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The NPS History Electronic Library is a portal to thousands of electronic publications and videos, covering the history of the National Park Service and the cultural and natural history of the national parks, monuments, and historic sites of the U.S. National Park System.

The information contained in this Website is historical in scope and is not meant as an aid for travel planning; please refer to the official National Park Service Website for current information. While not affiliated with the National Park Service, we gratefully acknowledge the contributions by park employees, along with park advocates, which has enabled us to create this digital repository.

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The Volcano Letter

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The Volcano Letter (complete set, ~1gb) or download by decade: 1920s1930s1940s1950s (The Volcano Letter is in the public domain, 1925-1955; the Preface, Acknowledgements, Introduction and Index are ©Smithsonian Institution, Robert S. Fiske, Tom Simkin and Elizabeth A. Nielsen, eds., 1987)

Historic Structure Report: Degnan's Restaurant and Loft, Yosemite National Park (Architectural Resources Group, June 2017)

Long-Range Aquatic Resources Management Plan, Crater Lake National Park: 1969-1978 (Larry L. Hakel and Glen Kaye, 1969)

Before Tilden: "A Profession Emerges" (Tom Danton, undated)

Historic Resources Study, Blue Ridge Parkway Incomplete Draft (Ian J.W. Firth, June 1992)

Remarks by Assistant Secretary of the Interior John A. Carver, Jr., at the National Park Service Conference of Challenges, Yosemite National Park, October 14, 1963 (John A. Carver, Jr., October 14, 1963)

Horse Regulations, Crater Lake National Park (July 13, 1981)

Cultural Landscape Report, Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area (Chester Hamilton, Edward Adelman and Steve Elkinton, December 1987)

Development Concept Plan Environmental Assessment, Amendment to the General Management Plan, Crater Lake National Park (1984)

Director's Order #41: Wilderness Preservation and Management (Robert Stanton, August 2, 1999)

Director's Order #41: Wilderness Stewardship (Jonathan B. Jarvis, May 13, 2013)

Beach and Sand Dune Erosion Control at Cape Hatteras National Seashore: A Five-Year Review (1956-1961) (Edward Nash, 1962)

Report on Fire Management Policy (December 14, 1988)

Historic Resources Management Plan and Historical Studies Management Plan, Fort Laramie National Historic Site (Richard W. Sellars, May 1973)

Historic Furnishings Report, Historical Data: Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine Draft (John H. McGarry III, 1983)

Georgia O'Keeffe National Historic Site, Abiquiu, New Mexico Proposal / Environmental Assessment / General Management Plan / Development Concept Plan (1982)

Daniel Boone National Forest Park, North Carolina (1932-1935)

United Nations Home Site, New York (1945-1946)

Daniel Boone Birthplace, Pennsylvania (1935)

Fort Hill National Monument, Pennsylvania (1934-1936)

Indian Mounds National Monument, Tennessee (1934)

Mound Bottom National Monument, Tennessee (1935-1938)

General Management Plan, Crater Lake National Park (December 1977)

Green Voice: Vol. 3 Issue 2, Spring 2001Vol. 3 Issue 3, Winter 2002

Land Protection Plan, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Draft (June 1985)

Statement for Management, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (1985)

Here We Are. Where Do We Go? (Freeman Tilden, undated)

By Motor Through Wonderland: Historic Roads in the National Park System Draft (Laura Soulière Harrison, 1994)

Some Account of the Hot Springs of Arkansas (A.J. Wright, extract from The New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal, Vol. 17:796-808, 1860-61)

Grand Opening of the Fordyce Bathhouse Visitor Center (May 1989)

Invitation to Grand Opening of the Fordyce Bathhouse Visitor Center (May 1989)

Program for Grand Opening of the Fordyce Bathhouse Visitor Center (May 13, 1989)

New Wonders of Radium (extract from New York American and Journal, February 14, 1904)

Interim Development Concept Plan / Amendment to the General Management Plan, Crater Lake National Park (April 1985)

Some Radical Comments on Interpretation: A Little Heresy is Good for the Soul (Kenneth Nyberg, 1977)

Finding Ourselves: Searching for the Roots of Interpretation (Tom Danton, undated)

Interpreter - Protector (undated)

Junior Ranger: Let's Go Fishing Activity Book (2018)

