Nature Notes

Department of Interior
National Park Service
Crater Lake National Park

By Earl U. Homuth
Park Ranger Naturalist

September 1, 1928

C. G. Thomson

Vol. 1, No. 3

This is the third of a series of bulletins issued monthly during the season to give information on subjects of interest concerning the natural history of Crater Lake. It is supplemental to the lectures and field trips conducted by the Park naturalist.

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For copies, which are free, address the Superintendent or Ranger-naturalist.

Good Roads -- Better Flowers
By Earl U. Homuth

sketch of car on road

The improvement of roads in Crater Lake National park, which will probably be completed this year, will be of benefit in other ways than those generally associated with good highways.

Not only will the clouds of fine volcanic dust, stirred up by passing machines no longer be a menace and a discomfort, when surfacing and oiling is finished, but improvement in the condition of the plant life beside these roads will follow. This is already very noticeable where work has finished in previous years. The continuous showers of fine, powdery dust were stunting and killing the vegetation, and the contrast between the areas beside the completed oiled roads and those not yet finished is very marked.

Next season with all the work on approach roads done, we may expect all approaches to Crater Lake to be bordered with flowers and other plant life which has returned to its normal luxuriant condition.

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