Nature Notes




Volume XII October 1, 1946 One Number Only

NATURE NOTES from Crater Lake National Park are issued from time to time by the Natural History Association to foster interest and appreciation in the natural features of the park. Distribution is gratis to persons and organizations interested in the park and its natural history. REPRINTING of the articles appearing in NATURE NOTES is encouraged. Publications using this material: please acknowledge source by citation of author, title, and this publication.

E. P. Leavitt

Dr. G. C. Ruhle, Editor
Park Naturalist

Cover sketch and illustrations - Nancy P. Wallis.

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This world, after all our science and sciences, is still a miracle;
wonderful, inscrutable, magical, and more, to whosoever will think of it.

-- Thomas Carlyle

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A Greeting
By Dr. G. C. Ruhle, Editor

After a lapse of years punctuated by the war, NATURE NOTES FROM CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK, is again published, a single number being scheduled for the current year. This issue of NATURE NOTES has been sponsored by the Crater Lake Natural History Association and prepared by the members of the naturalist staff, whose mouth piece it purports to be. It is a chronicler of interesting and important bits of natural history of the park. Its contents are original articles, notes, digests, poems, sketches, bits of park life, comments and opinions of interested parties. Members of the park staff and voluntary contributors comprise its aggregation of writers. Editorials are included whenever possible, feasible, urgent. These, true to their name, are solely expressions of conviction or opinion of the park naturalist as editor, not necessarily the general consensus of feeling of the National Park Service or of Crater Lake National Park. Items may be included despite lack of literary merit, for NATURE NOTES endeavors to preserve and transmit a cross section of the individuality and atmosphere of the park's dramatis personae.

NATURE NOTES stands primarily for conservation, for the protection and perpetuation of our natural features, for the application and operation of the fundamental policies of the National Park System and of the Naturalist Division. It seeks to further its aims by the development of a love of nature through observation and intelligent understanding.

As long as the limited supply lasts, these pamphlets are mailed free anywhere in the United States to every one wishing to receive them. But postal regulations require that a written request be given to the park before they may be franked. One rare occasions, copyrighted articles may appear in NATURE NOTES by special permission. These are fittingly marked. All other articles in the pamphlet are intended for the free use by any publication. It is merely requested that credit be given to the author and to NATURE NOTES, CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK. The Naturalist Division always greatly appreciates receiving notice or copies thus used by various organizations.

NATURE NOTES is prepared for your instruction and pleasure. The editor is pleased to receive for consideration contributions of general interest to the readers. Suggestions and inquiries are encouraged, and your constructive criticism is invited at all time.

LAVA BEDS NATIONAL MONUMENT in northern California has been separated from the administrative control of Crater Lake National Park; Ranger Don C. Fisher, long serving it, remains as its custodian. OREGON CAVES NATIONAL MONUMENT in southwestern Oregon retains its connection with the park administration.

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