Gettysburg Seminar Papers

The End of the Campaign and Battle's Aftermath


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Cover: Troops of the 8th U.S. Infantry, Provost Guard of the Army of the Potomac, photographed at Brandy Station, VA, 1863 (Library of Congress); Amputation scene at Camp Letterman General Hospital, 1863 (National Park Service); Cover design and layout: Angie Atkinson, Gettysburg NMP.

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Advance and Pursuit: Evening 3 July to 14 July
Lt. Colonel William Hewitt, USA, Ret.

"Such a night is seldom experienced..." James Longstreet and the Retreat from Gettysburg
Karlton Smith, Gettysburg NMP

The Army of Northern Virginia and the Gettysburg Campaign — "We came here with the best army the Confederacy ever carried into the field"
D. Scott Hartwig

The U.S. Marshal at Gettysburg
Charles Teague

"War is a hellish way of settling a dispute" Dr. Jonathan Letterman and the Tortuous Path of Medical Care from Manassas to Camp Letterman
Matthew Atkinson, Gettysburg NMP

A Past So Fraught With Sorrow
Bert H. Barnett, Gettysburg NMP