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     Petrified Logs in the Rainbow Forest
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A Brief Guide to The Petrified Forest National Monument

Historic Events

1539First exploration of the Southwest by Coronado.
1851Petrified wood first reported in northern Arizona by Lieutenant Sitgreaves.
1853Petrified Forest Monument area visited by Army expedition headed by Lieutenant Whipple.
1857Camel caravan of Lieutenant Beale crossed area.
1898 to 1900First Government investigation of the area made by Lester F. Ward of the U. S. Geological Survey.
1906Petrified Forest set aside as a national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt.
1906John Muir discovered, explored, and named the Blue Forest.
1911Agate Bridge supported by stone pillars, replaced by present reinforced concrete beam in 1917.
1921 to 1929Phytosaurs excavated in Blue Forest.
1930Blue Forest and Newspaper Rock included in the monument by President Hoover.
1932Painted Desert area added to the monument by President Hoover.
1932Completion and dedication of Puerco River Bridge, making area accessible to motorists.
1933Agate House restored and three rooms of Puerco River Ruin excavated.
1933 to 1940Fossil leaf beds of Blue Forest discovered, explored, and described.
1940Painted Desert Inn and Museum completed.

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