Statement for Management, Lake Mead National Recreation Area (May 1993)

Strategic Plan: 1995-1999, Lake Mead National Recreation Area (1995)

Wildlife Management in the Future (A. Starker Leopold, 1963)

Crater Lake Limnological Studies: 1986 Annual Report (August 1987)

Master Plan, Yellowstone National Park (undated)

Master Plan, Final Environmental Statement (FES 74-31), Yellowstone National Park (June 1974)

Management Policies (1978)

Minimum Requirement Decision Guide (2000)

Research in the National Parks: Comments on the Recommendations of The National Academy of Sciences Advistory Committee (September 1963)

Battleground National Cemetery (May 1982)

Report on "National Parks for the Future" (Advisory Board Ad Hoc Committee, April 1973)

Wildlife Management in National Parks: 1961-1962 (1963)

Wildlife Management in National Parks: 1961-1962 (c1964)

History of Professions in the National Park Service Incomplete Working Draft (John Luzader, 1987)

Research in the National Park System, and Its Relation to Private Research and the Work of Research Foundations (February 10, 1945)

National Park Service Wildland Fire Report: 1986 (February 1987)

Summaries of Wildlife Conditions in Areas of the National Park System - 1962 (June 1962)

Report, Wildlife Management in the National Parks (August 9, 1963)

Management Plan for Buildings Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Grand Teton National Park (February 2000)

The Guidelines and Program for Pest Control in the National Park System: Environmental Assessment (May 1977)

Summary of SEKI-YOSE Sequoia-Mixed Conifer Prescribed Fire Workshop (March 1986)

Science and Natural Resource Management for the National Parks: Milestones, 1916-2016 (Rebecca Hunt, extract from Park Science, Vol. 34 No. 1, Winter 2017-2018)

Reading the Cultural Landscape, Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve (Cathy A. Gilbert, Spring 1985)

The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation & Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings (W. Brown Morton III, Gary L. Hume, Kay D. Weeks and H. Ward Jandl, 1991, 1997 reprint)

Cultural Landscapes Inventory, Saint Croix Island International Historic Site (2000, rev. 2004)

Science, Politics, and the "Big Dig": A History of the Southeast Archeological Center (Cameron Binkley, January 2007)

Southwest Cultural Resources Center Five-Year Plan (September 1984)

Travel and the National Parks: An Economic Study (Ernst W. Swanson, 1972 )

Statement of National Significance: The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Revised Draft Report (Robert A. Selig, Goody, Clancy & Associates, January 30, 2003)

Strategic Plan Draft, Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail (October 2010, updated October 2011)

Cultural Landscapes Inventory, Stanton House, Women's Rights National Historical Park (1998, rev. 2004)

Paleontological Resource Inventory (Non-Sensitive Version), Walnut Canyon National Monument NPS Natural Resource Report NPS/WACA/NRR-2018/1658 (Diana M. Boudreau, Justin S. Tweet and Vincent L. Santucci, June 2018)

"Age of Reptiles": Uncovering the Mesozoic Fossil Record in Three Intermountain National Parks (Vincent L. Santucci, Adam Marsh, William Parker, Dan Chure and Don Corrick, extract from Crossroads in Science, Spring 2018)

Footprints preserve terminal Pleistocene hunt? Human-sloth interactions in North America (David Bustos, Jackson Jakeway, Tommy M. Urban, Vance T. Holliday, Brendan Fenerty, David A. Raichlen, Marcin Budka, Sally C. Reynolds, Bruce D. Allen, David W. Love, Vincent L. Santucci, Daniel Odess, Patrick Willey, H. Gregory McDonald and Matthew R. Bennett, extract from Science Advances, April 25, 2018, ©The Authors, some rights reserved)

Redwood National Park

Summary Results Concerning the Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Labor Intensive Erosion Control Practices Used in Redwood National Park, 1978-1979 Memorandum Report (William Weaver and Mark Seltenrich, December 1980)

General Management Plan, Redwood National Park (August 1980)

General Management Plan, Draft Environmental Statement: Summary, Redwood National Park (August 1979)

Land Protection Plan, Redwood National Park (revised May 1987)

Tenth Annual Report to Congress on the Status of Implementation of the Redwood National Park Expansion Act of March 27, 1978 (Robert Belous, c1988)

