserve USGS Open-File Report 2007-1109 (Trevor B. Persons and Erika M. Nowak, 2007)

Mountain Goat Abundance and Population Trends in the Olympic Mountains, Washington, 2011 (USGS Open-File Report 2011-1313 (Kurt Jenkins, Patricia Happe, Paul Griffin, Katherine Beirne, Roger Hoffman and William Baccus, 2011)

Natural Resources

Values & Challenges in Urban Ecology (Giselle Mora-Bourgeois, c2006)

A Survey of Park Managers' Perceptions of Noncompliant Visitor Behavior Causing Resource Damage in the National Park System NPS Technical Report NPS/PNRUW/NRTR-92/07 (Darryll R. Johnson, Mark E. Vande Kamp and Thomas C. Swearingen, August 1994)

Deterring Minor Acts of Noncompliance: A Literature Review NPS Technical Report NPS/PNRUW/NRTR-92/08 (Mark E. Vande Kamp, Darryll R. Johnson and Thomas C. Swearingen, December 1994)

A Literature Review on Black Bear Populations and Activities for National Park Service Colorado Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit (Olin E. Bray and Victor G. Barnes, Jr., June 1967)

A Survey of Potential Natural Landmarks of the Chihuahuan Desert-Mexican Borderlands Region: Landform and Biotic Themes (William A. Dick-Peddie, August 1982)

Acoustic Monitoring Training Manual (undated)

Air Resources in National Parks: Glossary (undated)

Poster: Find Your Park — Explore Geology (c2016)

Poster: Geologic Time in the National Parks (2014)

Poster: Geologic Maps of National Parks (undated)

Poster: Fossils of the National Parks (undated)

Poster: Climate Change is in the Air (undated)

Cultural Resources

Ballaja: arqueologia de un barrio sanjuanero (Mark Barnes and Norma Medina, ©Mark Barnes and Norma Medina, Officina Estatal de Preservación Histórica, 1995; all rights reserved)

Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites (Jeffery F. Burton, Mary M. Farrell, Florence B. Lord, and Richard W. Lord, University of Washington Press edition (minus Foreword), revised 2002)

Art & Community Landscapes Art & Community Landscapes Publication No. 1 (Valerie Bianchi and Charles Tracy, 2008)

The Impacts of Rail-Trails: A Study of the Users and Property Owners From Three Trails (Roger L. Moore, Alan R. Graefe, Richard J. Gitelson and Elizabeth Porter, February 1992)

Trails for All Americans The Report of the National Trails Agenda Project (Summer 1990)

Report to Congress on R.S. 2477 The History and Management of R.S. 2477 Rights-of-Way Claims on Federal and Other Lands (June 1993)

Highway Rights of Way: The Controversy Over Claims Under R.S. 2477 CRS Report for Congress (Pamela Baldwin, Congressional Research Service, January 15, 1993, rev. April 28, 1993)

DeSoto Trail National Historic Trail Study (March 1990)

El Camino Real National Scenic Trail Study (July 1977)

Historic Sites Report on Fort De Soto Park, Pinellas County, Florida The National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings (Frank B. Sarles, Jr., February 1960)

Illinois Trail: National Trail Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment (September 1987)

Common Ground: Winter 2010additional back issues are available online

Eastern North Carolina National Heritage Area Feasibility Study (Draft, May 2012)

Dominquez-Escalante National Historic Trail, New Mexico-Colorado-Utah-Arizona, Draft National Historic Trail Study and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (November 1980)

Proposed Kit Carson National Scenic Trail, New Mexico: Draft Environmental Statement (c1972)

Wilderness Management

Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center (undated)

Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center (revised, undated)

Mapping Wilderness Character in Death Valley National Park NPS Natural Resource Report NPS/DEVA/NRR-2012/503 (James Tricker, Peter Landres, Sandee Dingman, Charlie Calagan, John Stark, Leah Bonstead, Kelly Fuhrmann and Steve Carver, April 2012)

National Parks: America's Wilderness, Briefing Paper: June 2009, August 2010

Wilderness Management: A Five-Year Action Program (c1985)

Report on the Servicewide Task Force on Wilderness Policy and Management (July 1986)

