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The NPS History Electronic Library is a portal to thousands of electronic publications and videos, covering the history of the National Park Service and the cultural and natural history of the national parks, monuments, and historic sites of the U.S. National Park System.

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While not affiliated with the National Park Service, our aim is to build on the legacy of the old NPS History e-Library. The information contained in this Website is historic in scope and is not meant as an aid for travel planning; please refer to the official National Park Service Website for current information.

Throughout 2016, we will be presenting a series of monthly features which will explore various aspects of the history and evolution of the National Park Service. We hope that this information will strengthen the preservation and conservation of our historic and natural resources and will enlighten the American people to the importance of the heritage represented by the National Park System, as well as the agency that has been entrusted for the past 100 years to safeguard these national treasures.

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The National Park Service and Mission 66 (1956-1966)
Monthly Feature
Mission 66
Featured Article
Notable Person
Conrad L. Wirth
Special Studies
Architecture in the Parks
(Laura Soullière Harrison, 1986)

Mission 66 Visitor Centers: The History of a Building Type (Sarah Allaback, 2000)

National Park Service Rustic Architecture: 1916-1942 (William C. Tweed, Laura E. Soullière and Henry G. Law, 1977)

System Timeline
Reorganization of 1964
Historical Photographs
Pinnacles National Park (H.C. Ryker photo)
In the 1960's resource conservation must concern itself with all actions and activities that affect our overall enviornment—from the pesticide residue in the penguins in the Antarctic to safeguarding the polar bear in the Arctic.

But in our pride and zeal to preserve our monuments, we must always be mindful of the natural environment in which they are placed. Polluted waterways, devastated forests, destruction of the wildlife and natural beauty which once abounded in this great Nation have brought us to a very real, if quiet, crisis.

The hour is late, the opportunities diminish with each passing year, and we must establish here a Common Market of conservation knowledge which will enable us to achieve our highest goals and broadest purposes. With each day that passes the natural world shrinks as we exert greater artificial control over our environment.

Few of us can hope to leave a poem or a work of art to posterity; but working together or apart, we can yet save meadows, marshes, strips of seashore, and stream valleys as a green legacy for the centuries.

Stewart L. Udall
Secretary of the Interior (1961-1969)
(From Quotes, 1966)

(From Miniature Portraits — Wildlife of our National Parks, c1940s)

(United States Railroad Administration, 1919)

New eLibrary Additions

Selma to Montgomery Historic Trail Study (April 1993)

Draft National Scenic/Historic Trail Study, Overmountain Victory Trail: A Potential National Trail (December 1979)

Underground Railroad Resources in the United States: Theme Study (September 2000)

The Unfinished Work: Abraham Lincoln, David Wills and the Soldiers' National Cemetery. Papers of the Fifteenth Semi-Annual Gettysburg National Military Park Seminar, 2014. September 12-14, 2014 Gettysburg, PA: Gettysburg National Military Park (July 2015)

A Philatelic Portfolio of America's National Parks (©Unicover Corporation, 1972; electronic reproduction permission graciously granted by the Unicover Corporation—all rights reserved)

Camp Tulelake (Date Unknown)

Geologic Resource Evaluation Program

Guidance on Geologic Monitoring for Vital Indicators (Draft, July 30, 2000)

Mineral Development on National Park Lands (Video Script) (1986)

1992 Administrative Mineral Materials Survey: Summary of Results (December 1993)

Fact Sheets: Mineral Material Extraction in National Park Units (April 1994), Reducing Mineral Development Impacts with Geographic Information Systems Technology (April 1995)

Mining and Mineral Development in the National Parks (Jan. 1991)

Mining and Mineral Development in the National Parks (June 1992)

Mining and Mineral Development in the National Parks (Mar. 1994)

Geology Notes (c1930s)

Water: A Seriously Threatened Resource in the National Park System (George M. Gardner and John Dennis, date unknown)

Water Rights Branch: Mission, Role, and Function (date unknown)

Some Highlights of Principal Federal Laws Regarding Conservation and Pollution (April 1984)

Freshwater Resources Management (date unknown)

Reserved Water Rights and the National Park Service: The Present Status and Future Problems (John R. Little, Jr. and Ralph O. Canaday, date unknown)

Marine Resources Publications
Public Seashores—Their Preservation and Use (Robert H. Rose, from Proceedings and Papers of the IUCN 10th Technical Meeting in Lucerne, June 1966)
Public Use of Underwater Resources (Paul E. Schulz, from Proceedings and Papers of the IUCN 10th Technical Meeting in Lucerne, June 1966)
Conserving Our Coastal Resources (Stanley A. Cain, from remarks presented at the First State-wide Conference of the Georgia Conservancy, January 20, 1968)

Themes for Water-Related Research and Resource Assessments (NPS Water Resources Division, 1996)

Atlas of Environmental Dynamics: Assateague Island National Seashore Natural Resource Report No. 11 (Robert Dolan, Bruce Hayden and Jeffrey Heywood, October 1977)

Outstanding National Resource Waters: A Natural Resource Management Tool (Barbara West, 1989)

Guidelines for Water Quality Program Development in National Park Service Areas Water Resources Field Support Laboratory Report No. 82-2 (Gary M. Smillie and Marshall Flug, September 1982)

Water Management in Park and Recreation Areas Water Resources Field Support Laboratory Report No. 82-5 (Marshall Flug, ed., August 1982)

Automatic Water Samplers for Field Use Water Resources Field Support Laboratory Report No. 83-1 (August 1983)

Portable Kits for Water Chemistry Reconnaissance in the Field Water Resources Field Support Laboratory Report No. 84-2 (Samuel H. Kunkle and Thomas E. Ricketts, September 1984)

Specific Conductance and pH Measurements in Surface Waters: An Introduction for Park Natural Resource Specialists Water Resources Field Support Laboratory Report No. 84-3 (Sam Kunkle and Juliette Wilson, September 1984)

Water Quality Criteria: An Overview for Park Natural Resource Specialists Water Resources Field Support Laboratory Report No. 84-4 (Mark D. Flora, Thomas E. Ricketts, Juliette Wilson and Sam Kunkle, December 1984)

A Field System for Rapid Preconcentration of Trace Metals in Natural Waters Water Resources Report No. 87-1 (Dana Heimbecker, Rodney K. Skogerboe and Samuel H. Kunkle, August 1987)

Monitoring Stream Water Quality for Land-Use Impact: A Training Manual for Natural Resource Management Specialists Water Resources Division Report (Sam Kunkle, W. Stephen Johnson and Mark Flora, December 1987)

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