Nature Notes


National Park Service
Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National
History Association


Volume XIX - 1953

Harry C. Parker
Fred T. Johnson
Richard M. Brown
Associate Editor

The cover photograph of Hillman Peak from a Kodachrome by C. Warren Fairbanks.

John W. Hillman
John W. Hillman

By Harry C. Parker, Park Naturalist

The Crater Lake Natural History Association was founded in 1942 to promote and assist the ranger- naturalist program offered the public, to further the investigation of subjects of popular interest and importance and to aid in the distribution of information on all subjects pertaining to the Park. Towards this end it sponsors CRATER LAKE NATURE NOTES and operates a publications sales counter, the proceeds from which are used entirely to support this work. Reprinting of articles appearing in this publication is encouraged. It is requested that acknowledgment of the source be made by giving the name of the author and of CRATER LAKE NATURE NOTES.

In line with one of the objects of the Association, namely, "to aid in the distribution of information on all subjects pertaining to the Park", this 1953 number is offered to the public. It has been designated the Centennial Number, because special attention has been paid to the fact that John Wesley Hillman, first white man to lay eyes on the Lake, made his discovery on June 12, 1853.

A dedicated staff presented a very successful public program in the Park during the summer. The material in this magazine is the result of activities on the part of the staff which are seldom brought to the notice of the public - - the gathering of new information about your Park. The results of such efforts serve to document the results of such efforts serve to document the talks, exhibits and other presentations by the naturalists to the public.

Product of several years of such study, a guide to Crater Lake National Park, by Dr. George C. Ruble, formerly Park Naturalist at Crater Lake National Park and now serving as Park Naturalist of Hawaii National Park, has recently been published. Copies of this useful publication can be obtained by sending $1.05 to the Executive Secretary, Crater Lake Natural History Association, Box 97, Crater Lake, Oregon.

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