Statement for Management, Redwood National Park (1976)

Statement for Management, Redwood National Park (rev. February 1987)

Statement for Management, Redwood National Park (1992)

An Analysis of the Buffers and the Watershed Management Required to Preserve the Redwood Forest and Associated Streams in the Redwood National Park (Edward C. Stone, Rudolf F. Grah and Paul J. Zinke, Stone and Associates, April 30, 1969)

Watershed Rehabilitation Plan, Redwood National Park (April 1981)

The Redwood National Park Watershed Rehabilitation Program: A Progress Report and Plan for the Future (June 1984)

Cultural Landscapes Inventory, Camp Lincoln, Redwood National Park (2018)

Historical Information on Redwood Creek (Susie Van Kirk, March 1994)

Cultural Landscapes Inventory, Howland Hill Road, Redwood National Park (2017)

Cultural Landscapes Inventory, Lyons Ranches Historic District, Redwood National Park (2004)

Cultural Landscapes Inventory, Prairie Creek Fish Hatchery, Redwood National Park (2011)

Cultural Landscapes Inventory, Radar Station B-71, Redwood National Park (2014)

Native Stories of Earthquake and Tsunamis, Redwood National Park (Deborah H. Carver, September 1998)

Lyons Ranches Historic District National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form (2018)

Voyageurs National Park

Alternatives for Reducing the Impacts of Regulated Lake Levels on the Aquatic Ecosystem of Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota Draft Report to the International Joint Commission (Larry W. Kallemeyn and Glen F. Cole, May 1988)

Evaluation of Shoreline Impacts and Long-Term Monitoring of Shoreline Archeological Sites Within Voyageurs National Park International Joint Commission Study No. 12 (Timothy Schilling, Andrew LaBounty, Ashley Barnett and Mary Graves, 2015)

Lakccountry and Backcountry Site Management Plan, Voyageurs National Park (April 1988)

Lakecountry and Backcountry Site Management Plan: Environmental Assessment, Voyageurs National Park (July 1986)

An Analysis of the Effects of Fluctuating Water Levels on Littoral Zone Macrophytes in the Namakan Reservoir/Rainy Lake System, Voyageurs National Park and the Flora of Voyageurs National Park (Paul H. Monson, June 1986)

Natural Resources Management Plan and Environmental Assessment, Voyageurs National Park Draft (1989)

Trail Plan and Environmental Assessment, Voyageurs National Park Draft (1988)

Wildland Fire Management Plan, Voyageurs National Park (August 1987)

Wildland Fire Management Plan Environmental Assessment, Voyageurs National Park (June 1987)

Analysis of Lake Levels at Voyageurs National Park Water Resources Report No. 86-5 (Marshall Flug, April 1986)

Special History Study on the Dawson Trail and Transportation Routes Relating to Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota (David L. Fritz, August 1986)

Special History Study on Logging and Lumbering as Associated with the Area Now Incorporated within the Present Bounds of Voyageurs National Park (David L. Fritz, August 1986)

Joshua Tree National Park

A History of Joshua Tree National Monument (Samuel King, 1954)

Special Report on the Joshua Tree National Monument with Reference to Antelope and Bighorn (E. Lowell Sumner, Jr., March 28, 1940)

The Blue Cut Fault, Southern California USGS Professional Paper No. 650-D (Roger A. Hope, 1969)

Joshua Tree National Monument: A Brief History (undated)

Ecology of Desert Plants. IV. Combined Field and Laboratory Work on Germination of Annuals in the Joshua Tree National Monument, California (Marcella Juhren, F.W. Went and Edwin Phillips, extract from Ecology, Vol. 37 No. 2, April 1956)

Flora and Fauna, Joshua Tree National Monument (undated)

Geology of the Joshua Tree National Monument, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties (D.D. Trent, extract from California Geology, April 1984)

Geology of the Joshua Tree National Park, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties / Mines in Joshua Tree National Park (D.D. Trent, extract from California Geology, September/October 1998)

Horse Use Policy, Joshua Tree National Monument (March 3, 1988)

Lost Horse Mine Historic Structures Report, Joshua Tree National Monument: Part 1—Historical Data including Administrative Data (Benjamin Levy, March 17, 1969)

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