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The NPS History Electronic Library is a portal to thousands of electronic publications and videos, covering the history of the National Park Service and the cultural and natural history of the national parks, monuments, and historic sites of the U.S. National Park System.

The information contained in this Website is historic in scope and is not meant as an aid for travel planning; please refer to the official National Park Service Website for current information. While not affiliated with the National Park Service, we gratefully acknowledge the contributions by park employees, along with park advocates, which has enabled us to create this digital repository.

Throughout 2016, we presented a series of monthly features which explored various aspects of the history and evolution of the National Park Service's first 100 years. In case you missed some of our monthly NPS Centennial features, all of them can be found on our Centennial Web page.

Land Almost Lost
Land Almost Lost: A Call to Save Our National Monuments
New eLibrary Additions

Land Almost Lost: A Call to Save Our National Monuments (Tom Algire, Kevin Ebi, Michael Frye, Rick Kattelmann, Jerry Monkman, William Neill, Geraint Smith, Tom Till, Larry Ulrich and Matt Witt, 2017)

Review of Certain National Monuments Established Since 1996: Notice of Opportunity for Public Comment (Comment period ends July 10, 2017)

Presidents Lack the Authority to Abolish or Diminish National Monuments (Mark Stephen Squillace, Eric Biber, Nicholas S. Bryner and Sean B. Hecht, UCLA School of Law, Public Law Research Paper No. 17-16, May 13, 2017)

National Monuments — All Federal Agencies: Frequently Asked Questions (Frank Buono, January 15, 2017)

National Monuments and the Antiquities Act (Carol Hardy Vincent, Congressional Research Service, September 7, 2016)

The President Has No Power Unilaterally to Abolish or Materially Change a National Monument Designation Under the Antiquities Act of 1906 (Arnold & Porter, 2017)

Agency History

National Monuments and the National Park System (Frank Buono, February 2017)

Courier: The National Park Service Newsletter (Special Edition Fall 1985, Vol 29 No 1 January 1984, Vol 29 No 2 February 1984, Vol 29 No 7 July 1984, Vol 29 No 12 December 1984, Vol 30 No 7 July 1985, Vol 37 No 3 March 1992, Special Edition Fall 1986, Special Employee Development Issues: 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994) (additional back issues are available online)

Newsletter: The Association of National Park Rangers (Vol. 6 No. 4, Winter 1983/1984) (complete set of Ranger magazine)

Parks: An International Journal for Managers of National Parks, Historic Sites, and Other Protected Areas (Vol 5 No 2, 1980, Vol 6 No 2, 1981, Vol 6 No 3, 1981, Vol 6 No 4, 1982, Vol 7 No 1, 1982, Vol 9 No 3/4, 1984, Vol 10 No 2, 1985, Vol 11 No 1, 1986, Vol 11 No 4, 1986, Vol 12 No 1, 1987, Vol 12 No 2, 1987) (additional back issues are available online)

National Park Guide for the Handicapped (1971)

Muriel 'Miki' Crespi: National Park Service Chief Ethnographer (Curriculum Vitae) (c2003)

Oral History Interview with George B. Hartzog, Jr. (Janet A. McDonnell, 2007)

Oral History Interview with Roger G. Kennedy (Janet A. McDonnell, 2005)

NPS Briefing Book: 196719711973

NPS Criteria for Parklands: 19671971


Restructuring Plan for the National Park Service (November 1994)

Planning for a Future National Park System: A Foundation for the 21st Century (National Park Service Advisory Board, 2012)

Organizational Structure of the National Park Service: Task Report Cook Report (June 1987)

Management Succession Plan (May 1997)

The Organization and the Employee in an Era of Change, The National Park Service Employee Survey of 1983: Statistical Abstract (Darryll R. Johnson, Donald R. Field, Gary E. Machlis and Richard S. Converse, 1984)

National Park Service Employee Attitudes Toward Government Quarters: A Draft Report from the 1983 NPS Employee Survey, Executive Summary Task Force on National Park Service Housing Policy (Darryll R. Johnson, Donald R. Field and Richard S. Converse, 1984)

Park Histories

Long Range Interpretive Plan, Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site (October 2003)

Proposed Partnership for Development of the Tuskegee Airmen National Center: Report to the U.S. Congress (April 2002)