Keeping it Wild: An Interagency Strategy to Monitor Trends in Wilderness Character Across the National Wilderness Preservation System U.S. Forest Service General Technical Report RMRS-GTR-212 (Peter Landres, Chris Barns, John G. Dennis, Tim Devine, Paul Geissler, Curtis S. McCasland, Linda Merigliano, Justin Seastrand and Ralph Swain, July 2008)

50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act (1964-2014): Anniversary Celebration for the National Wilderness Preservation System, Briefing Paper, Visual Identity Standards Guide

Crosscut Saw Plan, Rocky Mountain National Park (Tara L. Vessella, July 2011)

Backcountry Operations, RM-83 Reference F (March 2008)

Problems and Practices in Backcountry Recreation Management: A Survey of National Park Service Managers NPS Natural Resources Report NPS//NRVT/NRR-93/12 (Jeffrey L. Marion, Joseph W. Roggenbuck and Robert E. Manning, October 1993)

Conference Session Handbook for A Renaissance in Wilderness Stewardship Westward Look Resort, Tuscon, Arizona, May 17-21, 1993 (1993)

Backcountry Management Plan, Olympic National Park (January 1976)

Plan for the Management of Backcountry Use, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (May 1973)

Backcountry Plan, Yosemite National Park (undated)

A Backcountry Use Study for Yosemite National Park (Don Campbell, November 1969)

Wilderness Postcards, Yosemite National Park (undated)

Wilderness Management Plan, North Cascades National Park Service Complex (March 1989)

Backcountry Management Plan, North Cascades National Park Service Complex (March 14, 1974)

Backcountry Management Plan, Rocky Mountain National Park (1975)

A Mandatory Permit System and Interpretation for Backcountry User Control in Rocky Mountain National Park: An Evaluative Study (James R. Fazio, 1974)

Backcountry Management Plan, Great Smoky Mountains National Park (November 1985)

A Comparison of Surface Impact by Hiking and Horseback Riding on Four Trail Surfaces in Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Paul Whittaker and Susan Bratton, c1979)

Trail Maintenance Standards, Mount Rainier National Park (John Dalle-Molle, 1978)

Wilderness Management Plan, Mount Rainier National Park (Barbara A. Samora, 1989)

An Analysis of Dayhiker Acceptance of and Behavior in the Presence of a Uniformed Park Employee in a Frontcountry Area of Mount Rainier National Park Cooperative Park Studies Unit (Thomas C. Swearingen and Darryll R. Johnson, c1988)

An Analysis of Off-Trail Hiking in Response to Selected Social Control Techniques at Paradise Meadows, Mount Rainier National Park Cooperative Park Studies Unit (Thomas C. Swearingen and Darryll R. Johnson, February 10, 1988)

Minor Rule Violators: A Profile of Off-Trail Hikers, Paradise Meadows, Mount Rainier National Park Cooperative Park Studies Unit (Darryll R. Johnson and Thomas C. Swearingen, February 1988)

Human Wastes Management in Backcountry Areas of Mount Rainier National Park NPS Technical Report NPS/PNROSU/NRTR-95-06 (James D. Jetton, Peter O. Nelson and Peter C. Klingeman, April 1995)

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Wilderness: Research, Everglades National Park (April 2009)

Sustainability of National Park Service Backcountry Trails, Minimizing Resource Impacts (Hugh Duffy, Danny Basch and Don Sharlow, May 2012)

National Park Service Wilderness Action Plan (April 2004)

Outdoor Ethics Program Briefing Packet FY-2009 (2009)

Wilderness Stewardship Briefing Statement (October 29, 2008)

Wilderness Stewardship Program Brief (undated)

Together Wild Project Briefing (October 2009)

National Park Service Wilderness/Backcountry Task Force Report (January 1976)

Wilderness and Backcountry Management Program (August 1, 1989)

Recreational Carrying Capacity of the National Parks (attachment to Backcountry Use and Operations Plan) (Theodore W. Sudia and James Simpson, June 7, 1972)

Guidelines for Design and Location of Overnight Backcountry Facilities (Stephen C. Fay and Stephen K. Rice, September 30, 1977)

Beyond Road's End: Regulations and Guidelines for Backcountry Travel in Yellowstone National Park (undated)

Beyond Road's End: A Backcountry User's Guide to Yellowstone National Park (1981)

Trails and Walks Inventory/Maintenance Guide (1981)

