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Material Culture of the Pima, Papago, and Western Apache
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The following bibliography is a reasonably complete list of items referring to Pima, Papago, and western Apache ethnography. It should be noted that no effort has been made to cull items from magazines of general circulation. Particularly for the Apache at the period of the Apache wars there is a large body of material, magazine articles, newspaper accounts, reports to the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the War Office. These have little if any ethnographic significance, although they are of considerable historical importance. Therefore no effort has been made to include them in this list.

The following abbreviations are used in the bibliography:

AA-American Anthropologist. O preceeding the volume number (e.g., O7) indicates Old Series. Volume numbers, unless preceded by this, are in the new series.

BAE-R-Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, Washington, D.C.

BAE-B-Bulletin of the Bureau of American Ethnology.

JAFL-Journal of American Folklore.

PaAmnh-Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History.

UC-PAAE-University of California Publications in American Archeology and Ethnology.

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--See Documentos above (3:4:843-859.)
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