Zuni Mountain Railroads Cibola National Forest, New Mexico








Atlantic and Pacific Railroad


Mitchell Brothers
American Lumber Company
McKinley Land and Lumber Company
George E. Breece Lumber Company
Prestridge and Seligman
The McGaffey Company
Lutcher and Moore Lumber Company



A. Locomotive Rosters
B. Photographs
C. Apache National Forest Railroad Extension



1. The Santa Fe Railway Station at Guam, New Mexico (omitted from the online edition)

2. Map of the route of the Zuni Mountain Railway as laid out by S.M. Rowe

3. Plan of the American Lumber Company plant in Albuquerque, New Mexico

4. Sawmill of the American Lumber Company at Albuquerque

5. Map of American Lumber Company rail connections to Albuquerque

6. Locomotive No 4 in the snow at Kettner in 1908

7. One of the American Lumber Company's steam loaders at work (omitted from the online edition)

8. Santa Fe Railway locomotive Number 826

9. An overall view of the main logging camp at Kettner (omitted from the online edition)

10. Zuni Mountain Railway locomotive Number 6 leaving Kettner for Thoreau (omitted from the online edition)

11. Climax locomotive Number 8 of the Zuni Mountain Railway (omitted from the online edition)

12. Zuni Mountain Railway Shay locomotive Number 10 (omitted from the online edition)

13. Zuni Mountain Railway 2-8-0 Number 12

14. Zuni Mountain Railway log cars at the Santa Fe Railway depot

15. Loading standard 16-foot logs on Santa Fe steel log cars

16. Typical Zuni Mountain lagging spur

17. Zuni Mountain Railway main line in Cottonwood Canyon

18. Skidding logs to the railroad with big wheels

19. Log landing along a future spur track, American Lumber Company

20. Zuni Mountain Railway locomotive Number 4 on a track-laying job (omitted from the online edition)

21. A low-wheeled truck called a "bummer"

22. A two-horse team with big wheels ready to drop its load of logs (omitted from the online edition)

23. Shay locomotive Number 3 bringing in a train from the woods

24. The logging camp of Sawyer on the American Lumber Company

25. The main part at the logging camp at Sawyer

26. The "round-house" at Sawyer, circa 1908-1913

27. The ancient locomotive No. 4 crossing a framed timber trestle

28. Old "main line" locomotive Number 6 of the Zuni Mountain Railway

29. Log train leaving Sawyer. circa 1908-1913

30. H.K. Porter Company catalog photograph of a new locomotive

31. Climax locomotive Number 8 on its side

32. Diagrams of cribwork timber trestles

33. Curvey cribwork trestle on Pine Canyon railroad of Breece Lumber Co

34. Three span cribwork trestle

35. D. M. Long's proposed logging railroad for the Apache National Forest

36. George E. Breece Lumber Company sawmill in Albuquerque. 1932

37. The original McGaffey sawmill

38. An early sawmill on the Clark M. Carr sale

39. Loading lags with a Barnhart loader

40. McGaffey Contracting Company log train heading for the mill

41. McGaffey Shay locomotive switching cars for a trip to Perea

42. The sawmill fire at McGaffey in March 1917

43. McGaffey sawmill as rebuilt fol lowing the March 1917 fire

44. Part of McGaffey town as seen f row the sawmill, 1918

45. McGaffey lumber yard and sawmill

46. McGaffey Company Shay Number 1 was the woods locomotive

47. The "works" of a Shay locomotive

48. The log dump at McGaffey

49. A string of McGaffey Company log cars with Model C loaders

50. McGaffey locomotive Number 2 at El Paso enroute to Mexico, 1935

51. Zuni Mountain Railway locomotive Number 6 outside Kettner (omitted from the online edition)

52. A borrowed Santo Fe locomotive, Number 2303, off the rails

53. Santa Fe Railway locomotive Number 482 at Guam

54. A fixed boom loader marking near sawyer

55. Loading a car near Sawyer pauses for the photographer

56. View of the main lagging camp at Kettner (omitted from the online edition)

57. Climax gear-drive locomotive Number 8, Zuni Mountain Railway

58. Big wheels at a railroad landing (omitted from the online edition)

59. Laying track on freshly graded roadbed

60. Stacked logs burning near Sawyer, circa 1908

61. Three "car tanks" working on an arch-bar freight car truck

62. Winter view of the Sawyer roundhouse, circa 1908=1913

63. An old Santa Fe Railway freight locomotive on the Zuni Mountain Railway

64. The lagging camp of Sawyer

65. Zuni Mountain Railway track gang comprised mostly of Navajo Indians

66. Scaling logs for the American Lumber Company

67. A discarded locomotive brake shoe found along Pine Canyon railroad

68. A tent logging camp

69. Tent camp in winter

70. A long forgotten festive occasion at McGaffey (omitted from the online edition)

71. Excursion train leaving Kettner Camp, July 4th 1908 (omitted from the online edition)

72. Fourth of July celebration at McGaffey, 1921


1. Locomotives of the Zuni Mountain Railway (Narrow Gauge), 1892

2. Locomotives of the Zuni Mountain Railway (Standard Gauge), 1903-1917

3. Locomotives of McKinley Land and Lumber and the Breece Lumber Co

4. Locomotives of Prestridge & Seligman, 1933-1940

5. Locomotives of the McGaffey Company, 1912-1929

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