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Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site, is a unit of National Mall and Memorial Parks. This unique site preserves locations related to the creation of the Federal City, Presidential Inaugurations, and historically significant events. A street unlike any other. It is known the world over as the heart of the Nation's Capital. America's history has marched, paraded, promenaded, and protested its way along the Avenue.

Source: NPS Website (2019)


Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site — September 30, 1965

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A History of the National Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Park (2010)

Amendments to the Pennsylvania Avenue Plan (December 1984)

Cultural Landscapes Inventory: Pennsylvania Avenue, NW-White House to the Capitol (May 10, 2016)

The Pennsylvania Avenue District in United States History (1965)

The Pennsylvania Avenue Plan (October 1974)

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Pennsylvania Avenue - Road to the White House

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