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The First Fort, The Second Fort, and the Arsenal: Historic Structure Report. Historical Data Section, Laura Soulliére Harrison, Architectural Historian.

Chapter I: Protection, Defense and Economy

Chapter II: "Logs, Adobes, or Mere Holes in the Ground"

Chapter III: "Primitive Log Houses Chinked and Covered With Earth"

Chapter IV: The Star Fort

Chapter V: The Arsenal




Fort Union Historical Base Map, James E. Ivey, Research Historian.

a. Introduction
b. Third Fort Area
     Post Corral
c. Quartermaster's Depot
     Depot Corral
d. Additional Fort Structures, Various Locations
e. Sutler's Complex
f. Trader's Row Structures
g. Other Buildings, North Side of Fort
h. First Fort and Arsenal Area
i. Arsenal Structures
j. First Fort
     First Fort Buildings
k. Second Fort Area
     Second Fort Structures
l. Base Maps
     Base Map Sheets (omitted from the online edition)



1. Plan of the first Fort Union

2. This building, identified in the files at Fort Union, as the first fort

3. Drawing of the first Fort Union depicts the general layout of the installation

4. Primitive sketch of Fort Union in 1853

5. This depiction of Fort Union showed the simplicity of construction of the buildings of the fort, along with the apparent regularity of the development around the flagstaff

6. The second Fort Union was an earthen fortification laid out in the shape of an eight-pointed star

7. This shows the approximate scale of the earthen fortification as well as some aspects of its construction

8. This photograph of the star fort shows the deterioration of the earthwork due to erosion

9. In 1862 this photograph of the earthwork, the rivulets of erosion are again obvious

10. William Rawle Shoemaker in 1859

11. In November, 1868, Shoemaker Submitted this plan of quarters for a hired employee to the ordnance office in Washington for approval

12. Shoemaker submitted this plan for his own residence to Washington for approval

13. This map shows the final configuration of Shoemaker's life work: Fort Union Arsenal

14. This photograph (ca. 1882) shows the arsenal at about the time of Shoemaker's retirement

15. Although this photograph was taken after Shoemaker's death his impact on the land was still overwhelming

16. After the roofing materials and lumber were salvaged from the arsenal buildings, deterioration came rapidly

17. Early and later versions of the Post Corral and Depot Corral

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