John Jarvie of Brown's Park
BLM Cultural Resources Series (Utah: No. 7)
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Research Background


Chapter I: Brown's Hole 1825-1871: Explorers, Traders, and Mountain Men

Chapter II: Brown's Park 1871-1913: The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful

Chapter III: John Jarvie

Chapter IV: Site Inventory


Sources Consulted


1. Uncle Jack Robinson, trader at Fort Davy Crockett

2. Kit Carson, hunter for Fort Davy Crockett

3. Joe Meek, Brown's Park fur trader

4. Sam Bassett, early Brown's Park settler

5. John Wesley Powell

6. Members of Powell's 1871 expedition departing Green River, Wyoming

7. Parsons' Cabin, Brown's Park's first post office

8. Dr. John Parsons

9. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Crouse

10. Herbert Bassett

11. Josie Bassett and Herbert Bassett at the Bassett Ranch

12. The Bassett Ranch at Pablo Springs

13. Members of the Wild Bunch: Harry Longabaugh (Sundance Kid), Bill Carver, Ben Kilpatrick, Harvey Logan (Kid Curry), and Butch Cassidy

14. The Sundance Kid and his girlfriend, Etta Place

15. Elza Lay, Butch Cassidy's right-hand man

16. Josie Bassett McKnight Ranney Williams Wells Morris at age eighty-five

17. Josie at her cabin on Cub Creek near Jensen, Utah

18. Matt Rash, Ann Bassett's fiance and victim of Tom Horn

19. Tom Horn, alias Tom Hicks, visited Brown's Park in 1900 as a stock detective

20. "Queen Ann" Bassett in her seventies

21. John Jarvie 1844-1909

22. "Pretty Little Nell", Nellie Barr, married John Jarvie in 1880

23. John Jarvie in a rare photo showing him without his usual full beard

24. A ferry near Moab, Utah, which was similar to the Jarvie Ferry in Brown's Park

25. "Speck" Williams often operated the ferry for Jarvie

26. Matt Warner supplied the costumes for Brown's Park's masquerade party

27. Dave Lant

28. Harry Tracy

29. Grave of "Judge" Bennett, victim of Brown's Park's only lynching

30. The Jarvie safe which yielded only a one hundred dollar bill

31. Charlie Sparks purchased the Jarvie property in 1924

32. Esther Campbell, owner of the Jarvie property from 1968 until 1978

33. View of the Jarvie property in 1978

34. Dugout entrance

35. East side of the stone house

36. South side of the stone house showing frame additions

37. Jarvie corrals showing rail tie construction

38. Jarvie corrals

39. Blacksmith shop

40. Corral, sheds, stone house, and addition in 1962

41. 1911 photo of the Jarvie property taken by the Kolb expedition

42. Chicken house

43. A portion of the Campbell Rock Garden


1. John Jarvie Ranch

2. June 10, 1899, General Land Office survey plat of Township 2 North, Range 24 East, Salt Lake Base and Meridian showing Jarvie Ranch in Section 23

3. Interior sketch of the Jarvie store

4. Floorplan of the Jarvie store and home complex

5. Sketch of the south side of the Jarvie store and home complex

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