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Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site Chronology

Compiled by Michael A. Capps


White Haven is nominated to the National Register of Historic Places.


White Haven is placed on the National Register.

Dec. 19, 1984

U.S. Representative Richard Gephardt tours the site in response to pleas to protect it from being razed for development.

May 20, 1985

Elsey Hamilton, administrative assistant for historic programs for the St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation, sends a letter to Ed Bearss, Chief Historian, NPS, requesting consideration of White Haven for designation as a National Historic Landmark.

June 26, 1986

The Regional Director, Midwest Region, requests Jefferson National Expansion Memorial to undertake a study of White Haven to develop alternative management strategies for the site. It is recommended that an assessment, rather than a formal new area study, be done.

June 27, 1986

White Haven is designated a National Historic Landmark.

July 2, 1986

Senators Danforth and Eagleton, and Rep. Gephardt ask Secretary of the Interior Donald Hodel to direct the NPS to undertake a feasibility study of White Haven as a unit of the National Park System.

Sept. 1986

The "Study of Alternatives for White Haven" is issued.

Sept. 15, 1986

An on-site visit is made by JEFF staff, the NPS Chief Historian, and the Chief of the NPS's Williamsport Preservation Training Center.

October 1986

St. Louis County purchases White Haven and 10 acres of land for $510,000; the Missouri Department of Natural Resources puts up half the money as a loan.

July 1987

The St. Louis County Historic Buildings Commission hires an architect to restore White Haven.

Dec. 3, 1987

NPS Chief Historian Bearss verifies the suitability of White Haven for the National Park System on the basis of national significance.

Mar. 21, 1988

Rep. Gephardt introduces a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives for inclusion of White Haven in the National Park System.

May 1988

The VP Fair Foundation announces plans to purchase White Haven and donate it to the NPS.

Oct. 6, 1988

Senators Danforth and Bond introduce legislation in the Senate to establish White Haven as a national historic site.

Apr. 1, 1989

White Haven is designated a National Historic Landmark.

June 1989

The House of Representatives approves a measure to designate White Haven as the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, and authorizes operating funds.

Oct. 3, 1989

President George Bush signs Public Law 101-106, which gives the Secretary of the Interior authorization to establish White Haven as a national historic site.

May 30, 1990

JNEHA purchases White Haven from St. Louis County and the State of Missouri with non-federal funds.

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