Technical Report

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Elk Ecology and
Management Perspectives
at Mount Rainier National Park

William P, Bradley1
Chas. H. Driver2

National Park Service
Cooperative Park Studies Unit
College of Forest Resources,
University of Washington,
Seattle, Washington

CPSU/UW 81-2
Winter 1981

1formerly Research Associate, College of Forest Resources
2Professor, College of Forest Resources



Were Elk Native to the Park?

Origins of Present Elk Populations

History of Park Service Involvement in Mount Rainier Elk Management

The Elk Research Program in Mount Rainier National Park

The Management Program


Literature Cited

The research in this publication was supported by National Park Service contract CX-9000-6-0093.


We wish to acknowledge the National Park Service for financial support throughout the course of this study. D. Field, D. Tobin, W. Briggle and S. Schlegel contributed to various aspects of the study and this paper; S. Lewis typed several drafts of the manuscript; P. Wood contributed the cover illustration; J. Agee provided needed editorial review; and, N. Snyder edited and assembled the final product. To all we owe a debt of gratitude.

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