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October 1934Volume 9, Number 7


Bird banding sometimes brings to light very odd events in the lives of individual birds. One of the most unusual ones thus far recorded at Grand Canyon is the case of a Chestnut-backed Bluebird. He was banded at one of the regular banding stations, but was next recorded from Yavapai Station where he flew into a window and was stunned. Recently he was struck by an automobile near Yavapai Station and knocked out, but he again recovered after being given attention. Truly his has been a life beset by accidents.

R. Grater.

Chestnut-backed Bluebird

A specimen of that trim little lizard with bright blue tail known as a Skink was collected this August from the southwestern corner of Grand Canyon National Park. Since it represents the first of its genus to be found in the park, it was sent to Dr. Edward H. Taylor of the University of Kansas who is an authority on this group of reptiles. According to Dr. Taylor, the Grand Canyon specimen represents "an extremely rare species, at the moment still undescribed". After Dr. Taylor has published his description or this species, reference will be given to it in this journal.

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