Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Administrative History
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Administrative History
Bob Moore


AAMAmerican Association of Museums
ACair conditioning
AIAAmerican Institute of Architects
ANCSAutomated National Catalog System
ATSArch Transportation Services
CPRcardiopulmonary resuscitation
CUSPcutting and splitting equipment
DCdirect current
DSCDenver Service Center
EEOEqual Employment Opportunity
EMSEmergency Medical Services
EMSEnergy Management System
EMTEmergency Medical Technicians
EOPEmergency Operations Plan
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FBIFederal Bureau of Investigation
FLETCFederal Law Enforcement Training Center
FTEFull-time equivalency
FTSFederal Telephone Service
FYfiscal year
GSAGeneral Services Administration
HABSHistoric American Buildings Survey
HFCHarpers Ferry Center
HOKHellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum
HVACheating and air conditioning
IPMintegrated pest management
JEFFJefferson National Expansion Memorial
JNEHAJefferson National Expansion Historical Association
JNEMArchives Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Archives
JNEMCJefferson National Expansion Memorial Commission
JTPAFederal Job Training Partnership Act
MEPmuseum education program
MGmotor generator
MMSMaintenance Management System
MWEMuseum of Westward Expansion
MWRMidwest Region
MWROMidwest Regional Office
MUNYMunicipal Theatre Association of St. Louis
NHSNational Historic Site
NCICNational Crime Information Center
NPSNational Park Service
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration
PACEProgress and Action Through Citizen's Efforts
REJISRegional Justice Informational Service
ROTCReserve Officer Training Corps
SEESummer Education Experience
SEGSpecial Exhibit Gallery
SETSpecial Event Team
SFIStatement for Interpretation
SIDSSudden Infant Death Syndrome
SIUESouthern Illinois University — Edwardsville
SLATESt. Louis Agency on Training and Employment
SUPSpecial Use Permit
SWIDASouthwest Illinois Development Authority
TWATrans World Airlines
ULSGUlysses S. Grant National Historic Site
UM/RollaUniversity of Missouri — Rolla
VPFair Veiled Prophet Fair
WASOWashington Office, National Park Service
WPAWorks Progress Administration
YCCYouth Conservation Corps

The Gateway Arch
The Gateway Arch Photo by Al Bilger.

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