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July 1932Volume 7, Number 4

Food for the Hawk

By Ralph A. Redburn, Ranger Naturalist

MR. WILLIAM VOGELSANG, Forest Ranger of the Tusayan National Forest, informed me that on the 29th of May this year, in the vicinity of Hull Tank, he had the interesting experience of witnessing a Desert Sparrow Hawk swoop down and capture a full grown Rock Squirrel. The hawk, as it flew away, had a good grip on the back and neck of the mammal. While carrying it through the air, the hawk pecked it numerous times on the head, and after flying a distance of about three hundred yards, came to rest upon the ground without relinquishing its hold. Throughout the whole flight the squirrel was not heard to utter a sound. Those of us who know how quickly a Rock Squirrel can dart under a rock or log, can readily appreciate the speed and accuracy which enabled this small species of hawk to capture its large prey.

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