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Information Pursuant to Responsibilities of the Secretary of the Interior Section 3, Executive Order 11593

Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation
National Park Service

(excerpted from the Pilot issue of 11593, June 1976)

The Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation (OAHP) is pleased to present ... 11593, a bulletin designed to provide technical and other program-related information as required by Section 3 of Executive Order 11593 (reprinted below).

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Earlier this year, as a means, of complying with the Executive Order, OAHP-through its Interagency Historic Architectural Services program-began publishing a series of technical papers titled "Preservation Briefs." The first two papers in this series are The Cleaning and Waterproof Coating of Masonry Buildings and Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Brick Buildings. From time to time other OAHP programs will also produce issues of "Briefs." To supplement these more formal descriptions of preservation techniques, we have created 11593 as a vehicle for disseminating a greater variety of information of interest to everyone involved in historic preservation programs.

We see 11593 as a means of not only making our program information available, but as an opportunity for you to share your ideas and methods with us and with each other. Articles on Massachusetts' local historical commissions and Oregon's special tax assessment law for historic properties are included in this issue in the hope that they will stimulate contributions from all State Historic Preservation Offices, as well as from other members of the preservation profession.

The need for exchange of ideas and experiences is present not only in this country but throughout the world. The importance of international cooperation in the conservation of cultural resources has been recognized for a number of years and, as is the case with our domestic preservation programs, the plans and accomplishments of the past decade are of particular interest and significance today. We have included a report on international preservation activities in this issue and expect to cover in greater detail the results of the various activities as time goes on.

We look forward to sharing with you, through "Preservation Briefs" and issues of 11593, technical information derived from the programs of OAHP, the states, the National Trust, and Federal Representatives, as well as from conferences, training programs, and cultural exchange missions with which we are involved. ...

Acting Director
Office of Archeology and Historic


Responsibilities of the Secretary of the Interior. The Secretary of the Interior shall:

(a) encourage State and local historic preservation officials to evaluate and survey federally owned historic properties and, where appropriate, to nominate such properties for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

(b) develop criteria and procedures to be applied by Federal agencies in the reviews and nominations required by section 2(a). Such criteria and procedures shall be developed in consultation with the affected agencies.

(c) expedite action upon nominations to the National Register of Historic Places concerning federally owned properties proposed for sale, transfer, demolition or substantial alteration.

(d) encourage State and Territorial liaison officers for historic preservation to furnish information upon request to Federal agencies regarding their properties which have been evaluated with respect to historic, architectural or archaeological significance and which as a result of such evaluations have not been found suitable for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

(e) develop and make available to Federal agencies and State and local governments information concerning professional methods and techniques for preserving, improving, restoring and maintaining historic properties.

(f) advise Federal agencies in the evaluation, identification, preservation, improvement, restoration' and maintenance of historic properties.

(g) review and evaluate the plans of transferees of surplus Federal properties transferred for historic monument purposes to assure that the historic character of such properties is preserved in rehabilitation, restoration, improvement, maintenance and repair of such properties.

(h) review and comment upon Federal agency procedures submitted pursuant to section 2(e) of this order.


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