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Volume 7, Number 7
October, 1932

National Park Service
Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon Natural
History Association

This publication is issued monthly for the purpose of recording observations and of making known the results of research and scientific investigation in the Grand Canyon region in the fields of natural history, history and related subjects. It is published by the Natural History Association for the Grand Canyon National Park, Membership in this Association is $1.00 per year and includes a subscription to Nature Notes. Additional copies of Nature Notes may be obtained at 10¢ each by addressing The Grand Canyon Natural History Association, Grand Canyon, Arizona.

M. R. Tillotson,
Edwin D. McKee,
Park Naturalist

Table of Contents

A Kaibab Squirrel Family
     Ralph Redburn, Ranger Naturalist

The Turning of the Tables
     Donald Edward McHenry, Junior Naturalist

Occurrence of the Spadefoot Toad in Grand Canyon National Park

Notes on the Yaki Point Burn
     A. R. Croft, Ranger Naturalist

A Bitter Struggle
     Edwin D. McKee, Park Naturalist

Field Observations

Illustrations by Betty Kirwan.

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