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October 1933Volume 8, Number 7


Shortly after the completion of this issue, Edwin D. McKee, editor of Nature Notes and Executive Secretary of the Natural History Association, is leaving for Berkeley, Cal., where he will spend several months taking advanced courses at the University of California and working on the problem of the Kaibab limestone. During Mr. McKee's absence from the Park, Junior Naturalist D. E. McHenry will assume the editorship of Nature Notes. All correspondence regarding the publication should be addressed to Mr. McHenry at Grand Canyon, Arizona.

A light snowfall occurred on Point Imperial in mid summer this year. Here at the highest point on the rims of Grand Canyon (8,801 ft.) snow covered the ground for a short time on the twenty-third of July. Paul Kraus.

According to Mr. Georges Vorbe, geologist from the Univ. of Calif., several mule deer have apparently become permanent residents in the remote and isolated valley of Nankoweap creek. They were seen at various times during his stay (June and July) in that hot locality.

On August 21 three Mearns Woodpeckers were seen in some pinyon pines near Powell's Saddle. This is the second record of this species from the North Rim of Grand Canyon. On the same date a Band-tailed Pigeon was seen at the springs nearby. Although individuals and flocks of this pigeon have been seen at that locality numerous times before, it is interesting to note this frequency since the species is comparatively scarce at other localities in the area. E. D. McKee.

Two Marsh Hawks were seen soaring over meadows near V.T. Park, North Rim. One of these was later found catching grasshoppers on the ground nearby. So far as can be ascertained, there is only one other record of this species from the North Rim area. E. D. McKee.

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