NPS Trails Management Handbook (1983)

Wilderness Stewardship Fellows (2010)

Proposed Parks

History of Legislation Relating to The National Park System Through the 82d Congress (Edmund B. Rogers, 1958)

Memorandum for Director Albright covering program of investigation of national parks and monument projects (Arno B. Cammerer, August 8, 1930)

Memorandum: National Military Battlefield Parks (Roger W. Toll, 1932)

Proposed Alabama Hills National Monument, CA (Charles S. Watsen, Jr., 1962)

Alamogordo National Recreation Area, NM (Walter S. Harwood, 1941)

Albert Einstein National Memorial, DC (1962)

American Flag Monument on Goat Island, CA (1937)

American Legion Memorial Park, Chiricahua Mountains: Proposed Park, AZ (1923-1924)

Anastasia Island National Monument, Florida (1940)

New Areas Studies: Antelope Hills, N.D., Evaluation as a Potential Prairie National Park (H. Raymond Gregg, September 1968)

Apache Indian Ruins, AZ: Proposed National Monuments (1931)

Report on Possible Locations for Proposed National Beach Park - Florida: Appalachicola (1934)

Apple Creek Unit, Outdoor Recreation Report, Burleigh County, North Dakota (August 1978)

Proposed Archaeological National Monument, New Mexico (Roger W. Toll, 1933)

Archeological Cave National Monument, Ariz.: Proposed Area (1933)

Arizona National Park - Apache Trail, AZ (Roger W. Toll, March 23, 1932)

Atlas Peak, CA (1962)

Banner Mountain National Monument, CA (1969)

Proposed Barnegat National Seashore Recreation Area, New Jersey (1930s)

Barton Creek Greenway, TX (1991-1992)

Battle of Long Island National Military Park, New York (1955)

Bauman Garden, CA (1939)

Beaver Creek National Park, Montana (1929-1934)

Area Investigation Report on Benedict Arnold Scenic Road, Maine (Hugh Gurney, Wallace Johnson and Richard Wittpenn, March 1965)

Benicia Arsenal National Monument, CA (1965)

A Report of Consideration For Converting Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park to National Park Status (Milton J. McColm, June 1949)

Proposed National Monument at Bentonville Battlefield, NC incl. Castle Pinckney, Charleston Harbor, South Carolina; Report on An Investigation of Several Houses in Wilmington, North Carolina; Frederica; Report on Various Fortifications on the Gulf Coast; Old Ebenezer (1935-1936)

Bernheimer Estate National Park, CA (1939)

Big Basin Redwoods, CA (1961)

Big Bear Lake National Park, CA (1962)

Big Bend Hot Springs, CA (1940)

Bilby Triangulation Tower National Monument, KS (1966)

Biscayne Key National Seashore, Florida (1940)

Blue Hole National Park, Ohio: Proposed (1938)

Blue Range National Monument, AZ (1939)

Bodega Head, CA (1962-1963)

Bogue Island National Seashore, NC (undated)

Bolton Hall, CA (1964)

Boyden Caves National Monument: Proposed, CA (1932)

The Breakers National Monument, RI (1946-1955)

Buckeye Creek CanyonNational Monument, CA (1947)

Burning Rocks National Monument, Calif.: Proposed (1936)

Burr Memorial Park, NY (1947)

Study of National Seashore Recreational Area: Butano-Gazos, California (Conrad L. Wirth, 1935)

Notes on Cactus Forest Area Which Begins Five Miles East of Florence, Arizona, On the Improved Ray Road (Robert H. Rose, July 26, 1932)

Cahuenga Pass National Historic Site, CA (1960-1961)

A Report on National Beach Parks Proposed for the State of California (Emerson Knight, 1934)

California Caverns, CA (1938)

California Condor National Monument, CA (1964-1965)

California Mining Sites: Bodie, Coloma, Columbia, New Almaden, San Francisco Mint (1965)

California Zephyr National Monument, CA (1967-1968)

Camden Mountains National Park, Maine: Proposed Area (1934)

Camp Pendelton National Seashore, CA (1937-1961)

Carrizo Gorge National Park, CA (1955)

Carson Home National Historic Site, CA (undated)

Casa Malpais National Historic Park (1991)

Catawba: Proposed Beach Parks, Great Lakes (1935-1936)