Analysis of the Visible Landscape, Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland (April 1988)

The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Sweet Auburn: Proposals for the National Historical Park (undated)

Historic Resource Study, Theodore Roosevelt National Park (Mark Fiege, Janet Ore and Orsi, January 10, 2017)

Kelso Depot: An Oasis for Railroaders in the Mojave, Historic Structure Report (Gordon Chappell, Robert L. Carper, Harold Brown, Steve Hart, Bridget Wanderer, Andrew M. Roberts, Charles Svoboda and Steven E. Daron, January 1998)

Kelso Depot: Historic Furnishings Report (Sarah H. Heald, 2001)

Cultural Resources

African American NHL Assessment Study (February 6, 2008)

American Labor History: A National Historic Landmark Theme Study (Draft 2003)

Historic Properties Associated with U.S. Highway 66, from Chicago to Santa Monica, 1926 to 1985 (Michael Cassity, 2012)

Route 66 Corridor National Historic Context Study (Michael Cassity, December 15, 2004)

Nominating Historic Vessels and Shipwrecks to the National Register of Historic Places National Register Bulletin No. 20 (James P. Delgado, 1987)

Guidelines for Recording Historic Ships (Richard K. Anderson, Jr., 3rd ed., 2004)

Guidelines for Evaluating and Documenting Historic Aids to Navigation National Register Bulletin No. 34 (1990)

1990 Inventory of Large Preserved Historic Vessels (James P. Delgado and Candace Clifford, eds., 1990)

Citizen's Action Manual: A Guide to Recycling Vacant Property in Your Neighborhood (Charles Bolton, February 1980)

Lehigh Canal: An HCRS Project Report HCRS Publication No. 36 (1981)

Lockport, Illinois: An HCRS Project Report HCRS Publication No. 35 (1980)

Access to Historic Buildings for the Disabled: Suggestions for Planning and Implementation Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service Publication No. 46 (Charles Parrott, 1980)

Accommodation of Disabled Visitors at Historic Sites in the National Park System (Duncan S. Ballantyne and Harold Russell Associates, Inc., 1983)

Preserving Historic Structures in the National Park System: A Report to the President 1997)

Geological Deterioration of Stone Masonry Geological Analysis of Rock Deterioration at Selected National Park Service Archeological Sites (Bruce G. Wachter, April 1979)

Rock Motion Hazard Geological Analysis of Rock Deterioration at Selected National Park Service Archeological Sites (Bruce G. Wachter, 1978)

Humanities and the National Parks: Adapting to Change Report by the Humanities Review Committee of the National Park Service Advisory Board (1996)

History in the National Park Service: Themes & Concepts The National Park Service's Revised Thematic Framework (1994, 1996, rev. 2nd, 2000)

Federal Archeology Report: 2008-2011, 2012-2013

Natural Resources

Toward a Scientific and Social Framework for Ecologically Based Stewardship of Federal Lands and Waters, December 4-14, 1995: Interim Report (c1996)

A Survey of the National Park System: Are Natural Resource Managers Able to Preserve Biological Resources Within the Parks? (©Michael C. Bondello, Allan Hancock College, April 15, 1998)

State of Change: Climate Change in Alaska's National Park Areas (August 2014)

Social Sciences

WASO Social Science Program Superintendents' Memorandum Series (Richard H. Briceland, 1989-1992)

A Social Science Research Plan for Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (Gary E. Machlis and Patti Sullivan, c1990)

The Northeastern United States in the Next Two Decades — Implications for the Northeast Region of the National Park Service (Geoffrey Godbey, Gordon DeJong, Vinod Sasidharan and Careen Yarnal), August 2001)

Natural and Social Science Research Proposal and Report Requirements NPS Natural Resources Report NPS/MAR/NRR-92/002 (May 1992)

Sociology Studies Program 1970-1976 (Fall 1976)

Social Science Project Abstracts 1987 (1987)

An Administrative Atlas for National Park Service Ecosystem Management (Tanya Tarar, 1996)

Environmental Quality

A Summary of the Environmental Management System Pilot Park Program (undated)

Case Study: Environmental Programs at Apostle Islands (excerpt from NPS Park Facility Management Division Environmental Programs, 2009 Annual Progress Report)

