The Early Days:
A Sourcebook of Southwestern Region History — Book 3


With the publication of this volume we conclude a project started over 30 years ago by Ed Tucker. His interviews of Forest Service "old timers" created an invaluable record of what the Service was like. We have tried to stay very close to Ed's original concept and wording in these three books. Even the photographs used to illustrate points are largely the ones which Ed selected in 1962.

Many people contributed their time to get the Tucker manuscripts into print. Entry into the computer of the original 1600 pages was no small feat. Ed Tucker's original typist, Mrs. Gladys Jackson, left us a good draft which was keyed into our Data General computer by Dana Woodworth, Joan Gregorski, Joann Osbourne, Berlinda Gaddy and Lori Long. The indices were created by volunteer Janet Spivey (Books 1 and 2) and Angela Sandoval (Book 3). The proofs of the several Appendices were compared to originals by Carmen Garcia, Angela Sandoval and Dana Woodworth.

Anyone interested in the genesis of this book, and its production details, should see the Editor's Foreword in Book 1. That volume also contains Ed Tucker's original foreword and acknowledgments. We should repeat here that changes and additions to the original have been minimal. In the main text we have only corrected the few typographic errors. The few editorial comments added have been clearly noted in brackets.

In the Appendices we have carried the story forward in those instances where to do so caused no complications. For example, the list of Regional Foresters in Table 2 of Appendix A could be carried forward easily and unequivocally. It was less feasible to update other lists. Although forest staffs cooperated in reviewing the older lists and supplying additional names, it became too difficult to change Tucker's lists. Reorganizations, lengthened reporting dates and other factors all added to the difficulty. In the end, we decided it was best to tinker very little with the original. The work of updating will be left to another author at another time.

David Gillio
June 1992

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