History of The Willamette National Forest



Beginning of the Forest Reserve system in U.S. Forest Reserve (Creative) Act of 1891.3/3/189126 Stat. 1095
Cascade Range Forest Reserve (FR) created. Presidential Proclamation.9/28/189328 Stat. 1240
Management of the FRs authorized by Congress. Sundry Civil Appropriations Act (Organic) Act of 1897.6/4/189730 Stat. 11
Organization of the Cascade Range FR. Administrative separation of the CRFR into a Northern, Central, and Southern Divisions. Headquarters at Salem. 1898
Cascade Range FR boundary modifications. EO — land released.4/29/1898
Cascade Range FR boundary modifications. EO — land released.4/6/1899
Cascade Range FR boundary modifications. EO — land released.6/29/1901
Cascade Range FR boundary modifications. Proclamation — land added.7/1/190132 Stat. 1972
Cascade Range FR administrative changes. Internal reorganization combined the three divisions into two: Northern and Southern. 1902
Transfer of the Forest Reserve administration from Dept. of Interior (General Land Office) to Dept. of Agriculture Bureau of Forestry. Transfer Act of Congress. 2/1/190533 Stat. 628
Creation of the Forest Service from the Bureau of Forestry. Act of Congress.7/1/190533 Stat. 861 and 872
Cascade Range FR boundary modifications. Proclamation — land added.1/25/190734 Stat. 3270
Cascade Range FR name changed to Cascade FR. Proclamation — change of name and land added.3/2/190734 Stat. 3300
Umpqua Forest Reserve created in Coast Range. Proclamation — Forest Reserve created from Public Domain land. 3/2/190734 Stat. 3301
All Forest Reserve names changed to National Forest (NF) designation. Act of Congress4/4/190734 Stat. 1269
Cascade NF boundary modifications. EO — Portions of the larger Cascade NF were separated into the Oregon, Cascade, Umpqua, Crater, and Deschutes NFs. 6/30/1908 effective 7/1/1908EO 863
Cascade NF boundary modifications. Proclamation #1130 — land transferred to the Deschutes, Paulina, and Santiam NFs. Land added from the Umpqua NF. 6/7/1911 effective 7/1/191137 Stat. 1684
Santiam NF created. Proclamation #1163 — land transferred from the Oregon and Cascade NFs. 6/30/1911 effective 7/1/191137 Stat. 1712
Willamette NF created. EO — Combined the Santiam and Cascade NFs to create the Willamette NF. 4/6/1933 effective 7/1/1933EO 6104
Willamette NF boundary modifications. Proclamation 2151 — added land. 12/7/193549 Stat. 3486
Willamette NF boundary modifications — O & C Railroad grant lands exchange to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Joint Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior Order No. 69332 for the exchange of administrative jurisdiction of small portions of the O&C Railroad Grant land to the BLM. 6/12/1956 (U.S.D.A.) 6/21/1956 (U.S.D.I.) 21-FR 4525
Willamette NF boundary modifications. Public Land Order 1885 — eliminated lands. 6/25/195924-FR 5371
Willamette NF boundary modifications. Public Land Order 2149 — transferred lands to the Umpqua NF and eliminated other lands. 7/1/196025-FR 6435

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