This year was notable with the successful completion of the complex project to replace the park's potable water supply from surface sources (springs) to a new well and delivery system. Work was completed on the Draft Monument Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement, which at the end of the year was awaiting approval for printing and release to the public. After 25 years as the very accomplished Chief of Interpretation, David Clark retired. Dave was presented with the Sequoia Award, a national award recognizing his remarkable achievements providing visitors with quality interpretation and education products during his tenure at Craters of the Moon.


The attached charts display the park operational and project budget and staffing for fiscal year 2003.


Visitation: Annual visitation was 178,823, down 2.5% from calendar year 2002.

Visitor Survey: For the sixth consecutive year we surveyed a sampling of park visitors.

  • 99% indicated an overall satisfaction with facilities and services
  • 96% reflected and understanding of the significance of the resources of Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve following their visit.


  • Initiated first year operations of the Northern Rocky Mountain Exotic Plant Management Team's Craters based crew. Plant Ecologist Wolken supervised the program and SCA seasonal staff served as crew members. Accomplishments included field visits to all of the five parks served by the Craters crew, purchase of major supplies and equipment, hiring of Dan Kohring as a permanent subject-to-furlough crew leader. The crew completed treatment of all noxious weeds on road corridors in the northern portion of the Monument (Hwy. 93, 20/26).
  • Developed and initiated task agreements with Cooperative Ecosystem Study Units at Boise State University (Assessment of Habitat for Sage Dependent Birds, 1-year, $25K), Idaho State University (Survey of Kipukas, 2 years, $75K), and University of Oregon (Archeological Overview and Assessment, 1 year, $20K).
  • Cooperated with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in establishing a long-term climate monitoring site at Craters of the Moon as part of the national Climate Reference Network Program.
  • Completed environmental assessments and cultural resource compliance (Section 106 consultation) on the Visitor Center Expansion and Water System Rehabilitation projects. Documented categorical exclusions and Section 106 consultations (including one Memorandum of Agreement with the SHPO) were completed for six additional projects.
  • Information for the Natural Resources Management Assessment Program (NRMAP) database was complied and submitted to the Regional Office.
  • In cooperation with the Northern Semi-Arid Network's Inventory and Monitoring Program, mammal and bird inventories were completed for Craters of the Moon.
  • NPSpecies data input for the mammal, bird, reptile/amphibian, and vascular plant inventories were initiated. NPSpecies data includes records of voucher specimens in museums, observation records and literature citations.


  • As stated earlier, Dave Clark retired as chief of the division. Ted Stout entered on duty in late November as the new division chief. Ted was previously working at Mount Rainier National Park.
  • Over 3,000 school children visited the park and were provided informational/safety orientations.
  • Entered into an agreement with the Sawtooth Science Institute to provide educational seminars in the park, and conducted two seminars during the year.
  • Produced a new guide to the geology of Craters of the Moon.


  • Revenue from sales of publications and convenience items in the bookstores at Craters of the Moon and at Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument remained similar to last year.
  • Support to the NPS included funding for reprinting of two site bulletins, the Caves Trail Guide, and free visitor informational bulletins as well as ongoing assistance with operation of the Visitor Center and support for ongoing interpretation and resources management programs at Craters of the Moon and Hagerman.


  • Park Ranger Tammie Henderson served two "Homeland Security" details helping provide enhanced security to other NPS sites.
  • Completed the second year of operations under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bureau of Land Management whereby BLM and NPS rangers closely coordinate and assist one-another within the exterior boundaries of the monument and preserve.


  • Completed improvements on the park's potable water system. By end of year the system was online and working. Improvements include permanent installation of two production wells; a solar powered well pump; completion of an instrument control building; replaced waterline and control vaults; and a telemetry system for monitoring the system.
  • Replaced roof on the apartment building with a metal roof that matches other residential buildings in appearance and provides insulation.
  • Installed rock barriers to replace deteriorating wood barriers in parking areas and where needed for resource protection.
  • Successfully implemented the new Facility Management Software System (FMSS), and served as a prototype park for testing the asset condition assessment component of the FMSS.
  • Initiated planning with Denver Service Center for completing the reconstruction of the remaining spur roads and parking lots not reconstructed in 1996.
  • Completed final construction drawings and specifications for the expansion and rehabilitation of the visitor center/administrative building.
  • Replaced several waysides and signs throughout the monument and preserve.

FY 2003 Craters of the Moon Permanent, Seasonal and NHA Staffing
Organization Chart


2003-00001 ONPS-Park Base $ 981,000

Microsoft License Agreement Assessment $ 4,200

FY Unfunded Needs Withdarwal -0.7% $ 6,900

Withdrawal of FY Permanent Change of Station Funding $ 13,300

FY Uniform Withdrawal . Ref:F34(PWR-AB) $ 6,000

Funds Withdrawn for Radio Maintenance $ 1,500

Subtotal Park $ 949,300
IZZ Interpretation $ 162,285
LZZ Visitor and Resource Protection $ 147,308
NZZ Natural Resources $ 174,960
MZZ Maintenance $ 259,506
SZM Administration/Management $ 203,241
SZI Awards $ 2,000

Subtotal ONPS Monies $ 949,300
0045-M2C Repair Broken Top Loop $ 17,314
0101-454 Crystal Ice Cave $ 53,601
0333-M2U Upgrade Potable Water System $ 256,480
0345-M2T Rehab Asphalt Trails (PLC) $ 10,000
0325-N2Z Control Noxious Weeds $ 18,360
9082-0306-409 General Management Plan $ 90,000
0301-V8F FY2003 Cost of Collections $ 60,800
0314-CCA Complete Archeological Overview $ 20,000
0308-MAB Replace Temporary Toilet $ 35,000
0309-MAX Conduct Annual Condition Assessment $4,000.00
0301-MCB Install New Metal Roof $ 20,300
0308-MCG Paint/Replace Recycle Containers $ 5,000
0309-MCG Replace Selected Garbage Cans $ 6,000
0352-NAZ National Dioxin Air Monitoring Network Site $ 3,000
0350-NAZ Air Quality-Gas $ 3,000
0311-NYZ Assess Habitat of Sagebrush Dependent Grouse $ 25,000
0351-RAZ Air Quality-Visibility $ 4,000
0303-SVC VIP Funds $ 2,500

Color coded for FY03 funding that is carry over $ -

Last Updated: 31-Jan-2005