A History of Pipestone National Monument Minnesota
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Cover: From Catlin's 1836 painting of the pipestone quarry. (Courtesy, Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art, Tulsa Oklahoma)


Geographic Setting

Aboriginal Background

Early Visitors

Presettlement Days

The Treaty of 1858
Late Presettlement Days

The Settlement Period

The Pipestone Quarry Case

Background to the Establishment of Pipestone National Monument

Development of Monument by National Park Service

Suggestions for Further Reading

Indian pipe

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The Pipestone Indian Shrine Association is a nonprofit organization which, as a cooperating agency of the National Park Service, assists in the interpretive program of the Monument. The Association's activities include publication of educational material pertaining to the Monument, the encouragement of scientific investigation and research in the fields of history and archeology, the development of the Monument library, land acquisition, and similar objectives.

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