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Field Division of Education
Material Culture of the Pima, Papago, and Western Apache
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This paper is one of several prepared for the Field Division of Education of the National Park Service by a group of research workers employed during the CWA period of 1933-34. Its purpose was to provide an outline of ethnographic data suitable for use in the development of a museum layout and displays in connection with the development of a museum at Tumacacori National Monument.

The form and content of the paper are naturally conditioned by the purpose for which it was intended. It pretends neither to be an important piece of original research nor a complete statement of the ethnography of the tribes about Tumacacori, the Pima, Papago, and Apache. It is merely a compilation of the published data on their material culture. However, as a summary, the paper should be useful as an introduction to the subject. Its bibliography, although not complete, contains virtually all the significant scientific publications.

Although originally intended primarily for use in museum development by the Field Educational Headquarters of the National Park Service, several of the research papers prepared have aroused considerable interest. The demand for certain of them have been sufficient to warrant mimeographing some of the papers for wider distribution in the hope that their usefulness may be further extended.

In order to save time and expense in mimeographing, a few departures from the usual scholarly standards have been made. Footnotes are nearly all eliminated and references are enclosed in parentheses in the text.

The author has spent several years in field research for the University of California, National Research Council, and the Southwest Society of New York, and has published a number of papers and monographs on the ethnology of Northwestern Mexico. He has been a research associate of the University of California, instructor in Intersession, and at present is connected with the Field Division of Education of the National Park Service as a museum technician.

The mimeographing of this paper was made possible by resources made available by the State Emergency Relief Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps enrollees.

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