A History of the Six Rivers National Forest...
Commemorating the First 50 Years



Cover Photos: (top left): Ranger Wes Hotelling with Maggie the Mule, 1937. (center): Forest Supervisor, William Fischer cleaning salmon, 1949. (top right): Karuk and archaeologist, Kathy McCovey teaches Six Rivers employees about Karuk culture. (center left): Forest Supervisor Wes Spinney, 1949. (center right): Fred Cronemiller on the Boundary Trail during his General Integrating Inspection, 1949. (bottom right): CCC-built Gasquet Ranger Station main office, 1964. (top right): Women employees at Humboldt Tree Nursery lifting seedlings, 1967.



"The Six Rivers is Now Officially on the Map"

"There Are A Lot Of Things Brewing..."
The Brandeberry Report
Opening the Doors at 4th and E Streets... to the Anonymous National Forest
The Announcement is Finally Made
"Let's Limit Our Choice To A Good American Name..."
Redwood . . .
     National Park
     National Forest
     Experimental Forest

Gearing Up for Intensive Timber Management

A Bare Bones Organization
Forest Service Missionaries... Bringing the Word of Forestry to the North Coast
"The Forest Situation in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties..."

The First Three Years

The Challenge, the Promise, and the Vexations
"The Region of The Last Stand..."
The Six Rivers' First Timber Management Policy
"It is Timely for a Shift in Emphasis in Administration..."
The Formidable I & E Job
Congresswoman Douglas and the Roosevelt Memorial Redwood National Forest

The 1950s

A Paradigm of Dedicated Uses and Gearing-Up for Maximization
The Marginality Issue
Native Americans and the Early Six Rivers
Cracks in the Maximization Perspective
From Creel and Bag Limits to Restoring Habitat... An Example of a Changing Paradigm
From Summer Homes to Recreation Residences... Another Changing Paradigm
From Fire Exclusion to Controlled Burns... Yet Another Changing Paradigm

The 1960s...Paradigm Lost

The Thousand Year Flood... An Agent of Change and Re-Consideration
A Changing Context and New Problem Definitions
The Northern Redwood Purchase Unit...Case Study of A Paradigm Lost

Post Script

Six Rivers National Forest Staff 1997



1: Time Markers
2: Six Rivers Personnel
3: Supervisors Offices

References Cited

Index (omitted from the online edition)

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