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The following images illustrate the various badges and insignia used by the National Park Service over the years. The photos are arranged in chronological order to coincide with the text.

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c.1902 Frank Liebig, Flathead Forest Reserve. Liebig remained with the Forest Service when it was removed from the Deparment of the Interior in 1905. He is wearing his "shiny silver badge" that stated "DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, RANGER." There appears to be a small badge under the large one. NPS Photo Coll. — GLAC — Neg# 6288

c.1902. Rangers of Sequoia National Park near old Britten store and post office. Rangers are wearing the 1898 USDI badge with a Patrol(?) badge under it. Left to right: Lew Davis, 1901-1909, 1924-1929; Ernest Britten, 1900-1905, transferred to Forest Service in 1905; Charlie Blossom, 1901-1916; Harry Britten (nephew of Ernest), 1902-1903, 1904-1915. NPS Collection SEQU — Neg# 886

c.1910. Karl Keller, ranger at Sequoia National Park, 1908-1917?. Note military U.S. on collar, Forest Service buttons, and sprig of sequoia on sleeve. Photograph given to Lawrence F. Cook by his daughter, Erma Tobin. NPS Photo Coll. — Hammond Photo — Neg# WASO D726A

c.1917. Nine rangers at Yosemite National Park. The coats appear to have "N.P.S." on their collars. Also note the small badges. The third man from the left appears to be wearing the 1905 "eagle" badge. From the left: (?), Forrest Townsley, (?), Bill Nelson, Jack Gaylar, Ansel Hall, (?), Charlie Adair, (?). Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley

c.1917. Henry Momyer, ranger at Crater Lake National Park, wearing 1905 "eagle" badge. Rangers were only required to wear uniforms their duties brought them into contact with the public. NPS Photo Coll. — CRLA — HFC Neg# 91-16

c.1919. Motorcycle patrol at Yellowstone National Park. Scoyen (Associate Director 1956-1962) is wearing small badge, partially hidden under pocket flap. From the left: John Tyler, Eivid Scoyen, Clyde Roney, Emmett Mathews, Hollis Mathews. NPS Photo Coll. — YELL Neg# 31

c.1922. Ranger E. Burket, temporary ranger, Yellowstone National Park. He is wearing uniform with military collar. Due to cost, temporary rangers were not required to purchase uniforms until 1922. Because of a shortage of new badges, temporary rangers were often issued the old round style. NPS Photo Coll. — YELL Neg# 130,011

c.1926. The nature guides of 1926 and a section of Sequoia gigantea at the museum in Yosemite Valley. Mrs. Michael was employed for several years as a nature guide and as a ranger-naturalist. Note that the guides are still wearing the 1905 badges six years after being supplanted by the 1920 badge. From the left: E. Rett, R.D. Harwood, G.C. Ruhle, Enid Michael, D.D. McLean, C.P. Russell, Dr. H.C. Bryant. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC 88-1

c.1928. Director Stephen T. Mather at northern entrance arch, Yellowstone National Park. Note sleeve brassard. NPS Phot Coll. — HFC Neg# 91-11

c.1925. Only known photo of Mather in uniform wearing his director's badge. NPS Photo Coll. — Edwin L. Wisherd Photo — Neg# 91-10

c. late 1920s. Ranger force at Sequoia National Park prior to the 1936 regulation. Belts of all descriptions were worn by rangers. Also note the variet of ties. Davis & Brooks are wearing unauthorized footwear. Left to right: Packard, L. Davis, Kerr, Williams, Brooks, Cook, Peck, Dorr, Fry, Alles, Smith, Spigelmyre, and Gibson. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# 86-246

c.1929. Ranger force at Mesa Verde National Park. Prior to the regulation hat band, rangers wore whatever struck their fancy. Also note the style of hat blocking. Left to right, back row: Raymond Devlin, Paul Rice, Norris Bush, Stephen J. Springarn, Proctor L. Dougherty, David H. Canfield, James Armstrong, Virginia Jessip (secretary), (?). Front row: Bert Hart, Paul R. Franke, James Dalton (U.S. Commissioner), Dwight W. Rife, Horace M. Albright, Jesse L. Nusbaum, C. Marshall Finman, Richard D. Hager, Lyle Bennett. NPS Photo Coll. — Grant Photo Neg# 3/179

c.1932. Motorcyle messenger at south gate, Yellowstone National Park, wearing his badge on his cap. NPS Photo Coll. — YELL — Neg# 130,141

c. early 1930s. Ranger force at Mount Rainier National Park sometime prior to 1934. Note sleeve brassards. Left to right, back row: Oscar Sedergren, (?), Preston P. Macy, Frank Greer, Davis. Front row: Carl Tice, Charles Brown, Harold Hall, Herm Bamett. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# 91-12

