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February 1934Volume 8, Number 11

Raven vs. Squirrel

FOR three years Chief Ranger Brooks has been feeding a pair of ravens in the trees hear his house. Chunks of suet and meat have induced the comical birds to stay in the vicinity throughout the entire year. Just lately they have become tame enough to come down from the trees to the ground, and even to eat pinyon nuts from the bird feeding trays which are frequented primarily by the smaller nut-eating birds and squirrels.

Not long ago Mr. Brooks happened to see a fight take place between one of the ravens and an Abert squirrel. Both wanted absolute possession of the tray full of pinyon nuts, and each determined to have his own way. The squirrel was finally victorious in this encounter because of his strategy. He would rush between the raven's legs and practically upset it. With such maneuvers the raven could not compete and was forced to retire to the tree top, croaking derisive remarks, such as only a raven can make, at the squirrel busily engaged in the tray below.

Barbara H. McKee

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