Technical Report

Yellowstone elk
Elk along Madison River, Yellowstone National Park

A History of Native Elk in
Mount Rainier National Park

Paul Schullery

Final Report to the National Park Service,
Mount Rainier National Park

January 1, 1984


Preface to the 2004 Web Edition


Chapter One: Elk near Mount Rainier before Its Exploration

Summary of Archeological Evidence
Summary of Anthropological Evidence
   Other Tribal Groups
Comments on Historical Information about Elk Habits and Range
Possible Effects of Native Tribes on Elk Numbers since the 1730s
   The Fur Trade
   Domestic Stock in the Mount Rainier Area
Demise of the Elk in the Cascades after 1860

Chapter Two: Native Elk in Mount Rainier

Indians and Elk in Mount Rainier
Indian Elk Legends Involving Mount Rainier
Elk Presence Since the Beginning of White Exploration of the Mountain

Chapter Three: Some Comments on the History of Elk Since 1920



References Cited


I: Elk-related Comments in the Superintendent's Reports, 1924-1938
II: Elk-related Comments in the Monthly Reports of the Park Naturalist, 1947-1963
III: Observations on Other Large Mammals in Mount Rainier, 1852-1896
IV: Bighorn Sheep in Mount Rainier: A Summary of Historical Records

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