Environmental Management Program Standards (undated)

Environmental Quality Division Program Brief (March 2017)

Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) 24-Hour Training Manual (1998)

Park-level Model Environmental Management System (Model EMS) (undated)

The Park-level EMS: The Toolkit for the National Park Service (undated)

EnviroFact Sheets (Draft, July 2007)

Oil Spill Response (various topics, mostly from 2010)

Damage Assessment and Restoration Handbook Guidance for Damage Assessment and Restoration Activities in the National Park Service (December 2003)

Fire Management

Fire Science Digest Issues 1-24 (2007-2017)

Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) (undated)

Burned Area Restoration (undated)

Wildland Fire Resource Advisor Guide, Crater Lake National Park (July 2003)

Fire Incident Resource Advisor Guide, Lake Mead National Recreation Area (April 27, 2012)

Issues Related to Smoke and Air: How Do We Get from Here to There? Grand Canyon National Park (Carl Bowman, October 2002)

Crew Briefing, Wildland Firefighters, Joshua Tree National Park (July 2009)

Desert Tortoise & Wildland Fire Joshua Tree National Park (undated)

READ Guidelines: Threats to Resources in JOTR from Wildland Fires (undated)

The Yellowstone Fires of 1988 (2008)

USGS Fire Science: Fire Danger Monitoring and Forecasting USGS Fact Sheet 2005-3066 (March 2005)

A Guide for Smokey Bear Logo Usage and Tagline Applications (undated)

An Introduction to the National Fire Plan: History, Structure, and Relevance to Communities (March 29, 2002)

Fire Ecology Assessment Tool (FEAT) (undated)

Fire Effects Guide (June 21, 2001)

Fire Effects Monitoring Tool (FFI) (undated)

Fire in the South: A Report bya The Southern Group of State Foresters (undated)

Fire Manager and Air Quality Regulator Coordination: Briefing Paper (April 12, 2011)

Fire Monitoring Handbook (2001)

Fire Monitoring Handbook (undated)

GIS Standard Operating Procedures Project (GSTOP) PMS 936/NFES 2809 (National Wildfire Coordinating Group, June 2006)

Guidance for Implementation of Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy (February 13, 2009)

Interagency Burned Area Emergency Response Guidebook (v4.0, February 2006)

Interagency Fire Regime Condition Class Guidebook (v1.2, May 2005)

Interagency Fire Regime Condition Class (FRCC) Guidebook (v1.3.0, June 2008)

Interagency Prescribe Fire: Planning and Implementation Procedures Guide (July 2008)

Invasive Plant Species and the Joint Fire Science Program U.S. Forest Service General Technical Report PNW-GTR-707 (Heather E. Erickson and Rachel White, November 2007)

Key Issues 2009 (c2009)

LANDFIRE Rapid Assessment: Reference Condition Modeling Workshops, Background Material (June 2004)

Memo: Modification of Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy Guidance (May 2, 2008)

Modification of Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy Guidance: Communication Plan (Final, July 18, 2008)

Monitoring Post-Fire Vegetation Rehabilitation Projects: A Common Approach for Non-Forested Ecosystems USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2006-5048 (Troy A. Wirth and David A. Pyke, 2006)

National Park Service Wildland Fire Program Review Guide (March 2013)

Poster: No Easy Answer — Fire and Resource Management in the National Parks (undated)

Poster: Response to Wildland Fire (undated)

Poster: Snapshots from NPS Fire (undated)

Reference Manual 18 (January 1, 2008)

Smoke Management Guide for Prescribed and Wildland Fire PMS 240-2/NFES 1279 (National Wildfire Coordination Group, December 2001)

Smokey Bear Guidelines (October 2016)

Wildfire Smoke: A Guide for Public Health Officials (July 2008)

Wildland Fire Annual Report: Fiscal Year 2000>2001200220142015

Wildland Fire Fact Sheet (March 2016)

Wildland Fire Management Strategic Plan, 2008-2012 (January 2008)

Wildland Fire Suppression Tactics Reference Guide PMS 465/NFES 1256 (National Wildfire Coordinating Group, April 1996)

Wildland Fire Use: Implementations Procedures Reference Guide (May 2005)

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