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December 1933Volume 8, Number 9


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     The Southeastern Yavapai
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     Museum of Northern Arizona, Bulletin No. 4.
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     Gypsum Cave Report
     Southwest Museum Papers No. 8.
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     Some Grand Canyon Plants and Their Uses,
     Grand Canyon Nature Notes, Vol. 4, No. 11.
     Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1930.

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     Pinyon Pine Nuts
     Grand Canyon Nature Notes, Vol. 5, No. 12,
     Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1931.

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     Under Turquoise Skies,
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     Hopi Girl,
     Stanford University Press
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     Havasupai Ethnography
     Anthropological Papers, Vol. 29, Part 3.
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     The Zuni Indians
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Sturdevant, G. E.
     Pinyon Pine,
     Grand Canyon Nature Notes, Vol 1, Nos. 3 and 4.
     Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1926.

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