Nature Notes

Volume I No. 2 - August 1, 1928

Food For Fish
By Earl U. Homuth

The question of proper and sufficent food for the fish in Crater Lake's almost chemically pure waters is often discussed. Since the only drainage into the lake is the small precipitation which falls on the cliffs from the Rim to the shore, any food carried into the lake from that source would be negligible. That food in sufficient abundance does exist is evidenced by the fact that the fish caught are always in excellent condition.

In the few shallows along the base of the talus under Glacier Peak and The Watchman, thousands of tadpoles were recently again observed, and frogs of at least two species, and this is at least one source of abundant food supply.

Welcome Home!
By Earl U. Homuth

Jemima, who had been mourned by all because she had failed to reappear in her old haunts, is with us again, and everyone at headquarters is cheerful and happy once more. She has added two cubs to our bear population.

She first appeared on the evening of July 29th and came over to the cook-house alone, the cubs remaining beyond the nearby stream. On the following evening the cubs were formally introduced to the cook, and now the family will undoubtedly be regular evening visitors.

L. Wynd reports the bears living on grubs found in dead timbers on the north side of the lake. The bark is being torn from dead trees and logs. Also deer are reported as especially plentiful and in excellent condition. They are in beautiful velvet. They were observed in groups on Grouse Hill.

Chipmunk Epicureans
By C. L. Croghan

Entering a ranger's tent, a chipmunk examined various boxes, cans and corners. Finally he selected a spot near the center of the floor and began digging. In a minute or two he found what on closer examination proved to be a small fungus of the puff-ball type. After the chipmunk had left, a piece of chocolate cake was placed in the hole and carefully covered. Sometime later the chipmunk reappeared and after a more thoro examination of the tent and contents came back to the place where he had found the mushroom. He set to work, and in a moment the cake was found, duly examined and very, very impolitely if not indignantly kicked aside, and the excavating continued. After some effort and delays caused by the tunnel caving in, it appeared with another small mushroom which was greedily eaten.

A few days later a young chipmunk was noticed carefully searching the road after each car had passed the registering station. After some dozen or more cars had registered and passed on, something was found and hastily carried to a vantage point and the meal was begun. It was interrupted by two more chipmunks after the same tidbit, tho after some maneuvering they were discouraged allowing the observer to get a good view of the object in question which proved to be a humming bird. It no doubt had been cooked to a turn by the heat of the radiator of the car with which it had in some manner come into contact.

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