Chatham Square National Historic Site, NY (1952)

Chester A. Arthur Sites, Vermont and New York (S. Sydney Bradford, August 7, 1964)

Chico Oak, CA (1961)

Chico Canyon National Park, CA (1957)

Chilcoot: Proposed National Park, AK (1934)

Chisholm Trail, TX (c1974)

Chupadero National Monument, New Mexico: Proposed (1911)

Coachella Valley National Monument, CA (1965)

Cocumcussoc, Rhode Island (1948-1950)

Cole Pioneer Farm House National Historical Site, OH (1947)

Colorado National Riverway, CO (July 18, 1963)

Comstock Lode National Monument, NV: Proposed (1939)

Proposed Concordia National Monument, CA (1970-1971)

Constellation National Historic Site, MD (1967)

Coral Reefs National Monument, Florida (c1965)

Coso Hot Springs (1939)

Coyote Hills, CA (1963)

New Area Study-Master Plan, Proposed Cultural Coal Park (August 1972)

Dana Ranch, CA (1937)

Daniel Boone National Park, North Carolina (Roger W. Toll, 1932)

Del Mar Ranch, CA (1962)

A Proposal: Delaware National Coastal Heritage Park (undated)

Dinosaur Canyon National Monument, Arizona (Roger W. Toll, 1934-1936)

Dismal Swamp National Park, North Carolina and Virginia (Roger W. Toll, 1934)

Dr. Hubert Eaton National Memorial, CA (1965)

Drum Barracks National Historic Site, CA (1965-1967)

Dumont Dunes National Park, CA (1961)

Edgemont Archeology National Monument, South Dakota: Proposed (1932-1939)

Eldorado Stage Coach NHS, CA (1965)

Ella Jones National Shrine, CA (1960)

Escalante Way—An Opportunity for the National Park Service (Herbert E. Boulton, extract from American Planning and Civic Annual, 1939)

Recreation Potential of Essex County, Vermont: Phase I (August 1962)

Father Pierre Gibault Monument, Illinois (1939-1940)

Feather River: Proposed National Park (1931-1947)

F.D.R. Living Memorial, Warm Springs, Georgia (1980)

First Thanksgiving Day National Monument, MA (1939)

Flat Top Mountain National Monument, Wyoming (1931)

Fort Beauharnois National Monument, MN (1934)

Fort Cady National Park, California (1966)

Fort Hall National Monument, Idaho (Roger W. Toll, 1934-1935)

Fort Jones, California (1960)

Fort Picolata/Fountain of Youth National Monument, Florida (undated)

Fort Richardson, TX (1965)

Fort St. Charles National Monument, MN (1909-1937)

Fort (St.) Frederic National Historic Site, Crown Point, New York (1947)

Fort Wright: Proposed National Monument, WA (1962)

Fountain of Youth/Landing of Ponce de Leon National Monument, Florida (1931-1935)

Frances Slocum National Monument, IN (1962)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Parkway, New York: Proposed (1939-1945)

General Montgomery National Park, AL: Proposed Parks (1935)

General Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg Monument, VA (1938)

George Meany, Inventory of Sites, Florida and New York (February 1982)

A Report on a Historic and Scenic Road along the Potomac River, Mount Vernon to George Washington Birthplace National Monument (undated)

George Washington Memorial National Park, NY (1931)

Giant Pictographs National Monument, CA (1933)

Giant Pictographs & Mystic Maze National Monuments, CA (Jeff Ohlfs, extract from Twentynine Palms Historical Society Old Schoolhouse Journal, Winter 2010)

Gopherwood National Monument, Florida (1934-1935)

Great Canyonlands National Monument: An Opportunity, A Legacy (Grand Canyon Trust, 2014)

Greenville Treaty National Historic Site, OH (1936)

Greystone National Monument, California (1963)

Guernsey Lake National Reservation, Wyoming (Roger W. Toll, 1932)

Preliminary Study Gulf Hammock, Florida (Carl P. Schreiber, 1959)

"Hanging Lake", CO: Proposed National Monuments (1907)

Hardwood and Hemlock: Proposed National Park, PA (1931)

Harriman National Park, AK: Proposed Parks (January 23, 1933)

Hieroglyphic Canyon National Monument, California (1940)

Hobak National Park, Wyoming (1931)

Honcharenko, California (1962)

