History of The Willamette National Forest

Gifford Pinchot (Chief of the Forest Service 1905-1910)

Big Prairie Ranger Station with Addie Morris, GLO forest ranger, and his family, c. 1899.

Forest Ranger "Cy" Bingham wearing sheepskin chaps, c. 1910.

GLO Ranger J.A.W. "Bill" Heideike who was later implicated in the land fraud trials. Photographed at Breitenbush Hot Springs, 1923.

Michael Kerrick (Forest Supervisor 1980-present)

John E. Alcock (Forest Supervisor 1974-1980)

Zane G. Smith, Jr. (Forest Supervisor 1970-1974)

David R. Gibney (Forest Supervisor 1959-1970)

Robert Aufderheide (Forest Supervisor 1954-1959)

John Ray Bruckart (Forest Supervisor 1938-1954)

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