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September 1934Volume 9, Number 6


It is common knowledge that Jays are notoriously inquisitive but when one shows a marked interest in Archaeological subjects -- that is news!

On July 14, a Long-crested Jay alighted on a tree just outside of Wayside Museum of Archaeology. Since the building was seemingly unoccupied, he ventured inside where he stopped on a glass case near the door to look the situation over before going any further. For a few moments he suspiciously eyed a motionless but highly interested human being at the far end of the room. Then, seeing nothing to alarm him, he flew over to another case where he gravely eyed the pottery for a moment or so. From there his wanderings led him to other cases, where his loud harsh cries seemed to denote great interest in their contents.

Suddenly he stopped and gazed fixedly down into the case beneath him. Right under him was a small glass plate upon which were several grains of corn! Immediately all else was forgotten in a mad effort to get to the tempting meal within the case. In vain he clawed and pecked at the transparent barrier separating him from the inviting tidbits, but to no avail! Suddenly losing his timper, he began loudly screeching, his crest jerking violently with every note uttered.

All this was too much for the delighted spectator at the other end of the room, and he laughed out loud.

Quick as a flash, the Jay made a wild dash for the door and flew directly into a very resistant glass case with terrific force! Picking himself up off of the floor, he looked around, dazed for a moment, and then flew hurriedly outside, yelling at the top of his lungs! Lost forever was his interest in the Archaeological world!

- R. Grater -

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