Hooker Hammock National Park, Florida: Proposed (1929-1936)

Horse Flat Reservoir National Recreation Area, Idaho (undated)

Hot Mineral Spring National Recreation Area, California (1958-1962)

Special Report: Areas Visited in Mexico, New Mexico and Arizona During October, 1935 incl. proposed Big Hatchets, Espuelas Mountains, Houserock Valley, Kofa Mountains and Arizona Palm NM (M.S. Johnson and W.B. McDougall, November 9, 1935)

Proposed Hualapai National Monument, Maps (1968)

Huntington Beach National Seashore, California (1971)

Ice House and Union Valley National Recreation Areas, California (1961)

Indian Burial Grounds National Monument: Proposed Monument (1934-1935)

Indian Wars National Monument, CO (1936)

Indian Wars National Monument, CO (Roger W. Toll, 1936)

Indian Wars National Monument, MT (Roger W. Toll, 1933-1936)

Reconnaissance Survey for an Inter-American Highway Through the State of Texas (Harry T. Thompson, 1940)

Iowa River Study: a study of the recreation potential of the iowa river from alden to union (Richard E. Gardner, 1969)

Irvington Fossil Deposits, CA (1957)

Jacksonville Beach to Vilano Beach National Seashore, Florida (undated)

Investigation of a Proposed Japanese Memorial Area at Rohwer, Desha County, Arkansas (H. Raymond Gregg, June 1961)

Jedediah Smith National Historic Trail, California (1968)

John Bidwell Home, California (1962)

John F. Kennedy Memorial Park, California (1966)

John F. Kennedy National Park, California (1968-1969)

John F. Kennedy National Parkway, California (1964)

John Muir Memorial Forest, WI (1938)

Special Report: The Joshua Tree Area South of Kingman, Arizona (W.B. McDougall, 1939)

Kentucky Lincoln National Heritage Area Feasibility Study (September 2014)

Kern River Hot Springs National Park, CA (1939)

Proposed Kill Devil Hill Seashore Recreational Area, North Carolina (undated)

Preliminary Study Kissimmee Prairie National Monument, Florida (Carl P. Schreiber, June 1959)

Lafayette Building, SC (1949-1956)>

Preliminary Report on Laguna Hills Fossil Deposits, Fullerton County, California (James E. Cole, 1965)

Lake Berryessa National Recreation Area, California (1955)

Lake Elsinore National Recreation Area, California (1936)

Lake Isabella National Recreation Area, California (1962)

Special Report: The Lake Region of Northern Minnesota (W.B. McDougall, September 20, 1937)

Lewis & Clark National Parkway, Idaho: Proposed (1941-1947)

A Proposed Lewis and Clark National Wilderness Waterway (February 1962, rev. October 1962)

Lime Creek, AZ: Proposed National Monuments (1932)

Limestone Cavern National Monument, NM: Proposed (Roger W. Toll, 1934)

Little Beaver Creek, Ohio (1962-1965)

The Lower Colorado River Valley Parkway: A Report to the Congress of the United States (February 1969)

Lupton National Monument, California (1963)

Lusk Creek, Illinois (undated)

Luther Burbank Home and Gardens National Historic Site, California (1959-1960)

Lytle Creek Canyon National Park, California (1961)

Malibu Beach National Seashore, California (1941)

Prospectus for a Mancos Canyon Indian Park, CO (1989)

Mable Mountain National Park, California (1960)

Master Plan for the Preservation and Use of Marco National Seashore, Florida (James W. Stewart, February 28, 1962)

Martello Tower Reservations: Proposed National Monument (1938-1940)

Mastodon/"Fosilferous Remains" National Monument, New Mexico: Proposed (1921-1928)

Study of a National Seashore Recreational Area: Mattole-Humboldt, California (Conrad L. Wirth, undated)

Medicine Bow Range National Park, Wyoming: Proposed (1932-1942)

Mendocino City National Historic Site, California (1958)

Menominee National Park, Wisconsin (Roger W. Toll, 1932)

Mescalero National Park, New Mexico (Roger W. Toll, 1932)

Mill Creek National Park, California (1961)

Proposed Missouri Breaks National River, Montana (1971)

Mono Lake National Monument, California (1962)

Montgomery Block National Historic Site, California (1958)

