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Administrative History
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Administrative History
Bob Moore


I would like to thank the many people who assisted me, over the course of three years, to write this administrative history of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (JEFF). First and foremost, I would like to thank my supervisor, JEFF Chief of Museum Services and Interpretation Mark Engler. This history would not have been completed without his patient understanding of the complexities and time allowances needed for such a lengthy writing project. Secondly, I would like to thank JEFF Superintendent Gary W. Easton and Deputy Superintendent Ken Schaefer for their support and guidance. I would like to acknowledge the contributions of former JEFF Historian Michael A. Capps, who began this administrative history project before my arrival at the park in 1991. Mr. Capps conducted oral history interviews which were used in the finished document, and wrote portions of the chapters on the 70mm theatre, the Old Courthouse rehabilitation, and the East Side expansion. I would like to thank the people who took time to proofread the entire document, assisting with insightful comments and polishing grammar and punctuation along the way. These included Historian Barry Mackintosh of the National Park Service's Washington Office, Historian Ron Cockrell and Interpretive Specialist Tom Richter of the Midwest Regional Office, Mark Engler, JEFF Superintendent's Assistant Rose Hoots, Park Ranger Cathy Pellarin and JEFF Computer Specialist Renée Dumene. I would like to thank Superintendent Jill York O'Bright of Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, JEFF Grounds Maintenance Supervisor Jim Jacobs, Arch Transportation System Supervisor Harry Breitenstein, Maintenance Mechanic Lonnie Collins, Criminal Investigator John Weddle, and Park Ranger (Law Enforcement) Keith Temple for reviewing sections of the text for accuracy.

I would like to acknowledge the investment of time and energy given by former JEFF Superintendent Jerry Schober, Chief of Law Enforcement and Safety Deryl Stone, Executive Director Raymond A. Breun of the Jefferson National Expansion Historical Association, Arch Transportation System inventor Dick Bowser, and Landscape Architect Dan Kiley in consenting to extensive oral history interviews. Education Specialist Sue Siller, Park Ranger Rick Ziino, Facility Manager Bob Kelly, and Engineer Dave Caselli provided crucial background information on specific areas of the text. I would like to thank JEFF Mail and Files Clerk Bobbie Hjelmgren for her patient assistance with my research, and Archivist Laura Mills for calling my attention to specific documents and newspaper clippings in the JEFF collection. Photographs were kindly loaned by Dave Caselli, John Weddle, Park Ranger Nancy Hoppe, former JNEHA employee Kurt Hosna, Charles Brown of the St. Louis Mercantile Library Association, the Office of Dan Kiley, Deborah Brown of the Missouri Historical Society, Carol Dage of Harry S Truman National Historic Site, and JEFF Audio-Visual Specialist Al Bilger for use in this document from both official and private sources. Lastly, I would like to thank Kathryn Thomas, curator at JEFF, for her constant guidance, advice and encouragement on this project.

Bob Moore, July 22, 1994

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