Washington Monument
A History
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Appendix A:

portrait of Waqshington
The Washington portrait by Peale

coat of arms
Washington's coat of arms executed in flowers, 1932

sketch of monument
Sketch of the Washington National Monument by Robert Mills

laying cornerstone
Laying of the cornerstone by President James K. Polk, 1848

sketch of construction
Contemporary sketch of primitive working conditions at monument, 1854

monument grounds while under construction
Contemporary scene of monument, lakes on grounds, and early Agriculture grounds from Smithsonian Institution, c. 1860

sketch of cross section
Cross section of the Story plan for the monument, 1872

foundation of Monument
Original foundation and preparations for its enlargement, 1879

foundation of Monument
Section of early foundation cut away for strengthening, 1879

foundation of Monument
Method of shoring up cut-away section of foundation, 1879

sketch of workmen
Sketch of workmen who built Washington Monument, 1884

hoisting rig
Rig for hoisting stones of monument

Monument and foundation
General view of monument and foundation, 1879

Monument at the 500-foot level, February 13, 1881

setting aluminum capstone
Contemporary scene of setting aluminum capstone on the monument, December 6, 1884

Contemporary sketch of scene at dedication of monument and some memorial stones, February 22, 1885

General Sheridan and staff
General Sheridan and Staff, representing the States of the Union, dedication of Washington Monument, 1885

President Calvin Coolidge
President Calvin Coolidge at Washington Monument for dedication of the memorial stone to New Mexico, 1927

Pyramidion of Washington Monument from southeast, January 8, 1935

demolition of Maintenance Yards
Demolition of Maintenance Yards, National Capital Parks, August 23, 1962

Washington Monument undergoing cleaning and repairs
Washington Monument undergoing cleaning and repairs, June 25, 1964

Rig for cleaning monument, August 13, 1964

Boy Scouts
Gathering of International Boy Scouts on monument grounds, July 10, 1962

fireworks display over Monument
Display of fireworks over monument, July 4, 1968

Monument and the Haupt Fountain
The monument and the Haupt Fountain by the Ellipse, May 28, 1969

The Washington National Monument Cattle Yard, 1861-65

Triangulation of the Jefferson Stone Monument and Mills' Bench Mark

cross section
Cross Section of the Washington Monument, 1884 (click on image for an enlargement in a new window)

L'Enfant plan for Washington reference to Washington monument indicated

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