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October 1934Volume 9, Number 7


By Russell Grater, Ranger Naturalist

NUMEROUS indeed are the stories told concerning the collecting and trading habits of the Wood Rat or Trade Rat of the West, but seldom does one find such a diversified collection as was unearthed by the writer near Wayside Museum of Archaeology on August 4.

Near the Museum a San Francisco Mountain Wood Rat (Neotoma mexicana pinetorum) has painstakingly built himself a home. An investigation of his dwelling revealed the astonishing fact that, in addition to dirt and sticks, it contained:

1 Piece of gauze.
3 Blue headed pins - from the Museum.
3 Grains of corn - Hopi variety.
2 Burnt matches.
3 Different shades of thread.
1 Piece of tire tape.
A quantity of electric light wiring.
2 Types of beans (evidently a part of the archaeological display in the museum).
1 Piece of tin foil.
1 Button.
1 Piece of isinglass.
1 Cigar wrapper.
1 Piece of cellophane.
1 Part of a comic strip of newspaper.
1 Piece of cloth.
1 Small paper box.
1 Length of lantern slide binding taps.
A few pinyon nuts.
A quantity of juniper berries.

All of these certainly indicate that this individual was an enthusiastic collector of odds and ends. If we miss anything at the Wayside Museum in the near future, we will know where to look for it.

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