The Use of the National Forests


Cover/Title Page

To the public

Why National Forests were first made

How they are made

What they mean

To the home seeker
To the prospector and miner
To the user of timber
To the user of the range
To the user of water
To the other users
To the taxpayer
The whole result

What they are for

In general
To protect and grow wood for use
To keep the water flow steady
To keep the range in good condition
To use well all the land

How to use them

Management by the people
Where the business is done
Complaint and appeal
Land for a home
Prospecting and mining
The use of land
Timber and wood
     Free use
The use of the range


Improvement work

Forest officers

Men wanted




Frontispiece. A National Forest which regulates water flow, holds the soil, and furnishes timber and wood for mining

I. A Forest Fire. The destruction of national wealth. Millions of dollars' worth of timber going up in smoke on unprotected public domain

II. Wise Use. The land logged with care and protected from fire. The timber and wood keep coming

III. Destructive Use. The land skinned, burned over, and left a barren waste

IV. Cattle in a National Forest. The range is protected and wisely used

V. Sheep in a National Forest. All the range is put to its best use

VI. Forest Ranger roping his saddle horse

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Last Updated: 02-Apr-2008