The Early Days:
A Sourcebook of Southwestern Region History — Book 2



Cover: Forest Supervisor K. C. Kartchner on Ranger Flake's horse in Rinconada on the Mt. Taylor Division, September 23, 1925.


Editor's Foreword



Fred H. Miller
Robert Ground
Lee Beall

In The Newspaper

Wild Horses

More Interviews

Ben Keap
Gilbert W. Sykes
Oscar McClure
Roger Morris
Jesse T. Fears
John D. Jones
C. A. Merker
Harold Hulbert
Perl Charles
Hollis Palmer
John Mims
Robert Leonard
Arthur J. "Crawford" Riggs


1. Smokey with Chief Watts

2. One of the original Forest Service flags

3. Mogollon Ranger Station on the Gila

4. A treed bear in Rustler Park, Chiricahua Rational Forest

5. An early-day bridge constructed by the Forest Service

6. A Ranger meeting - 1916, Coronado NF

7. A Forest Ranger and Supervisor on a camping trip

8. A grazing reconnaissance outfit, October 31, 1914

9. CCC tree planters in June 1941

10. George D. Russell with the Showboat

11. The 1926 Hanger Training Camp

12. The 1911 Coronado Forest Supervisor's Office

13. The 1908 Apache Forest Supervisor's Office

14. Cochise Stronghold Ranger Station, Coronado

15. Nogales Hanger Station, Coronado

16. Capuline Hanger Station, Santa Fe

17. Bear Cubs on a Santa Fe Sign

18. Running Sheep Through A Dipping Vat

19. Sheep Driveway Committee

18. Smokejumper crew based at Deming

Conservation Centennial

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