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July 1932Volume 7, Number 4


By Naturalist Staff.

An Abert Squirrel was found building its nest in a large bird house near the residence of Mr. Clark Carrel, Park Engineer, on May 16th. This apparently is an unprecedented procedure, at least in this immediate region, for this little tree-inhabiting mammal.

On June 3rd and 4th, natives of Grand Canyon were greatly surprised to be greeted by a cold spell accompanied by flurries of snow. On both days patches of ground near Grand View Point were actually white with snow.

* * * *

The first report this year of a fawn mule deer on the South Rim of Grand Canyon was made on June 19th. A little spotted fawn was seen near the Yavapai road by Ranger Naturalist A. R. Croft.

* * * *

A total of eight kid pronghorn antelopes from either four or five mothers is reported from Indian Gardens this year.

* * * *

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