A History of the Six Rivers National Forest...
Commemorating the First 50 Years

Appendix 2
Six Rivers Forest Supervisors, Rangers, and Nursery Managers

Forest Supervisors1

1947-1954William F. FischerForester
1954-1966Wesley W. SpinneyForester
1966-1972Robert B. AllisonForester
1972-1976George R. RoetherForester
1976-1978Richard L. BurkeForester
1978-1983Joseph HamWildlife Biologist
1983-1993James L. Davis, Jr.Forester
1994-1997Martha J. KetelleGeologist

1For most of the districts, there was surprising difficulty in tracing the rangers through time. This listing is derived from various sources and may contain minor errors.

Gasquet Ranger District/Smith River National Recreation Area

1908-1918A. W. Lewis Ranger at Happy Camp in 1908, Klamath Reserve. Ranger of Gasquet/Smith Fork, when it was part of the Klamath Reserve and, still, when it became part of the Siskiyou NF. Lewis resigned in April 1918. Assistant Ranger Cannon was in-charge of the Smith River area during part of this time (Bower 1978 vol. l: 121)
1918-1928George S. Case From the Oregon (Mt. Hood) National Forest. Resigned in 1928 to go into private employment (Cooper 1939 part III: 49).
1928-1931C. D. Cameron Formerly from the Page Creek RD. In 1931, Cameron was transferred to the Umatilla (Cooper 1939: part III, 58).
1931-1933Leo D. Quackenbush April 1933, Quackenbush was transferred to the Fremont.
1933-1937Adolph Nilsson Transferred from the RO Lands Division, R-5. Early in 1937, Nilsson transferred to timber sale work on various forests. (Cooper 1939: part III, 65).
1937-1939Merle Lowden Formerly of Siuslaw; spring 1939, Lowden transferred to the SO on the Deschutes.
1939-Gail Baker Formerly on the Malheur. Before that, he had been on the Siskiyou, working on recreation improvements under the CCC (Cooper 1939: part III, 85).
1941-1953Leo Quackenbush District Ranger when Six Rivers was created. He was first at Gasquet/Smith Fork Ranger Station in 1931 before being transferred to the Fremont Forest in Paisley, Oregon. In 1941, he was transferred back to Gasquet.
1955Ed C. Carpenter
1960sEllis F. Smart
1969-1980Harry R. Miller
1980-1981Jan Seils Started March. He became Deputy Forest Supervisor.
1982-1990C. Eugene Brock
1990-1992Karen J. Caldwell Acting Ranger when Gasquet Ranger District became the Smith River National Recreation Area.
1992-presentBrian Morris

Northern Redwood Purchase Unit/Redwood Ranger District

1939-1944Russell W Bower
1944-1948Vein Hallin
1952-1968Ted F. Hatzimanolis Resource Manager of the NRPU. When Redwood Ranger District was formally established in 1958, he became its District Ranger through 1968 with two breaks: first (1954-1956) as Timber Management Assistant for Orleans Ranger District and then (1957-1958) as Assistant District Ranger at Mad River. In 1969, after the NRPU lands were dismantled, he served as forester and engineer for Redwood National Park for 11 years.

Tish Tang Ranger District

1958-1959Otto Brichacek
1959-1968Walter C. Kirschman Jr.

Orleans Ranger District

1908Junius L. Ammon Junius Ammon was the nephew of Charles Ammon who homesteaded the Ammon Ranch at Oak Knob in about 1868. Junius had training in land surveying and came west with the encouragement of his uncle (KK 8-31-77).
1908-1911William "Billy" Hotelling Appointed guard at Orleans in 1906; passed ranger exam and was promoted to assistant ranger later in 1906. When June Ammon transferred to Scott Bar in March 1908, Hotelling was in charge until Frank Harley was transferred to the District in October of the same year. Harley set up HQ at a homestead he'd purchased on Irving Creek; Hotelling stayed at Orleans which he operated practically as an independent sub-unit. Hotelling resigned June 1, 1911 to manage the Brizard Store at Somes Bar (Bower 1978 vol. l: 80, 96).
1908Frank Harley
19??-1921E. M. Sutcliffe
1921-1927Edward P. Hickey
1929Everett Schellenbarger
1930-1936Sam Wallace
1936-1939Russ W. Bower
1939-1944Frank Embree
1945-C. Kenny St. John
1948-?John Van Akkeren?
1949-1955Charles A. Yates
1957Scollay C. Parker
1964Joseph B. Church
1968-1971Lee Bunnell
Jim Carrier
Paul Schuler

1978-1981John Larson
1981-1983Raymond Churchill
1983-1986Joe Stuttler
1986-1996John Larson
1996-presentJon Martin

Mad River Ranger District

1908-1919John T. Gray
1919-1926Iles McNeil
1928-1931Ray L. Beals
1933-1938Frank Delaney
1939-1941Neal Rahm
1942-?R. Kenneth Smith
1952-1955Robert James
1955-1960Emmett R. Calvert
1962-1965Joseph Harn
1965-1968?Ed Tonneson
1968-1978John Warnock
1978-1983?Jim MarshForester/Hydrologist
1983-1986Hal Ward
1986-1987Raymond LaBoa
1988-1990Patricia Visser
1992-presentMarcia Andre

Humboldt Nursery Manager

1962-1970Hank Doll
1971-1980Don Perry
1981-1985Tim Capistrant
1985-1988Cynthia Henschel
1989-1993Tony Ramirez
1993-presentBill Jones

Six Rivers Supervisor's Office Staff

1949 dispursing and clerical staff at supervisor's office (HT 3-13-39).

F. S. DawsonDispursing and purchasing
C. Constance KellerTimber and leases clerk
Leitha LahrenPersonnel clerk
Andy AndersonPurchasing and warehousing clerk
Glenn R. CampbellForester, fire dispatch and technical work
Clyde LangdonRoad construction and maintenance foreman
Charlie BellRadio and telephone communication engineer
Ambrose DesmondSurveyor
Clifford FilbertMaintenance carpenter

Forest Engineers

1948-1955John West (combined duties of forest engineer and fire control officer)
1955-1960George E. Blodgett
1961-1976Austin Thompson
1977-1989Robert Black
1990-presentHarold Slate

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