History of Nicolet National Forest, 1928-1976


Management of the Nicolet National Forest grows more complex and more challenging for the public land manager every day. It is not a one person or one staff job. Rather, everyone must feel responsible for the Nation's natural resources and work to ensure proper management and future supplies of all of them — wood, water, wildlife, forage, recreation and, of course, people.

The following Environmental Pledge was written by me, Kennell Elliott (Nicolet History author), and has been adopted for use by the U.S. Forest Service and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Won't you make it your pledge, too?

I pledge to do the following:

prevent air pollution; not pollute water;

do all I can to reduce solid wastes; not create excessive noise.

I will not litter or be destructive to the landscape;

I will work to keep the scenic beauty of our country;

I will consider the effects of my actions on other people, wildlife, aesthetics, waters, air, land and the total environment.

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Last Updated: 08-Dec-2009