Technical Report

A History of Native Elk in Mount Rainier National Park
Paul Schullery


Because all known references to elk or evidence of elk in Mount Rainier National Park were quoted in full in the text, it seemed unnecessary to repeat them as an appendix.

The four appendixes that appear here are essentially by-products of the research done on the main subject. They may be of use to future students, or may supplement already existing files of information.

Among the interesting sidelights provided by Appendix III is the lack of mention of grizzly bears, which apparently were known to exist–but which were also apparently quite rare–in the Cascades in the nineteenth century.

Appendix I: Elk-related Comments in the Superintendent's Reports, 1924-1938
Appendix II: Elk-related Comments in the Monthly Reports of the Park Naturalist, 1947-1963
Appendix III: Observations on Other Large Mammals in Mount Rainier, 1852-1896
Appendix IV: Bighorn Sheep in Mount Rainier: A Summary of Historical Records

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