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November 1933Volume 8, Number 8

ARE THERE ANY BEARS HERE Edwin D. McKee, Park Naturalist.

ONE of the outstanding features of the animal life of several of our National Parks in the west is the bear. Because of this, many visitors to the Grand Canyon National Park ask the question: "Are there any bears here?" The answer is "No", except for an occasional transient along the South Rim on its way through the park to another region.* In view of this, the following observation is of considerable interest.

*Bare Facts about Bear Tracks, by George L. Collins, Grand Canyon Nature Notes, Vol, 5, No. 6, June, 1931.

Mrs. Charles D. Walcott, wife of the late Dr. Walcott, who did much pioneer geological work in the Grand Canyon, recently called attention to an interesting animal record of the past century. She told about a trip upon which her husband came face to face with a grizzly bear on a ledge down among the Algonkian rocks of eastern Grand Canyon. Both bear and man apparently were frightened by the unexpectedness of the meeting, and each made a hasty retreat towards the direction from which he had come. This record of the early '80s, even though vague, is of especial interest since no grizzly bears have been reported from the Grand Canyon before Mrs. Walcott felt that there was no question concerning the identity of the animal.

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