Technical Report

A History of Native Elk in Mount Rainier National Park
Paul Schullery


At Mount Rainier National Park, Stan Schlegel and Bob Dunnagan provided access to their files and offered needed guidance. Joanne Michalovic offered many useful suggestions and was of great help in locating housing. Lynn Arthur's knowledge of the park library and archives was invaluable.

Aubrey Haines, Bozeman, Montana, was of inestimable help with advice about early historical materials and permitted use of his own extensive files on Mount Rainier. Others who assisted with suggestions or materials: Robert Pace, Historian; Morris Uebelocker, Ethnohistorian; and William Bradley, Biologist, all at the Yakima Indian Nation; Carl Gustafson, Washington State University; Ray Scharpf, Packwood District Ranger; Floyd Schmoe, Kirkland, Washington; Douglas Houston, Port Angeles, Washington; Ellen Traxel and Stephanie Toothman, Regional Office, National Park Service, Seattle; Jim Agee, C.P.S.U., Seattle; George Gruell, U.S.F.S. Missoula, Montana; Gerry Wright, C.P.S.U., Moscow, Idaho; Robert Whethern, Union, Washington; Alec Jackson, Kenmore, Washington.

The staffs of the following libraries and archives assisted my research: Mountaineers Library, Seattle; Washington State Library, Olympia; Washington State Archives, Olympia; Washington State Historical Society, Tacoma; Fort Nisqually, Tacoma; Pacific Northwest Collection, University of Washington, Seattle; Washington State University Archives, Pullman; Forest History Society, Santa Cruz, California; National Park Service References Services Branch, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia; N.A.S. Federal Records Center, Seattle; Department of Interior Section, National Archives, Washington; Interior Department Library, Washington; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Smithsonian Institution, Washington; Smithsonian Institution Archives, Washington; Yellowstone Park Reference Library, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.

My wife Dianne Russell assisted with transcription of materials and other related matters.

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