Moraine National Park, Wisconsin (1958)

Morro Rock National Monument, California (1962-1965)

The Mother Lode Country, California: A Reconnaissance Study to Assess Needs and Opportunities for National Park Service Participation in Historical Preservation Efforts (John A. Hussey, December 1966)

Mother Lode Country National Historical Park, California (1965-1967)

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Proposed (undated)

Mystic Maze National Monument, California (Roger W. Toll, 1916-1933)

Napa Valley National Vineyard, California (1965-1966)

National Constitution Monument, CA (1959)

National Sage Brush Park, California (1967)

National Wildflower Sanctuary, California (1963)

Navajo Country, AZ-UT (Roger W. Toll, April 28, 1931)

Needles National Recreation Area, California (1960-1961)

New England National Parkway, PA (1935-1941)

New Smyrna National Monument, Florida: Proposed (1934-1935)

Nigger Slough Monument, CA (1939)

Northeastern Vermont National Recreation Area, VT (1962)

Northwest-Southeast National Parkway (extract from Moab Times Independent, August 1, 1946)

Ocean Air Tower National Monument, California (1963-1964)

Old Ebenezer, Georgia (James W. Holand, October 17, 1936-1937)

Old Fort Yuma Prison National Monument, Arizona: Proposed Area (1933)

Old Lock Pump House, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Maryland (M.H. Nelligan, August 10, 1964)

Old Mulkey Meeting House National Monument, Kentucky: Proposed Area (1934)

Old Presbyterian Church National Monument, N.J.: Proposed Area (1934)

Old San Diego National Historic Site, California (1966)

Orange County Cemetery, California (1964)

Otay Mesa National Park, California (1965)

Owl Creek, WY (1935)

Scenic and Recreational Features of Northwestern Arkansas, Ozark National Park (Roger W. Toll, June 22, 1928)

Padre Dam National Historic Site, California (1962-1963)

Palm (Springs) Canyon National Monument, California (1933-1946)

Palmyra Island National Monument, Hawaii (1961)

Palos Verdes Cliffs National Park, California (1960)

Panama Canal: Proposed National Parks (1933)

Patton National Monument, California (1947)

Beach Parks, Florida: Proposed National Park - Pensacola (1935-1940)

Perched Rock National Monument, NY (1934)

Proposed Pine Forest National Monument, NC (Roger W. Toll, 1933)

Petrified Cocoanut Grove, California (1935)

Piute National Historical Park: Proposed (1930-1931)

Platina National Historic Site, California (1964)

Point Dume National Park, California (1938)

Suggested International Park at Point Roberts, Washington (1964-1965)

Ponce de Leon National Monument: Proposed (1926-1933)

Port Gibson Battlefield, MS (1934)

Port Orford Cedar: Proposed National Monument, OR (April 1940)

Portsmouth: Proposed National Historical Parks, NH (1934)

Portsmouth Square National Monument, California (1958)

Proposed Potomac National River, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia (undated)

Poway Pictographs, California (1965)

Recreation Evaluation Powell Ranch, St. James, Missouri (December 1965)

Prairie National Parkway, KS (1964-1965)

Punto del Pinole, California (1966)

Rancho La Brea Asphalt Deposits, California (James E. Cole and Bennett T. Gale, July 1962)

Raton Mesa National Monument: A Proposal (undated)

Rawley Point on Lake Michigan, Report on Investigation of a Suggested Lake Shore Project, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin / Soil Survey of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (1926-George Wheeler Scott, July 30, 1935)

Proposed Red Rock Canyon National Monument, Kern County, California (Roger E. Toll, April 18, 1933)

Register Cliff National Monument, Wyoming (Roger W. Toll, 1932)

Proposed Rehoboth and Assawoman Seashore Recreational Area, Delaware and Maryland (undated)

Reuel Colt Gridley National Monument, California (1961)

Rhinelander Washington Square National Historic Site, NY (1950)

Richard M. Nixon National Historic Site, California (1969)

Richardson Mineral Springs, California (1962)

Rio Grande National Park, Proposed (1912-1916)

Robert F. Kennedy National Park, California (1968)

Roosevelt Redwood, California (1963)

Roswell Caves National Monument, New Mexico: Proposed (Roger W. Toll, 1931-1935)

Sacajawea: Proposed National Monument, MT (1930)

