Nature Notes

Volume XVII - 1951

Crater Lake Natural History Association

This organization was founded in 1942 to promote and assist the ranger-naturalist program, to further the investigation of subjects of popular interest and importance and to aid in the distribution of information on all subjects pertaining to the park. Toward this end it sponsors NATURE NOTES and makes the following publications available for purchase:

Oh Ranger!, Albright and Taylor.$3.00
Exploring Our National Parks, Devereux Butcher (Paper Bound).2.50
Exploring Our National Parks, Devereux Butcher (Cloth Bound).3.50
Meeting the Mammals, Victor H. Cahalane.2.50
Birds of Oregon, Ira N. Gabrielson and Stanley G. Jewett.5.00
Scenic Guide to Oregon, W. F. Heald (Paper).1.50
Mammals of California, Ingles.2400
Pacific Coast Trees, McMinn and Maino.4.00
A Manual of the Higher Plants of Oregon, Morton E. Peck.6.00
A Field Guide to Western Birds, Roger Tory Peterson.3.50
How to Know Your Birds, Roger Tory Peterson.2.00
Amphibians & Reptiles, Pickwell.4.00
The National Parks, Freeman Tilden.5.00
Crater Lake, the Story of its Origin, Howel Williams (Paper).2.00
Your Western National Parks, Dorr Yeager.3.50
1948 Crater Lake Nature Notes.15
1949 Crater Lake Nature Notes.15
1950 Crater Lake Nature Notes.20
1951 Crater Lake Nature Notes.25
Nature Notes, Special Number 1, The Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel, Ralph R. Huestis..25
Topographic Map of Crater Lake National Park.
With geological sketch by Francis T. Mathes

Your membership in the association would greatly aid the fur of these worthwhile purposes as well as bring you NATURE NOTES without charge. A liberal discount is given to members on all government publications. The annual membership fee is $2.00.

Crater Lake view
Oregon State Highway Commission Photo

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