Publication Series

Scientific Monographs

Scientific Monograph Series

#1. The Bison of Yellowstone NP
Mary Meagher (1973)

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#2. Geology of the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve of Wisconsin
Robert F. Black (1974)

#3. An Ecological Survey of the Coastal Region of Georgia
A. Sydney Johnson et al. (1974)

#4. The Impact of Human Use Upon the Chisos Basin and Adjacent Lands
Paul D. Whitson (1974)

#5. Invasion and Recovery of Vegetation after a Volcanic Eruption in Hawaii
Garrett A. Smathers and Dieter Mueller-Dombois (1974)

#6. Vegetation and Ecological Processes on Shackleford Bank, North Carolina
Shu-Fun Au (1974)

#7. Ecological Studies of the Sunken Forest, Fire Island NS, New York
Henry Warren Art (1976)

#8. Ecology of the Saguaro: II, Reproduction, Germination, Establishment, Growth, and Survival of the Young Plant
Warren F. Steenbergh & Charles H. Lowe (1977)

#9. Barrier Island Ecology of Cape Lookout NS and Vicinity, North Carolina
Paul J. and Melinda M. Godfrey (1976)

#10. Recreation and Parks: A Social Study of Shenandoah NP
Glenn E. Haas (1977)

#11. Wolf Ecology and Prey Relationships on Isle Royale
Rolf O. Peterson (1977)

#12. Giant sequoia ecology - fire and reproduction
Harvey, H. Thomas, Howard S. Shellhammer, and Ronald E. Stecker

#13. The Impact of Three Exotic Plant Species on a Potomac Island
Lindsay Kay Thomas (1980)

#14. The Grizzlies of Mount McKinley — Adolph Murie (1981)

#15. Ecology of the Carmen Mountains White-Tailed Deer
Paul R. Krausman and Ernest D. Ables (1981)
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#16. Ecology and Social Behavior of the Collared Peccary in Big Bend National Park, Texas
John A. Bissonette (1982)

#17. Ecology of the Saguaro: III, Growth and Demoography — Warren F. Steenbergh & Charles H. Lowe (1983)

#18. Visual Preferences of Travelers Along the Blue Ridge Parkway
Francis P. Noe, William E. Hammitt (eds.) (1988)

#19. The Forest Communities of Mount Rainier National Park
Jerry F. Franklin, William H. Moir, Miles A. Hemstrom, Sarah E. Greene, Bradley G. Smith (1988)

Ecology and management of ticks and lyme disease at Fire Island National Seashore and selected Eastern National Parks
Howard S. Ginsberg (1992)

Ecological Effects of the Lawn Lake Flood of 1982, Rocky Mountain National Park
Henry E. McCutchen, Raymond Herrmann, David R. Stevens (eds.) (1993)

Ecological Issues on Reintroducing Wolves into Yellowstone National Park
Robert S. Cook (ed.) (1993)

Demography of Grizzly Bears in Relation to Hunting and Mining Development in Northwestern Alaska
Warren B. Ballard, Lee Anne Ayres, Daniel J. Reed, Steven G. Fancy, Kathryn E. Roney (1993)
(PDF version)

Mammals of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
John O. Whitaker, Jr., John Gibble, Eric Kjellmark (1994)

Mountain Goats in Olympic National Park: Biology and Management of an Introduced Species
Douglas B. Houston, Edward G. Schreiner, Bruce B. Moorehead (1994)

Management of Wild Horses by Fertility Control: the Assateague Experience
Jay F. Kirkpatrick (1995)

Biogeochemistry of a Mature Boreal Ecosystem: Isle Royale National Park, Michigan
Robert Stottlemyer, David Toczydlowski, Raymond Herrmann (1998)

Vegetation Patterns, Hydrology, and Water Chemistry In Small Watersheds in the Hoh River Valley, Olympic National Park
Robert L. Edmonds ... [et. al.] (1998)

The Giant Sequoia of the Sierra Nevada
Richard J. Hartesveldt et al. (1975)

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