St. Catherines National Seashore, Georgia: Proposed (undated)

Saint Francis of Assisi Statue, California (1965)

St. John's Bluff, Florida (1931)

Saint Nicholas Chapel National Shrine, California (1959)

Saint Stephens National Shrine, California (1962)

Salmon River National Recreation Area, California (1962)

Salton Basin National Monument: Proposed, California (Roger W. Toll, 1932)

Special Report on the Proposed National Historic Site of San Miguel del Vado (Aubrey Neasham, November 1940)

Sand Hills National Monument, California (Roger W. Toll, 1933)

Santa Susana Mountains, California (1965)

Sapelo Island National Seashore, Georgia: Proposed (undated)

Sebastian Inlet National Historic Site, Florida (1942)

Redwood Mountain Grove, California (1935)

Sharktooth Hill National Monument, California (1963)

Sharktooth Hill Reconnaissance Survey, California (July 1980)

Shenandoah National River, VA (September 13, 1963)

Sierra National Recreation Area, California (1966)

Sierra Way/Sequoia National Parkway, California (1961-1964)

Silverado Canyon, California (1959)

Upper and Middle Snake River Basin, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming: Reconnaissance Report on Recreation Possibilities in Relation to Plans for Development of Water Resources (March 1960)

Snowshoe Thompson National Park, California (1956-1957)

Sonoran Desert National Park, Arizona : A proposal, AZ (1965)

Sonoran Desert National Monument, AZ: Proposed, Map (undated)

Spa National Park, Nevada: Proposed / Inspector's Report on Proposed Spa National Park, Nevada (1931-1935)

Spanish War Memorial National Park/Spanish-American War Memorial (1934-1940)

Spirit of Freedom NM, CA (1962)

States-Red Mountain Coal Mine: Proposed National Monuments (1939)

Statue of Democracy National Monument, California (1950)

Statue of Justice National Monument, California (1955)

Statue of Uncle Sam National Monument, California (1961)

Steinhauer Grove, California (1943)

Stratobowl National Monument, SD (1962-1963)

Stubblefield Radio National Memorial, KY (1934)

Suisun Marshes, California (1964)

Sun Yat Sen National Monument, DC (1942)

Superior National Park, MN (1926-1934)

Sutter Buttes, California (1965)

Sycamore Park, California (1966)

Tecopa Hot Springs National Monument, California (1953)

Tempe Mound, AZ: Proposed National Monuments (1917-1918)

Temple Hill National Park, NY (1931)

Theodore Roosevelt National Parkway, ND (1963)

Thomas A. Edison Birthplace, Milan, Ohio (S. Sydney Bradford, August 6, 1964)

Three Rivers Petroglyphs National Monument, NM (1960)

Tiburon Waterfront, California (1962)

Proposed Tombstone National Monument, Arizona (1934)

A Bill to provide for the establishment of a national monument at Travertine Bridge, Arizona (1941-1946)

Trinity Test Site, New Mexico: A Study of Alternatives (undated)

Tule Lake National Monument, California (1956-1960)

Proposed Upper Mississippi River National Park (Roger W. Toll, October 8, 1931)

USS Hartford, DC (1958)

Vanciel Cave, California (1938-1939)

Vero Beach National Seashore, Florida: Proposed (1934)

Virginia & Truckee Railway National Monument, NV (1949)

Virginia City National Monument, Nevada (1940)

Volcano, California (1966)

Volcano Mountain National Recreation Area, California (1965)

The Anthony Wayne Memorial Parkway Project in Ohio (1944)

Weedon Island National Seashore, Florida (1934)

Wells Fargo Station, California (1961)

The Proposed West Coast Skyline National Parkway (Wilsey & Ham, January 1960)

Western Trails, TX (c1974)

White Earth Creek Valley Proposed Park, ND: Proposed National Parks (1932)

Report on an Investigation of Several Historic Houses in Wilmington, North Carolina (Ralston B. Lattimore, 1935)

New Area Study of Significance, Suitability and Feasibility: Wilson Lake, Russell County, Kansas (July 1991)

Wolf Rim National Park, Wisconsin (1931)

Wounded Knee National Historic Site, North Dakota (1965)

Wyandotte Cave, IN (1965)

Yakima Canyon National Park, WA (1965)