c.1930s. Rangers from Sequoia National Park. Man on left is wearing a sam browne belt and holding the motorcyle ranger cap. Note eagle ornament. Left to right: Hines, Cook, (?), Spigelmyre, Parkes, (?), Hamilton. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# 86-243

c.1935. Louis Fowler in Anemone Cave, Acadia National Park. Fowler is dressed for motorcyle patrol duty. Sam browne belt, cap, etc. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# 73-898

c.1936. Guy D. Edwards, superintendent of Grand Teton National Park. He is wearing the small round badge. This is the year that the superintendent's badge changed from silver to gold. Also note service star and stripes on sleeve for 7 years. NPS Photo Coll. — Grant Photo — HFC Neg# 201-T

c.1945. Ranger Wolfrum "Bill" Joffee, first Yosemite National Park ranger to come from war vets discharged from Naval Hospital in Yosemite. He's wearing the 1930 badge, plus his military decorations. Wearing of military decoration was rescinded in 1961 uniform regulations. NPS Photo Coll. — Ralph H. Anderson Photo — HFC Neg# 91-7

c.1951. Viola V. Shannon, park guide, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, wearing the 1947 women's uniform with USNPS on overseas cap. NPS Photo Coll. — NA Neg# 79-SM-35

c.1955. Ranger wearing Frank Kowski's proposed arrowhead badge. Note also his service indicators (20+ years), arrowhead patch, and hat band. Boy scout is Kowski's son. NPS Photo Coll. — Ralph H. Anderson Photo — HFC Neg# 91-6

c.1958. Ranger trainees at Yosemite National Park learning how to rescue injured hiker from cliff edge. Instructor is wearing ski cap with embroidered "USNPS." NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# WASO-G.795

c.1960. Olive M. Johnson, guide at Carlsbad Caverns National Park. She is wearing the "airline stewardess" hat with the embroidered "USNPS." She is also wearing the green laminate name tag and a badge. NPS Photo Coll. — CACA Neg# 1830CAR

c.1963. Camille Elias wearing the "airline stewardess" hat with applied patch containing embroidered "USNPS." NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# WASO G.337A

c.1964. Park naturalist explains a key to the birds of the Anhinga Trail, Everglades National Park. She's wearing the arrowhead pin "in lieu of a badge." Also note small arrowhead patch on hat and sleeve. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# 522-5

c.1965. Seasonal lifeguard Jean Newman at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# WPS-15-82

c.1965. Lifeguards at Cape Cod National Seashore showing lifeguard badge on different uniform options. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# 91-8

c.1967. Roger Allen, Superintendent, Everglades National Park. He is wearing the 1960 superintendent's badge, standard ranger straw hat with hat band variation. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# 91-5

c.1970. Claude S. Fernandez. He is wearing a Spanish interpreter tag. Also note the parkscape tie tack. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# 91-4

c.1970. Mary Reinhart and Marion Riggs displaying the old and new women's uniform. Marion is wearing the standard straw ranger hat. Notice change of name tag, lack of collar ornament, and new placement of small arrowhead. NPS Photo Coll. — Cecil W. Stoughton Photo — HFC Neg# 70-256-1-1A

c.1970. James L. Riddle, Virgin Islands NP, wearing the 1968 badge, green laminate name tag, and cap with arrowhead patch. NPS Photo Coll. — Cecil W. Stoughton Photo — HFC Neg# 70-142-3

c.1971. Jim Randall and guide with rescue equipment, Rocky Mountain National Park. Jim is wearing ski cap with "USNPS" patch. NPS Photo Coll. — Ben Butterfield Photo — HFC Neg# 71-187-2

c.1973. Park technician Bill Rudolph and furry friend. Bill is wearing Ron Walker's flag pin. NPS Photo Coll. — Jack Rottier Photo — HFC Neg# 91-14

c.1974. James W. "Bryne" Packard, Curecanti National Recreation Area. Byrne is wearing the 1970 badge and a GSA service pin. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# 91-3

c.1976. Alfred A. Heyne, Yosemite National Park fire control aid. Retired in 1976 at the age of 85. Al is wearing his badge, name tag, and 30-year pin. He is also wearing what appears to be a pin in the shape of a helicopter. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# 91-2

c.1982. Rochelle Perucca, park technician, Rocky Mountain National Park, enjoys conservation with a group member. She is wearing a language interpreter name tag. NPS Photo Coll. — H. Robert Case (deaf photographer) — HFC Neg# 91-1

1991. Tom Curry, administrative support clerk, Harpers Ferry Center, wearing his National Park Service 75th Anniversary pin. NPS Photo Coll. — HFC Neg# 91-98438-15

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