Gettysburg Seminar Papers



D. Scott Hartwig is a Supervisory Park Historian at Gettysburg NMP. In 1993 he won the National Park Service's Freeman Tilden Award for excellence in Interpretation for the Mid-Atlantic Region. He has authored numerous essays, articles, and has published two books.

Bert H. Barnett is a park ranger/historian at Gettysburg NMP. His NPS experience also includes Shiloh NMP, Stones River National Battlefield, and Jefferson Expansion National Historic Site. He is the author of essays, The Union Artillery on July 3, and The Severest and Bloodiest Artillery Fight I Ever Saw.

Troy D. Harman is an NPS veteran, having worked at four different national park sites, including Gettysburg NMP, where he is currently working. He is the author of a forthcoming book Cemetery Hill: "The General Plan Was Unchanged" to be published by Butternut and Blue.

Eric A. Campbell is a park ranger/historian at Gettysburg NMP. He is a well-known author and public speaker. His first book, the edited letters of Charles Reed, a medal-of-honor winner who served with the 9th Massachusetts Battery, was published by Fordham University Press in 2000.

Rebecca A. Lyons has been a park ranger/historian at Gettysburg NMP for over 20 years. She holds degrees in history from Adrian College in Michigan and Fort Hays States University in Kansas. She has been a guest lecturer at Gettysburg College, George Washington University and at Ford's Theater.

Karlton D. Smith is a park ranger/historian at Gettysburg NMP. He is the author of essays, James Longstreet and Pickett's Charge, and Honor-Duty-Courage: The Fifth Corps During the Gettysburg Campaign.

Terry J. Winschel is a 24 year veteran of the National Park Service and has served at Gettysburg NMP, Fredericksburg NMP, Valley Forge NHP, and is currently Historian at Vicksburg NMP. He is author of numerous books and articles, including, Triumph & Defeat: The Vicksburg Campaign, and Vicksburg: Fall of the Confederate Gibraltar.

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