National Wild and Scenic River Studies

National Wild and Scenic Rivers System Map (December 1990)

Special Area Studies: Lower Colorado River, California-Arizona-Nevada (1963-1967)

Sacramento River, California (1963)

Loxahatchee River, Florida (undated)

Wekiva River, Seminole Creek and Rock Springs, Florida (undated)

The Chipola River, Florida (August 1971)

Bruneau Wild & Scenic River Study (February 1974)

Clearwater River, Idaho (Middle Fork, Lochsa, and Selway Tributaries): Proposed National System of Wild Rivers (April 1965)

Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Idaho (1963)

Owyhee Wild & Scenic River Study: Final Report-Environmental Statement (March 1979)

St. Joe River, Idaho (1963)

Teton River, Idaho and Wyoming (1963)

Wild Rivers Study for the Little Wabash River in Illinois (September 1963)

Ogeechee River, Georgia: Final Wild and Scenic River Study (May 1984)

Wild Rivers Study for the Big Fork River, Minnesota (William A. Byers, John H. Eichstedt, Donald M. Spaulding and Robert A. Uppgren, September 1963)

Kettle River, Minnesota (undated)

Little Fork River, Minnesota (undated)

Proposed Inclusion of Gasconade and Big Piney Rivers Into The National Wild and Scenic Rivers System, Draft Environmental Statement (undated)

Gasconade River, Missouri Wild and Scenic River Study (June 1975)

Big Hole, Montana (1963)

Blackfoot, Montana (1963)

Madison, Montana (1963)

Yellowstone, Montana (1963)

The Black River, North Carolina and South Carolina, A Recommendation for Study As a Section 5(d) River Under Public Law 90-542 (August 1971)

Lumber River, 2(a)(ii) Wild & Scenic River Study Report (January 1998)

Nolichucky River Wild and Scenic River Study, North Carolina/Tennessee (Draft, January 1980)

Fish Creek, East Branch Wild and Scenic River Study, New York (November 1982)

Little Beaver Creek: A Wild and Scenic River Study, Ohio and Pennsylvania (August 1974)

Little Miami River: A Wild and Scenic River Study, Ohio (undated)

Little Muskingum, Ohio (undated)

The Maumee River: A Wild and Scenic River Study, Ohio (Final Draft, June 1974)

Proposal to Include the Imnaha River in Section 5(d) Category Under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, Oregon (undated)

Proposal to Include the Middle Snake River in Section 5(d) Category Under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, Oregon (undated)

Proposal to Include the Minam River in Section 5(d) Category Under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, Oregon (undated)

Wallowa River, 2(a)(ii) Wild & Scenic River Study Report (August 1995)

Allegheny River Study (Michael O'Brien, September 5, 1980)

The Lower Allegheny River Study (April 1973)

Pine Creek: A Wild and Scenic River Study, Pennsylvania (Final Report, August 1978)

Guadalupe River, Texas: Wild River Study (Headwaters to Canyon Reservoir) (September 1963)

San Juan River, Utah: Wild River Study (Four-Corners to Confluence with Lake Powell) (August 1963)

James River, Virginia (September 13, 1963)

The Lower Wisconsin: A Wild and Scenic River Study, Wisconsin (January 1979)

Birch River Draft Wild and Scenic River Study and Draft Environmental Statement, West Virginia (July 1982)

Birch River Wild and Scenic River Study, West Virginia (August 1983)

Greenbrier Wild & Scenic River Study, Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Study Report, West Virginia (1963)

Sweetwater Wild and Scenic River Study Report (Draft, March 1978)

Foundation Documents/Statements

Foundation Documents: What They Are, Where They Fit in the NPS Planning Framework (undated)

Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve, Alaska (December 2009)

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, Alaska (July 2009)

Effigy Mounds National Monument, Iowa (March 2014)

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, Alaska (Draft, December 2009)

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska (April 2010)

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina and Tennessee (October 2016)

Overview, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina and Tennessee (October 2016)

Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska (December 2009)

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska (April 2013)

Kobuk Valley National Park, Alaska (February 2010)

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska (October 2009)

Noatak National Preserve, Alaska (July 2009)

World War II Valor in the Pacific, Alaska Unit (September 2010)

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Alaska (Draft, August 2009)

Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, Alaska (July 2012)

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