Nature Notes


Volume XXIII - 1992
90th Anniversary Edition

David K. Morris

Stephen R. Mark

By Kent J. Taylor, Chief of Interpretation

Crater Lake National Park celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. On May 15-17, 1992, the Crater Lake Natural History Association, Southern Oregon State College, and the National Park Service will cosponsor a symposium on the park to celebrate its birthday. The educational opportunity afforded by the event is the impetus behind reviving Nature Notes from Crater Lake.

At one time, most major national parks published their own "Nature Notes". Nature Notes from Crater Lake were first published in 1928 and twenty two issues followed, with the last publication in 1961. With this issue we hope to stimulate interest in producing future editions. Reprinting Nature Notes articles is encouraged, as long as credit is given to the authors and the Crater Lake Natural History Association.

This volume begins with an article by Lincoln Constance. A seasonal naturalist in 1931 and 1932, Dr. Constance is an emeritus professor of botany at the University of California, Berkeley. Although his piece is an exception to the traditional policy of not using previously published work in Nature Notes, he has graciously allowed us to reprint the article because it sets the stage so well for the other contributors.

It is followed by submissions from permanent park staff, current and former seasonal interpreters, and one by two members of the Crater Lake Natural History Association's board of directors.

The Crater Lake Natural History Association was established in 1942. Its purpose is to aid the National Park Service in educational, scientific, cultural, historical, and interpretive programs. Toward this end it sponsors this volume of Nature Notes from Crater Lake. The association operates three publication sales outlets, two at Crater Lake National Park and one at the Illinois Valley Visitor Center in Cave Junction, Oregon. Proceeds from sales items are used entirely to support the association's goals. A list of items for sale can be obtained by writing to the Business Manager, Crater Lake Natural History Association, P.O. Box 157, Crater Lake OR 97604.

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Cleetwood (boat) on Crater Lake
Cleetwood on Crater Lake, July 1886. Photo courtesy of the Oregon Historical Society.

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