The Early Days:
A Sourcebook of Southwestern Region History — Book 2


In this volume we continue the story of the early days in the Southwestern Region. As before, the story is largely told in the words of the people who lived it. Ed Tucker collected hours of "oral history" from the first generations of Forest Service employees. His tape recordings, supplemented with documents found in his research, became the basis for these books.

When the Southwestern Region began to publish Ed Tucker's work, we planned to issue it as a set of two volumes. The first volume was published with just over 300 pages and the second would have had about 400 pages. Several factors have forced a reconsideration of that plan. We now expect to finish the work with a third volume about equal in size to the first. One reason for the change is that it became obvious that an index would very much enhance the value of Tucker's work. An index will also add to the length of the publication. It seems sensible to divide the remaining material into two volumes.

David Gillio
December 1990

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