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Volume XXV - 1994
Mazama Centennial Edition

By Stephen R. Mark, Editor

This volume of Nature Notes is something of a milestone because this publication has now appeared for 25 summers since its inception in 1928. For three decades it was a casualty of increasing visitation and dwindling budgets for educational programs, but a symposium to celebrate the park's 90th anniversary in 1992 sparked its revival. As a result, this is the third consecutive year that Nature Notes has been published.

The 1994 Nature Notes share a common characteristic of park friends wanting to share their understanding of Crater Lake and Oregon Caves with others. Authors include employees of the National Park Service, Volunteers-in-Parks, and members of the newly organized Friends of Crater Lake. Although the first article deviates from the usual practice of presenting only original research or observation in Nature Notes, the christening of Mount Mazama is relevant to the experience of park visitors. It is also fitting because the Mazamas were the first group to befriend Crater Lake and 1994 is their centennial.

Other articles in this edition were contributed on a volunteer basis and have not been published previously. Reprinting submissions that have appeared in Nature Notes is encouraged, as long as credit is given to the authors and the Crater Lake Natural History Association.

Established in 1942, the Crater Lake Natural History Association's purpose is to aid the National Park Service's educational and resource management programs at Crater Lake National Park and Oregon Caves National Monument. Toward this end it sponsors this edition of Nature Notes from Crater Lake. The association operates three publication sales outlets, two at Crater Lake National Park and one at the Illinois Valley Visitor Center in Cave Junction, Oregon. Proceeds from sales items are used entirely to support the association's goals. A list of items available for sale can be obtained by writing to the Executive Director, Crater Lake Natural History Association, P.O. Box 157, Crater Lake OR 97604, or by calling (541)594-2211 ext. 499.

sketch of Crater Lake
Ernest G. Moll, Blue Interval, 1935. Illustration by Karl J. Belser.

By Ernest G. Moll

(Watchman and Hillman)

Their war of winds and mountain-strife laid by,
They seek in the blue water a fairer goal
As man may find within a loved one's eye
Tranquil and clear, the image of his soul.

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