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Museum Curatorship in the National Park Service 1904-1982
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Cover drawing by Brigid Sullivan, Supervisory Conservator, Cultural Resources Center, National Park Service North Atlantic Regional Office. Book design by Candace Clifford.

Contents (PDF)

Forward (PDF)

Preface (PDF)

Chapter 1: Museum Beginnings in the National Parks (PDF)

     Natural Parks
     Archaeological Parks
     Historical Parks

Chapter 2: Philanthropy and Guidance, 1924-1934 (PDF)

     The Yosemite Museum
     Yavapai and Bear Mountain
     The Yellowstone Museums
     Park Museums and the Field Division of Education

Chapter 3: The Museum Division, 1935 - 1946 (PDF)

     The Eastern Museum Division
     The Interior Department Museum
     Eastern Park Museum Projects to 1942
     The Museum Division Program in the West to 1942
     The Wartime Museum Program

Chapter 4: The Museum Branch, 1947-1964 (PDF)

     Resumption of Museum Development
     Museum Growth Before Mission 66
     Museums in Mission 66

Chapter 5: The Museum Program, 1964-1982 (PDF)

     Redirection of Exhibit Functions
     Branch of Museum Development, 1964-1967
     Branch of Museum Operations, 1964-1967
     Division of Museums, 1967-1973
     Division of Exhibits, 1974-1980
     Branch/Division of Reference Services, 1974-1980
     Division of Museum Services, 1974-1981

Chapter 6: Furnished Historic Structure Museums (PDF)

     Historic House Museums in the National Parks to 1941
     Museum Branch Involvement, 1946-1955
     Evolution of the Furnishing Plan, 1955-1982
     Operational Aspects, 1958-1982

Chapter 7: Collections (PDF)

     Natural Resource Collections
     Cultural Resource Collections

Chapter 8: Collection Management (PDF)

     Accession Policies and Procedures
     Museum Records
     Specimen Protection and Routine Care
     Curatorial Staffing

Chapter 9: Conservation of Cultural and Scientific Objects (PDF)

     The Empirical Phase, 1916-1948
     The Scientific Conservation Phase, 1949-1982

Sources Consulted (PDF)

Index (PDF)

A complete PDF copy of this study is also available.

Ralph H. Lewis

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